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Answers that are purely a redirect to

I came across this answer in the low quality review today: I recommend you post Your question here: it's been deleted now, but it seems there are several other answers that are ...
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Are pure HTML and CSS questions on topic?

If an HTML and CSS question has no JavaScript or other programming language related question, is it on topic? I read on earlier posts that these questions belong on DocType, but it was closed February ...
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What is the status of HTML/CSS layout questions on SO? [closed]

What is the current status of HTML/CSS layout, and/or web design questions? Are they fully allowed on SO, or are they still expected to go to Doctype? Yes, I know this is the same as the CSS on ...
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Is DocType owned by Stack Overflow Internet Services Inc.?

DocType seems to be a little different than the rest of the Stack Exchange sites, old and new. There are various references to a 'Litmus', but it's not quite clear what the relationship is between ...
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Why is so much worse than the rest of the StackExchange sites?

Every other stack exchange site is awesome, but it seems that doesn't use the same software. Quite frankly, the reason everyone still asks their markup questions on StackOverflow is ...
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Is Doctype part of the Stack Exchange family? [closed]

I can't tell from the site design whether Doctype is created by the same team as Stack Overflow. It doesn't seem to be, as it doesn't have support for OpenID like the other sites (i.e. Server Fault ...
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Do CSS questions belong on SO or Doctype?

I am surprised to read this in the FAQ: If your question is about … * programming, ask on Stack Overflow. * servers, ask on Server Fault. * web design and HTML/CSS layout, ask on Doctype. because ...
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Close as belongs on doctype? [closed]

If the pure HTML/CSS stuff is moving off of Stackoverflow on to Doctype, could we please get the close option for it?
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