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Questions that may not necessarily have a clear-cut right or wrong answer and are often subjective. If your question isn't a bug report, feature request, or request for assistance, or question with a concrete answer, it's probably a discussion.

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What should be done about "push moderation"? [closed]

A loaded question or "push question" is a question designed to advance a certain position, such as "Why is C++ better than Rust?" Although this may be a good question with good ...
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Adding GIF images or images is very laggy or provides errors [duplicate]

I never had these issues in the past (using BSE for years now), but in the last weeks I have massive problems adding GIF images or images into my answers. While images work (after waiting a loooong ...
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What happens to a user's pending edits when they subsequently gain enough reputation for their edits to be applied without peer review? [duplicate]

For example, on the Law stack 1,000 reputation earns one a privilege so that Edits to other users’ posts are applied immediately And In addition, users with this privilege level can also begin ...
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Is it allowed to give all of one's reputation points away via bounty? [duplicate]

If a person wants to leave, would they be able to give away loads or all of their points through bounties (reward existing answer mainly), or would that be flagged as some sort of offense and shut ...
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What site should I post a question about problems with graphing a specific function in Geogebra?

My question: What site should I post a question about problems with graphing functions in Geogebra? I have a question about a problem that has arisen while using Geogebra, specifically where I am ...
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3 answers

New tag for the internal image hosting

Now that imgur will soon no longer host our images, the imgur tag would become obsolete. However, I doubt the new upload process, that would host the images internally in Stack Exchange, would work ...
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What changes were introduced in the new image uploader, and are not considered bugs?

I'm aware of: 160px minimum image size limit. For PNG files above some KB threshold, the new image uploader attempts to compress them into a smaller PNG file (same dimension but higher compression), ...
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Best site to ask question involving Machine Learning and Earth's ionosphere

I have a question that requires knowledge of machine learning and a little knowledge of the Earth's ionosphere, specifically involving Total Electron Content (TEC). It would be about the minimum ...
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3 answers

Does including commercial links (to the poster's benefit) explicitly violate Stack Exchange rules?

Maybe I should divide the question into two separate ones, but I'm wondering if making commercial use of Stack Exchange violates any rules. Specifically, If I put affiliate Amazon links in my answers,...
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What caused the drop in questions in April 2023?

Rerunning this query by starball for new questions and answers posted across the network generated the following graph: It plots posts by their creation date, and includes deleted posts. The decline ...
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Can there be suggested edit audits that should be approved?

There has been some discussion over the years about the quality of suggested edit audits and the possibility of there being audits where the correct action is approve: Are there tests of suggested ...
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66 votes
5 answers

Upcoming initiatives on Stack Overflow and across the Stack Exchange network

A couple of weeks ago, I gave a heads-up that we’d be sharing updates on community product initiatives that we’re planning on focusing on over the upcoming months. Des, our Director of Product, shared ...
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Enable marking posts as answered on a different site? It seems like a good idea to me [duplicate]

Recently I asked a question on Stack Overflow, but then found an answer on Computer Science Stack Exchange, so I posted a link in a comment (I would have felt bad answering my own question with a link ...
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70 votes
10 answers

New Focus Styles & Updated Styling for Button Groups

New Focus Styles We’ve released a design update to focus styles across the many components within our design system and as well as a new design for our button group component. See more details on how ...
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2 answers

Possible incentive problem since edits bump questions

I posted Is armageddon more fair in a Vickrey auction? in Chess Stack Exchange on February 9th 2023. It was bumped a year later when someone edited my post on 18th March 2024. Why doesn't this create ...
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Is it acceptable to write in memoriam posts on per-site metas for people with strong ties to the site's subject matter?

I was browsing the Science Fiction & Fantasy Meta site, when I saw this 'question.' It is a short in memoriam for the creator of an incredibly popular anime (Dragon Ball Z). Should such types of ...
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What should we do for the tag [meta-reputation]?

Today, I found a tag called meta-reputation. This tag doesn’t contain tag wiki and tag wiki excerpt and is only used by 2 questions only. These 2 questions are all about the reputation for meta stack ...
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17 votes
2 answers

Is it discouraged to use headings in questions?

I am referring to this edit of a question of mine. Basically, all heading markup was removed and some were replaced by boldening them (**). Despite being just a cosmetic change, I was wondering what ...
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Site load delay

Today at 19.50 GMT: Some sites are taking more than two minutes to load content, including the questions page and individual questions, including: science fiction and fantasy, medical sciences. and ...
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What should we write for the tag wiki excerpt for the tag [convert-to-answer]?

Yesterday, I suggested edits for both the tag wiki and tag wiki excerpt for the tag convert-to-answer, and my tag wiki edit was approved, but my tag wiki excerpt was rejected. You can see here: https:/...
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The Help Center page titled "Our model" doesn't describe … our model

The Help page whose title is "Our Model" (but whose URL slug is /help/stackexchange) is currently a random grab bag of policies, formatting help, and random questions. I was hoping that a ...
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Allow opting out of review queues notifications

Yes, we should all serve our military duty. But for those that aren't interested, we shouldn't need to rely on hacks. Opting out of ...
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150 votes
4 answers

Shifting the data dump schedule: A proposal

My colleague Rosie recently announced that, because of our difficulties predictably getting data dump files to the Internet Archive[1],[2], we are setting more realistic expectations for completing ...
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2 answers

"How to ... ?" questions might be wrong grammar. Will it help dropping the question mark for all questions or warning the user or something the like?

