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Questions that may not necessarily have a clear-cut right or wrong answer and are often subjective. If your question isn't a bug report, feature request, or request for assistance, or question with a concrete answer, it's probably a discussion.

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Do I need to verify captcha every time? [duplicate]

I just noticed when I tried to answer questions, two times in a row it asked me to verify the captcha. Will it happen every time I answer a question? If yes, then it's a very bad UX.
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Seeking your input on redesigning our post summary component

Tl;dr We are redesigning our post summary component and would like your input before the design process begins. The post summary component appears on most pages that show a list of posts, including ...
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Minimum suspension sentencing and transparency rules

Are there rules or guidance for moderators to help them determine minimal amount of suspension time depending on the offense? Or a rule requiring transparency if the community considers the sentencing ...
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What is the meaning of the different diamond colors shown to moderators in the top bar?

Some moderators have been talking about things like "orange diamond events" but I couldn't find a good reference on Meta for what that means. So I must ask: What diamond? What colors are ...
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Design Vision Updates to the Left Navigation

Update – August 22nd, 2023 We have reviewed all the answers and comments — thank you to everyone who took the time to read this post and provide feedback. Based on the reactions to the visual changes ...
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Accounts and logins of the Stack Exchange sites family [duplicate]

I have an account on Stack Overflow, for the past many years. Over the time I used other Stack Exchange sites as well, like TeX - LaTeX, Unix & Linux and Artificial Intelligence. Yesterday I ...
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Discrepancy in Post Counts between Local MySQL Stack Overflow Database and Data Stack Exchange Query

I recently downloaded the Stack Overflow data from Stack Overflow datadump and imported it into my local MySQL database. While attempting to retrieve the total number of posts for the year 2021 using ...
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Design Vision Updates to the User Card

Background As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the design of the platform, which so far has included colors (original post and follow-up) and border-radius adjustments, we're now focusing on ...
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Our Design Vision for Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network

For those who don’t know me, I’m the Director of Design at Stack Overflow. I’m responsible for the team of designers who work on the public sites. The visuals of Stack Overflow and the network sites ...
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Moderation strike: Conclusion and the way forward

Negotiations between strike representatives and Stack Exchange, Inc. have come to a close, with a mutually acceptable agreement being reached and announced. With that agreement being reached, we'd ...
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How can I effectively assist a novice programmer with a bounty question?

Asking on Meta Stack Exchange has to do with effectively assisting a user who has posted a bounty on a question. Preface I'm currently interacting with a user who seems to have copied a project from ...
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Does the Share-alike clause of the content license mean software code content can't be used other than in open-source software?

Does the current applicability of the CC-BY-SA 4.0 to most Stack Overflow content actually mean that one can only embed (or adapt) code content from Stack Overflow in their own software if they make ...
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What kind of percentages are reasonable for moderator consensus on the company violating the Mod Agreement?

During strike negotiations between community representatives and representatives of Stack Exchange, Inc., an initial process for determining if Stack Exchange, Inc. violated the Mod Agreement was ...
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How likely is it that the newly reached agreement between Stack Exchange and the community isn't going to end the moderation strike? [closed]

An agreement has been reached between the striking community 'moderators and members' and Stack Exchange Inc. However from what I collected, this has not resulted in immediate termination of the ...
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Where to ask about bulletproof glass?

I have a question about the various materials used for bulletproof glass, their strengths and what they can stop but I'm not sure where to ask. In the TV show the 'The Punisher' is a scene where he ...
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What do you feel like is still missing to end the strike?

The negotiations have ended and the Moderation strike: Results of negotiations post has been received overwhelmingly positively (at the time of writing this post +359/-3). That being said, it seems ...
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How should I respond to unfriendly comments by moderators? [duplicate]

I recently saw an unfriendly comment from a diamond moderator on an SE site. I would flag the comment as unfriendly or unkind if a regular user had posted it. How should I respond considering that it'...
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How can I get the purpose of a specific Stack Exchange site so as ensure that I am posting to the appropriate site?

I posted a question to an SE site that I thought was perfectly appropriate. It got a few answers and comments and then was migrated to another site. Reason:"Off topic". At the migrated site, ...
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Does the Charcoal team plan to run SmokeDetector again?

There have been several posts complaining about increased visibility of spam posts.1 At least part of the reason was the fact that the Charcoal team participated in the strike and SmokeDetector wasn't ...
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21 answers

Moderation strike: Results of negotiations

We have reached the following conclusions during negotiations between community-selected strike representatives and representatives of Stack Exchange, Inc. This aims to address most of the concerns ...
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How can we improve the Stack Exchange API?

The Stack Exchange API allows users to programmatically query and connect to the Stack Exchange Network of sites. The API is currently in version 2.3. We’re collecting feedback from users of the API, ...
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13 answers

What are some deferred, ignored, or sunset projects we wish SE would work on to facilitate the community?

We all have our pet projects - things we wish SE would do but which seem to be forever stuck in the backlog pile. Other times, something that's well received gets forgotten in the shuffle. Inspired by ...
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Why are some people on Stack Overflow so toxic? [duplicate]

I have tried to make my questions on Stack Overflow as good as possible. They are clear, have no typos, and I even spend an extra 15 minutes making sure they are ready to post. The moment I post, I ...
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How to deal with mass typos fixing, should they be a part of homepage?

There are several questions about the issue, but related to low-rep users, e.g. Are we discouraged from fixing typos and misspellings on Stack Exchange sites? I would like to discuss how should we ...
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What is "Community" in the Stack Exchange/Stack Overflow context?

