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Questions that may not necessarily have a clear-cut right or wrong answer and are often subjective. If your question isn't a bug report, feature request, or request for assistance, or question with a concrete answer, it's probably a discussion.

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Why was an answer partially made using AI to make the point that you shouldn't use AI deleted?

My answer to a recent MSE question was deleted by a moderator a few hours ago. I have posted the screenshots below for those below 10,000 reputation. Yes, part of it did technically use AI to generate ...
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We are offline (or were) [duplicate]

Main meta seemed to be unavailable for a few seconds just now. It's happened for very short periods occasionally on refresh that the page goes to the : We are offline. And a referral link to the ...
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Do I own and retain all rights (copyright) to all the content posted on my profile page? [duplicate]

Does the 'public Network' include content on the profile page such as the profile picture and display name? Does the answer to Do I have to give attribution to SO when using my own content elsewhere? ...
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In today's era where artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly ubiquitous, what significance does a Q&A website still hold? [duplicate]

We can almost ask AI (like Chat GPT) for answers to any question. It usually provides multi-faceted and correct answers, and always remains calm. Especially for knowledge-based questions, AI has ...
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People using comments to answer questions [duplicate]

I have been noticing new questions often have answers in the comments instead of the answer list. What is the rationale behind this? I have seen this with users that have a lot of reputation too, so ...
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Where can I ask this question about managing Git servers?

I have the following question that I've already attempted to ask on Software Engineering SE and Stack Overflow, but both were closed. Where can I ask this question? I'm planning to manage a cluster ...
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14 answers

Announcing a change to the data-dump process

Please note: We usually avoid posting on Fridays, but with the data dump scheduled for the end of July, we wanted to share this information with the community as soon as possible. We will monitor this ...
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How can a user with no activity make a 5-year-old Stack Overflow question "active"?

A 5-year old question on Stack OverFlow, Page Navigation not working on the final for loop iteration, is currently showing as "Active" (AND displays at the top of the list) under the tag &...
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2 answers

If an answer has a limitation, is it considered an incomplete answer and therefore should be deleted? Or is an answer has a limitation a valid answer?

From the automatic review comment: Post Answer button should be used only for complete answers to the question. If an answer has a limitation, is it considered an incomplete answer and therefore ...
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Why don't you just based on the tags categorize a question onto the right substackoverflow site? [duplicate]

Same thing for duplicates and etc.. Why is it not existing or AUTOMATED. Do we have time to to research if the next possible duplicate is exactly the same question or not. I google it if i don't see a ...
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1 answer

Bumping someone else's old question with no answers [duplicate]

I recently had an oddly specific question that happened to be asked on math.stackexchange about 11 years ago, with no answers (Automorphisms of a lattice and changing to a nicer $\mathbb{Z}$-base). Is ...
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3 answers

How can I stop receiving downvotes from a question that the community is keeping up? [duplicate]

Recently, I read the [help article on bounties][help-center/bounties]. I initially misread the article and asked the following question based on that misunderstanding:
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Why Manually Award Bounties?

What reason does a Stack Exchange user have for manually awarding a bounty? It seems to me that, since only half of the bounty will be awarded if no bounty is manually awarded, users are, in fact, ...
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New User Barriers: The Reputation System's Impact on Participation [duplicate]

I'm new to StackOverflow and would like to use it more, but I'm a little confused about the reputation system. Why do you need reputation to do things like comment or vote? It seems like a barrier to ...
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Why the requirements before being able to comment? [duplicate]

My guess would be to limit trolls and bots. But would it not be better to allow until determined to be a bot or troll or unwanted? Similar to how you don't want to deter people from asking questions ...
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How is it determined whether or not to display the year an achievement was earned? It seems inconsistent

What I would expect is that any date within the current calendar year would display with day/month only, while all dates from previous years would have the full day/month/year format. This is not ...
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The phrase "it is not currently accepting answers" (in close post notices) has nothing to do with "accepting answers"; coherence, please

