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Questions tagged [discussion]

Questions that may not necessarily have a clear-cut right or wrong answer and are often subjective. If your question isn't a bug report, feature request, or request for assistance, or question with a concrete answer, it's probably a discussion.

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2024 WeAreDevelopers Event Summary

Earlier today, Prashanth Chandrasekar, CEO of Stack Overflow, presented at the 2024 WeAreDevelopers World Congress in Berlin. A key takeaway is that Community is and will always be at the center of ...
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1 answer

Preparing for the company to breach the terms of the CC-BY-SA license [closed]

I am expecting that at some point in the future and possibly quite soon, the company will breach the terms of the CC-BY-SA licence that I grant to them as a content creator. As is my right, when this ...
54 votes
0 answers

Lack of Company follow-through / Company failure to meet expectations

Update 2024-07-19: Last Friday, the company announced unpopular changes to the Creative Commons Data dump, and used the same playbook whereby the Company has asked employees not to engage on the Meta ...
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1 answer

Total reputation in Stack Overflow over time

At DevDays, Joel showed a graph of Stack Overflow site visits per day over time. I'm curious how the total reputation in the system has grown over time, and how that compares with the total number of (...
20 votes
7 answers

Upcoming initiatives on Stack Overflow and across the Stack Exchange network (July 2024)

Today I shared an update on progress from last quarter and what we’re up to this quarter on the blog. TL;DR - top areas of focus include: Community Asks quarterly event Iterating and scaling Staging ...
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Site Recommendation: Q&A for campers, RVs, camper vans and any Home on Wheels [duplicate]

Summarize the problem Information regarding van conversion and repairing, building and improving on our home on wheels is too spread out on the internet e.g. YouTube, blogs, Facebook groups different ...
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16 answers

Upcoming sign-up experiments related to tags

In April, we shared that we had been conducting sign-up experiments on Stack Overflow and found positive results. These were centered around simplifying the typical sign-up flow and experience. Our ...
-184 votes
19 answers

Announcing a change to the data-dump process

Please note: We usually avoid posting on Fridays, but with the data dump scheduled for the end of July, we wanted to share this information with the community as soon as possible. We will monitor this ...
22 votes
3 answers

Open letter: the July 2024 question quality survey is a dead end

I recently received an email from "Jeff // Stack Overflow" (no relation), containing a link to a survey. Before the survey was an email address, and an invitation to send feedback to it. … ...
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Why do my questions keep getting downvoted? [closed]

Ref: Is it possible to demote "master" to a sub-branch (with its entire structure) and create a new master? I have noticed that my last few questions both get edited and downvoted. That ...
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0 answers

Are questions asking about a standard way of doing things automatically an opinion based question? [closed]

I come across a lot of questions asking if there is a standard way of doing things. 98.7% (Google search query: "opinion-based" standards) of these questions are ...
30 votes
4 answers

Where on SE to ask about computer science

What is the right site on the Stack Exchange network for computer science questions? None of the answers I can think of are remotely satisfying: Stack Overflow: Even if CS questions are acceptable (...
148 votes
24 answers

Stack Exchange’s image hosting arrangement with Imgur has ended - migration complete!

Update on the Imgur migration, May 28th 2024: Migration complete! As of today, we are pronouncing the work associated with the Imgur migration "complete" for all intents and purposes. There ...
103 votes
31 answers

Changing how community leadership works on Stack Exchange: a proposal and rough timeline

For nearly fifteen years, Stack Exchange community leadership has taken a very simple form: there is the community-at-large, and there are moderators elected by ranked-choice voting. This system is ...
27 votes
16 answers

What makes a community healthy?

Continuing my series of questions to the community here: Shifting back to community theory a bit, because I’m a geek that way… How do you define a healthy community? By the standard that you just ...
-22 votes
5 answers

In today's era where artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly ubiquitous, what significance does a Q&A website still hold? [duplicate]

We can ask AI (like Chat GPT) for answers to almost any question. It usually provides multi-faceted and correct answers, and always remains calm. Especially for knowledge-based questions, AI has ...
46 votes
2 answers

How can SE gate access to the Dump that will allow individuals access to the data while preventing "misuse" by for-profit organizations?

