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Questions tagged [dns]

For questions about the DNS records and configuration done by Stack Exchange Engineers to route the network traffic between browsers and servers that run the sites of the SE network

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0 votes
0 answers

Meta.* sitewise certificate issue [duplicate]

There is a bug where I see a privacy error on all sites. For example, if I try to enter into my browser, I get this warning: Can ...
12 votes
6 answers
6k views blocked by OpenDNS. Confirmation?

Can anybody confirm that is blocked by OpenDNS' phishing filter? I'm asking because Stack Overflow (and maybe all others in the network) loads jQuery from this domain.
8 votes
1 answer

Incorrect setting in emails server that send emails for other stack's sites

I believe that DNS settings (at least for is incorrect. DNS's TXT record for SPF on is (as of Jule 18, 2018): 300 IN TXT "v=spf1 -...
5 votes
0 answers

Allow direct IP access

The recent DNS outage caused me to lose access to the Stack Exchange network. Being a good little programmer, I tried to work around the problem: $ wget --spider Connecting to ...
5 votes
2 answers

Are meta.stackexchange and meta.stackoverflow "one and the same"? [duplicate]

This seems counterintuitive to the vertical nature of Stack Exchange itself, but I cannot manage to browse to I get redirected to, instead. This is also ...
11 votes
3 answers

Intermittent DNS failures: not responding

It appears that (Oregon?) is not responding to DNS queries. ns1 and ns2 seem to be fine. This is causing some users to have intermittent trouble reaching Stack Exchange sites. The ...
11 votes
1 answer

DNS server failure for all Stack Exchange sites

It appears the nameservers for Stack Exchange are returning SERVFAIL for all queries, meaning most users are unable to access any Stack Exchange site, or will shortly lose access once their local DNS ...
6 votes
3 answers

"requires external JavaScript from another domain" error with googleapis ENABLED

I am currently getting a red banner reading: "... requires external JavaScript from another domain, which is blocked or failed to load." on StackExchange sites. I used to get a similar banner about ...
6 votes
0 answers

How will SOPA affect stack overflow users outside the US?

If SOPA is passed, it is obviously going to cause a lot of trouble for sites such as those part of the Stack Exchange network. Being a European resident, I'm thinking that, if SOPA becomes a law, ...
7 votes
1 answer

All sites issue '400 bad hostname' if FQDN with trailing dot is present in HTTP request

See topic. This behaviour appears to be common across all sites. Tested on: Curl output (with headers only) below. Test ...
0 votes
1 answer

Cannot load Stack Overflow on my system

When I request Stack Overflow from my home system, my system shows the following error: Oops! This page appears broken. DNS Error — Server cannot be found. Could you please help me solve ...
2 votes
2 answers

Is anyone else seeing DNS problems with just now?

It looks like is hiding again: alt text The UK test shows as ok but my ISP's DNS is reporting not found. In the ...