When a question is closed, a post notice is shown and it states the question "is not currently accepting answers". Example: This suggests that if the question wasn't closed, it could accept ...
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When did the good question badge get retired? [duplicate]

Just for curiosity, I wonder when did the good question get retired and when did it come out?
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19 votes
6 answers

Upcoming initiatives on Stack Overflow and across the Stack Exchange network (July 2024)

Today I shared an update on progress from last quarter and what we’re up to this quarter on the blog. TL;DR - top areas of focus include: Community Asks quarterly event Iterating and scaling Staging ...
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9 answers

We spent a sprint addressing your requests — here’s how it went

You may have noticed posts getting status-completed at an unusually high rate last week — there’s a reason for that, which I’ll get into further down. But first, some context for those who might need ...
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Why was the network-wide close-as-duplicate comment change not announced here?

Since yesterday the automatic comment posted when closing or flagging a post as a duplicate was changed from Does this answer your question? [question title] to This question is similar to: [...
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Use a different template for duplicate automatic comments for reposted questions by the same user

It happens every now and then that a user reposts their question - maybe they don't know how to edit, maybe the question was closed and they wanted to dodge the review queue, or maybe they didn't get ...
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What if resources from SE Q&A communities are not enough for reviews of postings for reopening? [duplicate]

If a posting is in review queue for reopening and resources of Q&A communities of SE are not sufficient for review within a day or possibly several days, is it of value making a comment or being ...
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1 answer

Where to ask questions about computer hardware? [duplicate]

What's the Stack Exchange site for asking hardware-related questions like server and desktop hardware, CPU and GPU hardware, cabling, and installation?
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3 answers

What can/should we do about the homepage currently being flooded by 'housekeeping'?

Right now, staff members are performing a cleanup of various status-review and status-deferred tags for functionality which is no longer supported (think legacy Jobs, Winter Bash). While some ...
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Is it a common statistical distribution that 2 of 3 review voters are 2 of 5 close voters? [migrated]

Just for information: Is it a common statistical distribution for Stackexchange Unix&Linux, that 2 of 3 review voters are 2 of 5 close voters for a question? Thank You for informing me about this ...
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Where should I ask a question about how armies fight battles?

I'm interested specifically in asking about why armies are vulnerable if attacked on the flank.
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Has it ever been considered to raise the 30K character limit for answers?

Most Superuser questions can be comprehensively answered within the confines of 30K characters, however there are the occasional comprehensive answers that could benefit from additional comprehensive ...
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Should the long existing tag synonyms be merged at some point?

According to the FAQ post on synonyms and merging (current revision): "All good tag synonyms should eventually be merged (source)." Having a tag synonym which is not merged causes various ...
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5 answers

Answer containing special characters to allegedly prevent AI from training on it

I came across this answer that says: The following text is special to prevent AI from training on it. і𝗍 і𐑈 ро𐑈𐑈іᖯⅼе 𝗍о ԁі𝗋ес𝗍ⅼу 𐑈е𝗍 𝗍հе аԁԁ𝗋е𐑈𐑈 о𝖿 а 𐑈уmᖯоⅼ ս𐑈іո𝗀 ⅼіո𝗄е𝗋 𐑈с𝗋ір𝗍𐑈...
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14 answers

Upcoming sign-up experiments related to tags

In April, we shared that we had been conducting sign-up experiments on Stack Overflow and found positive results. These were centered around simplifying the typical sign-up flow and experience. Our ...
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Are the logs that record moderators' access to users' personally identifiable information (PII) monitored and/or independently reviewed?

