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Questions that may not necessarily have a clear-cut right or wrong answer and are often subjective. If your question isn't a bug report, feature request, or request for assistance, or question with a concrete answer, it's probably a discussion.

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Long-term goal: Automated Stack Overflow sandbox site for beginners?

First, this a long-term idea and I'm hoping we brainstorm (this isn't all-or-none). And please think about the overall idea, not a single implementation roadblock. It seems that a lot of problems are ...
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41 answers

If more users could vote, would they engage more? Testing 1 reputation voting on some sites

TL;DR: We are interested in finding 2-3 Stack Exchange sites willing to volunteer to test lowering the reputation required to upvote and downvote to 1 so that we can understand how this change impacts ...
344 votes
6 answers

How do I write a good title?

A good title helps your question get the attention it deserves. What goes into a good title? Return to FAQ index
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1 answer

There is a problem with the [problem-user] tag

We have the problem-user tag, with excerpt that reads: This tag should be used in a question about a user who has been causing problems like spamming, unproductive answers, using abusive language and ...
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4 answers

Is the daily question limit actually being enforced?

A week or so ago I read Optimizing for Pearls, Not Sand and as more of an answerer than asker, I rejoiced at the new questions-per-day limit. Considering the time it takes to ask quality questions, 6 ...
35 votes
7 answers

How can we help users who repeatedly ask similar questions or update constantly?

Before I ask my questions, I need to describe two types of low-quality users. Type P: A type P user will post a block of code, possibly with a stack trace, and text that boils down to "this doesn't ...
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1 answer

What do Meta SE users mean by referring to SE as a Mechanical Turk?

Some meta posts refer, in disparaging terms, to users of SE sites (especially SO) who treat the site as a Mechanical Turk. What do they mean by that?
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1 answer

What does a good flag for suspected AI (e.g., ChatGPT) content look like?

When flagging a post that I believe is ChatGPT, what information should I include? If I just raise a "In need of moderator intervention" flag and let them know it looks like ChatGPT, is that ...
4 votes
3 answers

What's the best way to post a tutorial?

I went looking for answers to a question I had, but didn't find what I was looking for. Now that I've found the answer myself, I'd like to share what I've learned. What's the best way to do this, if ...
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What's wrong with this site's culture of not answering question? [closed]

I have used this platform for years, and I have noticed that in the recent years there is a weird trend, or culture, of not answering a question someone is asking (unless there is a textbook answer), ...
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If a user receives an account suspension, are they allowed to post the suspension message from the moderators in the chat? [duplicate]

When a user receives an account suspension, they receive a suspension message from the moderators explaining the suspension reason. Is the suspended user allowed to to post this message in an SE ...
9 votes
2 answers

Who raised the most helpful flags on Stack Overflow and Meta?

There is a lot of discussion around meta about how to raise a helpful flag and flags getting declined, but I wonder: Who raised the largest number of helpful flags on Stack Overflow and Meta?
1 vote
2 answers

How to put alternative / synonym words (phrases) in questions?

Alternative question: When multiple known cases will match answer for your question, what's the best way to pack them in the question title (or body)? Additionally to this question itself, an example ...
40 votes
1 answer

Stack Exchange network sites’ IP addresses may change in the coming weeks

From time to time, Stack Exchange makes improvements to our network infrastructure. One change we're making in the coming weeks will include new IP addresses for most, if not all, of our public Stack ...
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How can I get an alert in JavaScript in real time when new questions pop up on any Stack Exchange website?

It's not a duplicate of How to get an alert when new questions are posted on Stack Overflow?, because the goal is to alert() on new posts directly in the web browser. Not via email. Ideally, the alert ...
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1 answer

I believe Joga Bonito should be named Jogo Bonito [closed]

I just earned the Joga Bonito hat, but I believe its name might be incorrect. Joga Bonito is technically correct, but it means to play beautifully, while I suspect the implied meaning of the hat is ...
113 votes
14 answers

Sunsetting Winter/Summer Bash: Rationale and Next Steps

This year, we made the difficult decision to sunset Winter/Summer Bash. Winter Bash has been an annual event on Stack Exchange each December for the past decade. What are the origin and goals of ...
91 votes
2 answers

Is it time to reconsider Social Media links in "Share" and User Profiles, etc?