I read this answer written by Jody Bailey: We are looking for ways to gate access to the Dump, APIs, and SEDE, that will allow individuals access to the data while preventing misuse by organizations ...
20 votes
2 answers

Why is a nondeterministic algorithm used to schedule badge calculation?

I read this question: I hit 50 days with 200+ rep two months ago; where's my ticket to the Epic club? And one of the answers was "The scheduled process that grants that badge has 1/10 chance ...
646 votes
291 answers

Formatting Sandbox

Notes: Answers will occasionally be moved to the Sandbox archive when there are too many of them. When using them to report bugs, keep an eye on the post. You may also want to take a look at the ...
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0 answers

What was the answer for which I earned and then lost rep points from removed user? [duplicate]

From time to time I lose 10 rep points for a "User was removed" reason. I'm really curious to know in what way I helped that user, that is, what was his\her question, and what did I answer? ...
-18 votes
3 answers

Why was an answer partially made using AI to make the point that you shouldn't use AI deleted?

My answer to a recent MSE question was deleted by a moderator a few hours ago. I have posted the screenshots below for those below 10,000 reputation. Yes, part of it did technically use AI to generate ...
3 votes
1 answer

Do I own and retain all rights (copyright) to all the content posted on my profile page? [duplicate]

Does the 'public Network' include content on the profile page such as the profile picture and display name? Does the answer to Do I have to give attribution to SO when using my own content elsewhere? ...
-8 votes
0 answers

We are offline (or were) [duplicate]

Main meta seemed to be unavailable for a few seconds just now. It's happened for very short periods occasionally on refresh that the page goes to the : We are offline. And a referral link to the ...
-10 votes
1 answer

People using comments to answer questions [duplicate]

I have been noticing new questions often have answers in the comments instead of the answer list. What is the rationale behind this? I have seen this with users that have a lot of reputation too, so ...
1 vote
0 answers

Where can I ask this question about managing Git servers?

I have the following question that I've already attempted to ask on Software Engineering SE and Stack Overflow, but both were closed. Where can I ask this question? I'm planning to manage a cluster ...
57 votes
16 answers

Making a better image uploader

For those who don't know me, I'm a product designer here at Stack Overflow. Currently I'm working on a project called Teams (for more information about Teams and other projects, read Tim's post on ...
-11 votes
3 answers

How can I stop receiving downvotes from a question that the community is keeping up? [duplicate]

Recently, I read the [help article on bounties][help-center/bounties]. I initially misread the article and asked the following question based on that misunderstanding:
27 votes
4 answers

Image size limit: Why it is set to 2 MiB?

From older Meta posts it seem to me that the file size limit was higher in the past, and linked to the limits allowed by imgur. However, now the limit is 2 MiB, and imgur allows much more than that (&...
218 votes
9 answers

We spent a sprint addressing your requests — here’s how it went

You may have noticed posts getting status-completed at an unusually high rate last week — there’s a reason for that, which I’ll get into further down. But first, some context for those who might need ...
4 votes
1 answer

How can a user with no activity make a 5-year-old Stack Overflow question "active"?

A 5-year old question on Stack OverFlow, Page Navigation not working on the final for loop iteration, is currently showing as "Active" (AND displays at the top of the list) under the tag &...
-15 votes
2 answers

If an answer has a limitation, is it considered an incomplete answer and therefore should be deleted? Or is an answer has a limitation a valid answer?

From the automatic review comment: Post Answer button should be used only for complete answers to the question. If an answer has a limitation, is it considered an incomplete answer and therefore ...
-23 votes
0 answers

Why don't you just based on the tags categorize a question onto the right substackoverflow site? [duplicate]

Same thing for duplicates and etc.. Why is it not existing or AUTOMATED. Do we have time to to research if the next possible duplicate is exactly the same question or not. I google it if i don't see a ...
11 votes
1 answer

Why are points deleted when the question is deleted?