I would like to find out by discussion whether and how this can become a good feature request. "How to ... ?" questions might be wrong I see "How to ... ?" questions every day. ...
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30 answers

Our partnership with Google and commitment to socially responsible AI

Today, we announced an exciting new partnership with Google to bring Google's Gemini to Stack Overflow and to provide Stack Overflow content directly within Google Cloud. The story of this partnership ...
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User activity reputation graph missing on Cross Validated

Typically there was a user reputation cumulative graph on the activity page. For example, mine for Meta Stack Exchange looks like this on Feb. 28, 2024
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What site should I post a question about an error given from a SEDE (Stack Exchange Data Explorer) query?

I am working on composing a SEDE (Stack Exchange Data Explorer) query to find questions from 3-4 months ago that do not have any accepted answers that I feel like I could answer (as in limiting it to ...
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The tag curation workflow is unnecessarily cumbersome

I found this discussion when I was trying to figure out why I couldn't improve a suggested tag wiki edit that had a typo in it: Allow 'improve' for Tag Wiki Edit Suggestions Tag wiki edit suggestions ...
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2 answers

Stack Exchange's stance on using AI to write questions

I have read Stack Overflow's current stance on AI generated content and understand the decision making process that went into deciding that AI generated content was not suitable for answering ...
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Should I respond to a question where I have worthwhile information to contribute, but no concrete answer?

I saw a question where a person describes their context, to which I have a considerable amount of information that I am certain the user (and similar users like him) will find useful, but none that ...
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Where can I ask about the history of medicine?

Specifically, I have a couple questions about what medical knowledge and capabilities existed in the Roman Empire, specifically Judaea, during the 1st century AD. Is there a Stack Exchange site where ...
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3 answers

Let's have a single form to ask questions and have machine learning suggest subsite for it

One of the common problems on practically any site of Stack Exchange are questions that are off-topic. Many users do not read the FAQ or take the tour, but even to an experienced member (like myself) ...
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Why doesn't the username in mentions not get auto-edited when the original one does? [duplicate]

I used to go by "d4rk4ng31" (um, as you might have already guessed, silly teenage years) which then I changed (long back, but I just noticed this as I am not a very active member anymore). I ...
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How do I see answers to my questions?

It says 10 people saw my question but no one has bothered to answer yet. What does that mean?
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104 votes
31 answers

Changing how community leadership works on Stack Exchange: a proposal and rough timeline

For nearly fifteen years, Stack Exchange community leadership has taken a very simple form: there is the community-at-large, and there are moderators elected by ranked-choice voting. This system is ...
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1 answer

Is implying moderator misconduct a violation of code of conduct? [duplicate]

While I believe the original revision of the question below provides sufficient details to distinguish itself from the duplicates, I'd like to tldr it: What recourse do I have if I believe a ...
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Why is there no Stack app available for mobile devices? [duplicate]

Description: As every Stack user knows that Stack itself is a combination of many great platforms for different purposes. Its accessibility from a mobile device/remote device would impact its ...
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Why is there no way to upgrade a half-bounty to a full bounty after 7 days? Maybe some way should be implemented?

I don't understand why this gets downvoted for merely disliking the suggestion. The downvote button says: "The question does not show any research effort, it is unclear or not useful." It ...
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-76 votes
5 answers

Upcoming privacy updates: removal of the Activity data section and Google conversion pixel deprecation

Activity Data section within the Users Preference page Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange sites currently have an “Activity data” section within the Users Preference page. It looks like this: What’s ...
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How can I find on which sites my question will be on-topic? [duplicate]

I'm going to ask a question about a web application, in detail how to arrange the objects on the page so the application is well usable on most devices and appears nice and practical to end users. I ...
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3 answers

Is the term "Indian spammer" offensive?

I recently encountered a post here on Meta Stack Exchange that was worded very similarly to a poorly-received post by a now-suspended user. I flagged the post as relating to a likely sock-puppet of ...
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2 answers

The correct use of chat rooms, for new users (improve visibility and description)

This publication is not related to the chat rooms created or derived from the comments on question and/or answer posts. Maybe this question is bad for old users who already know how to use the ...
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44 votes
9 answers

Proposed changes to Help Center articles to include mention of AI-generated content policy

Feb 22 2024 Update: I have just rolled out the network-wide version of the help center article that mentions content generated by generative artificial intelligence tools must be referenced. I have ...
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1 answer

Duplicate answers?

Observe the following scenario: You post an answer to a question, and then remember that there is another method to solve the problem. You edit your answer, but after a few minutes someone else post ...
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Where could I ask a question on what effect an action has on crime rates?

What would be the appropriate site, if any, for this question? Do signs indicating that a gun owner lives in a home increase or decrease the likelihood of a burglary? It is fairly common in certain ...
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Logged in or not?

There are several related items in meta, but I can’t tell whether they are the duplicates to this.  And if they were, I can’t put an image in a comment, so … These were displayed on the same page ...
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When is it OK for site moderators to go against the consensus established by their community? And when should such a decision be overturned?

Last year in particular I made a few gambles as a moderator by establishing new policies on the local meta without first gathering community consensus. However, every time I found my policies ...
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Is my reputation and reach on my Stack Exchange linked to my Stack Overflow profile? [closed]

I just linked my Stack Overflow profile to my meta.stackexchange profile. Is the platform going to link both reputations and reach together?
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What would you like to change about the moderator election process?

Update – February 13th, 2024 Thank you to everyone who provided feedback and expressed their interest in joining the working group. The selection has been made, and those individuals have been invited....
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Where would I ask questions related to notetaking on Obsidian?

I have a few questions about the note taking app Obsidian, but I'm not too sure where to ask them. I've seen some Obsidian tags on the main page Stack Overflow, but I realized those questions are more ...
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