2013 called and it wants it's social media links back. The social media landscape has grown far more varied, controversial and complex in the past decade, but Stack Exchange still seems to promote a ...
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0 answers

Are sock puppet answer accepts retracted? [duplicate]

A user used sock puppets to ask questions and answer with main account, then accept own answers, even if there's other answers, including ones that outscore it significantly. Self-upvotes were ...
12 votes
2 answers

Can a moderator apply to be a moderator on another SE site with another SE account?

I wonder whether a moderator on an SE site is allowed to apply to be a moderator on another SE site using another SE account. For example, the use of another SE account prevents others from seeing the ...
7 votes
0 answers

Are sock puppet bounties retracted?

A user used sock puppets to grant self bounties. The user's self-upvotes were retracted, and so were bounty rep gains, but the bounties remain visible on answers, and continue to inflate their worth. ...
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1 answer

The concept of "opinion-based" questions needs serious revision. Otherwise SE is destined to mediocrity [duplicate]

There are tons of topics on Meta about opinion-based questions. Obviously, the subject matter of opinion based questions is anything but intuitive. Stack Exchange is about quality. Fine. Noted. Stack ...
61 votes
5 answers

Need to ask a question anonymously

I asked this in the tavern. I need to ask a question anonymously as my profile is pretty much traceable to me. I've been told that logging out and asking the question will do. However I'm worried ...
642 votes
272 answers

Formatting Sandbox

Notes: Answers will occasionally be moved to the Sandbox archive when there are too many of them. When using them to report bugs, keep an eye on the post. You may also want to take a look at the ...
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0 answers

How can I permanently get rid of popups? [closed]

It is harder and harder to see the text of Stack Exchange articles. A privacy popup permanently covers the left third of the screen (depending on resolution) and now an AI search popup covers the ...
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0 answers

Where to ask server/web hosting specific questions

I have a web hosting/servers/clusterization/systems/hosting panels/web question. What would be the appropriate place to ask a question like that? As I understand it, it fits somewhere in between ...
13 votes
1 answer

Quorum badge on Stack Overflow?

The description for the Quroum badge on Stack Overflow says: One post with score of 2 on meta. Sounds to me as if I need exactly one post with precisely a score of 2. Wouldn't this be a better ...
33 votes
9 answers

Why are images of text, code and mathematical expressions discouraged?

Often I see new users posting images, containing the text of the question they were intending to ask, or a part of it. This is especially true for the science and math based sites where new users don'...
534 votes
18 answers

Global auth is dead! Long live universal login

Update: Universal login is in place and considered "done". If you see anything weird, please submit new bug reports. As y'all know, our current flavor of "global authentication" ...
4 votes
1 answer

What is the best way to post anonymously? [duplicate]

I have a thing that is bothering me deeply that I want to ask about without my name on the post. It is rather personal and concerns people I care for. What would be the best way to make a post like ...
-15 votes
2 answers

When should I ask why a question I asked was downvoted? [closed]

Once on Meta, I asked a quite badly received question and then asked why it was downvoted. My question: Why was my question - Why does downvoting mean 'no?' - downvoted? about why my other ...
67 votes
1 answer

Possible delay in Data Dump release - now targeting September 5th

As you probably know, it’s time for the quarterly publication of our data (affectionately known as the “data dumps”). The process of copying, uploading, and publishing the data over a notoriously ...
12 votes
1 answer

Is there a consolidated source of accessibility guidelines for users posting questions/answers?

While Stack Exchange itself tries to be as accessible as possible, I have been unsuccessful in finding anything to help users in their posting accessible questions/answers. Is there a consolidated ...
1 vote
4 answers

Move to another site suggestion instead of closing a question?