This 11+ year old answer states that per-site moderator access to the following information about individual users is logged: real name email IP address Notwithstanding the need to keep certain ...
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1 answer

Filter out questions modified by Community Bot [duplicate]

When I go to apple.SE, the default sort is Active, showing questions that have been modified recently. But many of these are old questions that have been bumped by Community Bot with the reason This ...
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The state of the stack a year on : A retrospective on "Stack Exchange is failing its community"

I'm pretty sure I don't want to do this every year, but I've been randomly reminded of my old post after the downsizings before last… about 4 times in the last two weeks. It seems like a sign. I feel ...
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9 votes
3 answers

The "talkative" user problem

After asking questions and providing answers here for about 10 years, few days ago I have faced with a very irritating problem. Currently, the subject of my interest is ImageMagick, a command-line ...
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3 answers

What is the Stack Exchange answer with the highest score relative to its length

If we have the metric of "score per character" for SE answers, which would be the highest? i.e: what is the most elegant-in-conciseness answer?
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Does downvoting reputation loss get regained when an answer is deleted? [duplicate]

Obviously, reputation is regained when a question or answer is deleted. And reputation is subtracted (-1) on my downvote- as in when I downvote a post. But what happens if I downvoted a answer, lost 2 ...
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26 votes
2 answers

Is something in the Stack Exchange UI inadvertently wrongly leading people to MSE?

I've noticed recently that among the various posts here on that appear clearly intended for one or another main network site (and there seem to be a handful per day) that: The ...
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1 answer

Why do emails for other Stack Exchange sites come from Stack Overflow?

Take Security Stack Exchange, for example, which is my main SE site. Whenever I get an email relating to it, e.g. a question is closed, this bounty was accepted, whatever it is, the email is always ...
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1 answer

Stack Overflow needs to change to become less restrictive to adapt to an environment where ChatGPT is available

I want to write a post on the meta (here) to raise awareness of a realization that I had this morning while trying to find some information via the Internet. Sorry for the length of this post; I think ...
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1 answer

Why didn’t the community get a say in the Stack Overflow OpenAI partnership would go ahead? Who makes the decisions in general?

I am not here to complain about the partnership; I think we have all heard enough of that. One day we get the post about the partnership, and for many, aside from rumours, this is the first time we ...
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2 answers

Where should I ask questions about Microsoft Power Platform? (Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate)

My first choice would be SharePoint SE (because SharePoint is commonly the back-end for Power Apps) but my questions are specific to Power Platform, not SharePoint. My second would be Stack Overflow ...
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Can Stack Exchange have a direct interface to push code from GitHub? [closed]

I would like to see this feature implemented—an interface to push code from GitHub—as I keep having to copy paste code between Stack Exchange and GitHub. I know that GitHub has its own discussion ...
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46 votes
7 answers

Options when locking an official discussion post that keep communication avenues open

We're all struggling with communication and community stress. Trust is low and people are concerned. There are lots of changes occurring and it's not always easy to follow along or keep up-to-date. ...
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Customize the appearance of Stack Exchange sites

This extremely helpful post has enabled me to customize the appearance of the up/down arrows on Stack Exchange sites. By toying around a bit and making some fortunate guesses about the names of ...
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Should footer socials be updated?

The current socials Should the footer be updated to be X instead of Twitter? The URL remains and media usually refers to "X, formerly known as Twitter", but they've technically ...
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Questions about ChatGPT code [closed]

I see that using ChatGPT to provide content for answers on Stack Exchange is strictly forbidden. But what about using its provided code as the basis of a question? Here's a productivity-enhancing path ...
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Does Stack Overflow require that OverflowAI partners refrain from using Stack Exchange contributions in contravention of the license?

This is a subset of What, exactly, is Stack Overflow's agreement with OpenAI?, but it seems that we are playing Twenty Questions this month. Representatives of the company (e.g. the Chief Product ...
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What deliverables would you like to see out of a working group?

Update June 3rd, 2024 Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts. We will review your suggestions and share an update once we have decided on what action to take with working ...
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What does the recent blog post mean by "community-driven AI"?

The title of this blog post is: OverflowAI is now Generally Available! A new era of community-driven AI I don't fully understand what it means by "community-driven AI". From a lot of the ...
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