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Questions tagged [development]

For questions about how Stack Exchange is developed. Questions about software development should not be posted here; there are other sites in the network dedicated to specific types of software development questions, e.g. Stack Overflow and Software Engineering.

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3 votes
1 answer

How long did it take to program Stack Overflow?

How long did it take the Stack Overflow developers to build the Stack Overflow site (in the state where you could ask questions and get answers, vote, and post comments)?
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1 answer

In which stack exchange site should I ask about game development?

I want to ask a question about the development of a popular game (not one that I am making, but a game by another company) where should I ask it? my question is: why didn't Minecraft's code moved ...
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1 answer

Why do we still not have a Software Development Recommendations SE? [duplicate]

Time can be saved by answering things like, "I have X and want to get Y. What are some development tool/libraries/framework options that can achieve this that you'd recommend?" These kinds of ...
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12 votes
2 answers

We have several Stack Apps userscripts that help with moderation, but the recent UI changes break them

I don't have anything against change, but there are APIs and userscripts we use to moderate our site. The recent UI changes that moved the stats on when things were asked/active and viewed have ...
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21 votes
2 answers

If development on the Stack Exchange iOS/Android apps has ceased indefinitely, what should we do to their bug reports and feature requests?

It's been a while since the Stack Exchange team last had an iOS or Android developer, and the development job on the apps have not had any insights for years. That, however, doesn't deny the ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Roadmap or trello dashboard with current dev team tasks/plans

We have this post about changes that were applied: Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange. But I didn't find any convenient ways to check which tasks SE devs are working on right now. Only status-...
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15 votes
2 answers

Why is indexed by Google?

I'm subscribed to Google Alerts for my own name - for no particular reason that I can remember. Today I received an alert that pointed to which has a different IP ...
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48 votes
1 answer

Does the SE development team regularly check the bounty board?

Typically when I want to bring attention to an older bug or feature request, I place a bounty on it (example 1, example 2). But since the development team is probably the only ones who can provide an ...
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6 votes
0 answers

How is Stack Overflow developed, tested and deployed? [duplicate]

I am not talking about technologies or stacks. Stack Overflow is one of the largest ASP.NET applications around, and I am interested in development methodology, testing methods and deployment ...
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9 votes
0 answers

Why did the SO team stop using log4net?

Early in development the SO team encountered some problems with the logging framework log4net (mentioned in a podcast, but not fully explained as I recall). In a blog post Jeff said they stopped ...
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-9 votes
2 answers

Is StackOverflow getting full? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What will happen when all the possible answers are given to all possible questions? For the past couple of year, every programming related problem I have ran into has an ...
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10 votes
1 answer

Improve the way feature requests are made and acted upon

Short version: Surface significant pending features as a first-class entity within the Stack Exchange network with mechanisms for community input and collaborative decision making. One form this ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Stack Exchange release management [duplicate]

I saw this thread: How often are new SO versions deployed? You are using CI and unit tests, right? Do you do anything more before pushing out new releases? What kind of guidelines do you follow ...
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