Is there a feature that lets people vote to move a question to another Stack Exchange site? I am asking this because I asked a question on SO and some members said that you should ask this question ...
93 votes
22 answers

Changing the question reopening experience

Now that the Public Platform team is actively working on updating review queue workflows, it’s time we address the feedback and feature requests related to the question reopening experience. How it ...
44 votes
2 answers

Can we have a little notice letting people know that analytics changed after May 10, 2022?

One of the effects of the recategorization of Google Analytics cookie as a “Performance Cookie” was the apparent drop in visitor numbers in the 25k and mod analytics tools. This seems to cause some ...
37 votes
0 answers

The "A day in the penalty box" needs a comments cleanup, and better curation

There's a proper, fairly well documented process of appealing a suspension - via moderator message replies or the contact pages. For some reason, folks, including many who know how things work, have ...
25 votes
4 answers

What site-specific changes can be made to the Ask Question page to help askers on that site write better questions?

I've seen that some sites have customized content on their Ask Question page. For example, here's some custom content on the English Language & Usage ask Question page. They have extra information ...
14 votes
0 answers

Should the wording "Want to start your own Stack Exchange Q&A site?" be changed?

From the bottom of the sites page: It feels like Want to start your own Stack Exchange Q&A site? is the wrong phrase: people cannot create their own Stack Exchange Q&A site through Area ...
38 votes
2 answers

Why was the decision made to develop Discussions from scratch instead of increasing the visibility, usability, and focus on chat?

In the recent mod/staff virtual meetup, which included members of senior company leadership such as the CEO, a lot of discussion happened around focusing on new initiatives versus community requests. ...
17 votes
1 answer

What recurring competitions are held across various communities?

A lot of communities have or have had friendly competitions, whether for best question, or best answer, or questions of a particular category, etc. etc. I'm interested in what sites are doing other ...
8 votes
2 answers

Where to ask / migrate questions about ChatGPT

TLDR: The original intention of this post was to work as a "sign post" to point people looking for a site recommendation about ChatGPT: Which computer science / programming Stack Exchange ...
16 votes
0 answers

Will there be a Community-a-thon 2023, and if so when will it begin?

After reading Rosie's post about sunsetting Winter/Summer Bash, I wanted to know if Community-a-thon will continue or not. Also, are there any pre-defined dates for Community-a-thon? Community-a-thon ...
3 votes
2 answers

Where can I ask a legal question about the system in Canada?

I want to ask if it is legal to hold more than one job in Canada. What Stack Exchange site is appropriate? I assume it is allowed in the USA.
2 votes
0 answers

Should edits to one’s own answers be isolated and highlighted? [duplicate]

I’ve observed that some answers include sections at the bottom that are explicitly labeled Edit or the like. But there are also many other answers that (as the system indicates) have been edited but ...
29 votes
1 answer

What does the logo of each Stack Exchange site represent?

There are many sites on the SE Network that are based on different topics. From the question topics to the identity of each site's logo, what does it represent?
259 votes
7 answers

Providing a JavaScript API for userscripts

Over the years, a number of community members have developed unofficial browser userscripts to add or supplement functionality on our platform. While we do have an official API, these scripts ...
6 votes
1 answer

Will Stack Exchange be running something for April Fools in 2024?

Earlier this year, Philippe created a post on MSO stating that SE wouldn't be running an April Fools joke this year. Admittedly, that post did end with We hope to continue celebrating April Fools' ...
8 votes
1 answer

Remove (again) and prevent creation of the specific-user tag

From the accepted answer at Should any Meta post that calls out a user by name be deleted, not just downvoted? : There's a reason we always kill off the specific-user tag every time it appears. ...
4 votes
6 answers

What's the correct response to poorly-phrased questions?

What should we do when faced by a question which looks like it may have been translated (very poorly) from a language other than English? Example: thread-and-control The OP may have asked this in ...

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