I've been reading a bunch of messages from assorted staff. Some internal, such as on Meta, some in the company blog and other annoncements, and some on media releases. Most from the CEO, or C-level ...
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Opinion: disparagement, accusation of dishonesty / hiding true beliefs, etc. on the basis of political affiliation is a Code of Conduct violation

Background reading: Why was this flag on alleged Code of Conduct ...
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15 votes
4 answers

Will SE seek and act on community input in developing OverflowAI?

SE announced OverflowAI today, another attempt to incorporate GenAI into the sites. From reading this post, the uses actually sound like they could be helpful; I certainly hope they are. If they are ...
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Correlation between AI generated content and the demise of SE/SO

In a recent paper*, a bold statement was made that: We find that relative to its Russian and Chinese counterparts, where access to ChatGPT is limited, and to similar forums for mathematics, where ...
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What was it like being a GenAI.SE stakeholder?

For those who don't know, Generative AI Stack Exchange (now in public beta) was an initiative started by Stack Exchange here slightly over one month ago, and involved "stakeholders" (who ...
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A user seems to be trolling many SE sites with AI-generated answers; what should I do?

This user has had an account on a number of Stack Exchange sites for many years, and wrote a small number of questions and answers in that time. In the last few days, they've started posting dozens of ...
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How can I download a small data set (1 year 2023-2022) from Stack Exchange?

I want to download a small dataset for one year. I didn't find a link that allows me to download 1 year of data or the last five years' data. I tried "
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13 answers

How can Stack Exchange use AI, and especially GenAI, to facilitate Q&A?

We’ve got a dedicated team working on adding GenAI to Stack Overflow and Stack Overflow for Teams and will have some exciting news to share this summer. --- Prashanth Chandrasekar, April 2023. The ...
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131 votes
7 answers

SE is breaking the reputation privilege system

For the new genAI site, SE is planning to dramatically lower certain privileges to 1 reputation. This includes allowing every user with 1 rep to up- and downvote as well as comment everywhere. Here (...
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Why doesn't Stack Exchange allow multiple questions in a single post? [duplicate]

I do understand the need for this when the questions are unrelated. But why does it have to be even when the questions are related? Perhaps, I've asked a few questions on one of the sites, and it was ...
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4 answers

On which sites is off-site research strongly encouraged or required, and for what types of questions?

My understanding has been that off-site research to find answers to a question before posting is generally not required to ask a question on a Stack Exchange site. Searching for duplicate questions ...
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Rules on use of handles within a post, for instance attempting to target a particular user

I edited out a handle from someone else's post on Chem SE. The self-answer in the post opened with Attention @Poutnik: Since I have not yet received any answers to my question, I will post the answer ...
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On which site do telecommunication questions about 4G flows without authentication belong?

It's to me unclear on which Stack Exchange telecommunication questions (in particular for 4G standard related topics) belong to. The question is regarding the beginning of the UE registering on S1AP/...
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Do we need the [moderation-strike] tag?

I've seen the moderation-strike tag popping up a few times this past month. I'm wondering, do we really need it? It doesn't seem to have much long-term utility, though I may turn out to be wrong on ...
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Do we want the "Voting is different on meta sites" content to match the reality?

This is not a duplicate of A Proposal for More Constructive Downvoting on Meta: Express Disagreement by Answering the Question because this is not proposing changing the Meta Stack Exchange users' ...
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3 answers

Let's not vote-to-close staff announcements that we disagree with (please?)

I've noticed that users with the close privilege sometimes try to close unpopular announcements. Though they mostly end up being left open in review, they're occasionally closed. (But again, soon ...
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12 answers

Stack Overflow at WeAreDevelopers World Congress in Berlin

Update, July 27, 2023: I posted a summary of Prashanth's keynote as an answer below. We wanted to let everyone know that Stack Overflow will be at WeAreDevelopers World Congress in Berlin, Germany on ...
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2 answers

Stack Exchange Moderators in Strike: Please announce here when it is finally over [duplicate]

I just want to get tagged or informed somehow when the moderation strike is over, since the website doesn't have any official info about it (and it is hardly going to happen, as you could see on the ...
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What're my options for 'data preservation' for SE chat?

Inspired by reddit deciding to purge their chat history with no warning(for the love of dog, don't!) and a current project of trying to back up the prompts of a defunct bot (and searching through chat'...
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Mod strike: Is it realistic to require a no-comment press policy?

This is by and large a reaction to Does the company acknowledge misusing the press, and why won't it agree on a no-comment policy? Do we believe it's realistic to require the company to commit to ...
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3 answers

GenAI (previously Prompt Design) site stakeholder group updates

This question will serve as a place to check for updates on what is going on with the community stakeholder group working on the upcoming GenAI/Prompt Writing site. We will update this weekly to give ...
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Does the company claim that every article the press made on ongoing issues wasn't requested by them and was instead an unsolicited initiative?

As people continue to comment trying to get me on their side about what is right or wrong to do (and probably voting based on that) I am sadly forced to add this notice to point out what I assumed was ...
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Does the company acknowledge misusing the press, and why won't it agree on a no-comment policy?

As people continue to comment trying to get me on their side about what is right or wrong to do (and probably voting based on that) I am sadly forced to add this notice to point out what I assumed was ...
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2 answers

Rethinking the 'new contributor' banner

A couple of remarks regarding the new contributor banner: If a new user is actively engaging on the site and posting regularly, it doesn't take long for them to become familiar with the site ...
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Are users being suspended for being on strike?

Does Stack Exchange suspend users solely for striking or supporting the strike? Of course, users who are on strike could still be suspended for unrelated activities, or for promoting the strike in ...
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Is it time to reconsider Social Media links in "Share" and User Profiles, etc?

2013 called and it wants it's social media links back. The social media landscape has grown far more varied, controversial and complex in the past decade, but Stack Exchange still seems to promote a ...
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