Why are the reputation points one gets for an answer deleted if the question was deleted? I mean, you made the effort of answering the question with valuable information, spending time for it, and ...
-2 votes
1 answer

Bumping someone else's old question with no answers [duplicate]

I recently had an oddly specific question that happened to be asked on math.stackexchange about 11 years ago, with no answers (Automorphisms of a lattice and changing to a nicer $\mathbb{Z}$-base). Is ...
8 votes
0 answers

Are there any scholarly game theory analyses of SE user behavior written up?

From time to time I have wondered if I had come across a user who tries to close questions because they are not able to answer them themselves, or because they believe there is a likelihood that ...
-10 votes
1 answer

Why Manually Award Bounties?

What reason does a Stack Exchange user have for manually awarding a bounty? It seems to me that, since only half of the bounty will be awarded if no bounty is manually awarded, users are, in fact, ...
2 votes
1 answer

Sportsmanship vs Disciplined/Peer Pressure

Do these badges run against each other, at least for some time frame? It would seem to show sportsmanship, one would be encouraged not to clean up posts at all (whether bad -3 or good 3+). Sometimes ...
165 votes
40 answers

What do you think of Winter Bash? [closed]

As Winter Bash winds down, I'm interested in hearing your feedback about the event. While I've been pretty responsible about monitoring (and responding to) questions in winterbash, I'm more interested ...
5 votes
0 answers

What should we write for the tag wiki excerpt for the tag [convert-to-answer]?

Yesterday, I suggested edits for both the tag wiki and tag wiki excerpt for the tag convert-to-answer, and my tag wiki edit was approved, but my tag wiki excerpt was rejected. You can see here: https:/...
11 votes
3 answers

What can I do if I have a good argument for a feature change, but there's already a negatively-received existing post that makes a weak argument?

Sometimes, I've come up with a suggestion for a feature change to be made to the Stack Exchange engine. Based on several guideline posts on how to write well-received feature requests, I've come up ...
-3 votes
1 answer

Rep -100 due to user deletion (shouldn't this be -10?) [duplicate]

Today I noticed in my rep calculation a "-100 user was removed". I'm aware of the reason that votes on answers are rolled back if users who did the vote got removed. But that would account ...
-8 votes
1 answer

New User Barriers: The Reputation System's Impact on Participation [duplicate]

I'm new to StackOverflow and would like to use it more, but I'm a little confused about the reputation system. Why do you need reputation to do things like comment or vote? It seems like a barrier to ...
946 votes
56 answers

Why aren't people voting for questions?

While at least some answers from every question seem to have been up-voted as a "helpful" answer: about 49% of questions have score of 0 or 1. another 21% of questions have a score of 2. Most ...
8 votes
2 answers

Users marking their own answer as the correct answer after first accepting an answer

Some users tend to answer their own question and mark the answer as the correct one. For clarification, this is when there are already one or more answers given to the question. I've marked an answer ...
-12 votes
2 answers

Suggestion: display questions with a random delay to avoid duplicate answers

Quite often I see general or simple questions attracting many answers in a few minutes time. Often this is because many people see the question at the same time with no answers, and jump to the rescue....
-15 votes
1 answer

Should the moderators edit mistakes OR close down a potential useful answer?

I wanted to know from the moderators - if someone answers a question and the answer potential may be useful to the one who asked the question and for that matter anyone who ever comes across to that ...
-11 votes
0 answers

When did the good question badge get retired? [duplicate]

Just for curiosity, I wonder when did the good question get retired and when did it come out?
32 votes
11 answers

Are Shakespeare's monkeys here?

We've all experienced this issue - we ask a question and immediately get inundated with Shakespeare's monkeys all trying to get the answer right in the shortest time (I swear 50% of Hamlet appeared in ...
-2 votes
1 answer

Meta questions and votes [duplicate]

On meta I believe there is a convention that one is voting for or against the sometimes implied suggestion of a question, rather than the quality of the question itself. What is the appropriate way ...
9 votes
1 answer

Should I accept answers in these scenarios?

I'll give you four examples this, a user commented on my question, he solved it and then someone else 2 hours later, said the same as an answer, although I'm so grateful to all the members of this ...

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