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Questions tagged [documentation-beta]

Questions about the (retired) Documentation feature on Stack Overflow should be asked on Meta Stack Overflow, not here.

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0 answers

What exactly is Documentation? [closed]

I only recently learned about the Documentation feature on Stack Overflow, and my initial impression is that this could be useful on some of the other more technical sites I'm involved with, such as ...
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1 answer

Link to the Stack Overflow Documentation project from the What's Up, Doc? hat [closed]

The "What's Up, Doc?" hat has a short description of "earn reputation in Docs" and a long description of "earn reputation by contributing to Stack Overflow documentation"....
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1 vote
0 answers

Area 51 displays badge with docs-beta next to Stack Overflow with missing link [duplicate]

On Area 51 my badge shows Documentation Beta reputation next to Stack Overflow (where reputation is exactly the same), therefore it's showing on the top, despite I haven't edited a single page. ...
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2 answers

Are there any plans for Docs.SO to come to some of the other SE sites? [duplicate]

In my opinion, maybe SF, Unix.SE and SU could profit from Docs.SO quite well. I suspect it could also be useful on at least some of the non IT-related sites. From another point of view, there are ...
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How can I use "documentation" from the Android app? [closed]

I see no way to access documentation from the Android app.
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6 votes
2 answers

Discourage questions about Stack Overflow Documentation being posted here [closed]

Since the public beta release of Stack Overflow Documentation, a lot of questions about it have been posted here and migrated to Meta Stack Overflow (where they belong) subsequently. I have already ...
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45 votes
2 answers

Allow Documentation in other Stack Exchange communities [closed]

I'm a Salesforce developer and would love Documentation to be available in other Stack Exchange communities. The reason is a lot of Salesforce developers get help, ...
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14 votes
2 answers

Wrong Documentation beta score in Area 51 [closed]

In Area 51 Stack Exchange, in one of my commitments, I see my total reputation is suddenly increased. Hover on the each community in the score board, I see the Documentation beta reputation is 4,662 ...
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2 votes
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How do I unsubscribe from "improvement needed" inbox messages on the docs beta site? [closed]

I signed up for docs beta - but have been unimpressed / don't have the time to put into it. I'm getting several messages per week in my inbox... I've searched everywhere but I don't see an obvious way ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Documentation beta broken link to Area 51 [closed]

The Documentation beta states: Warning: this site is currently in private beta for at least a few more days. To log in, you must have commited to the Area 51 site proposal and received the invitation ...
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13 votes
2 answers

What is documentation beta site? [closed]

In my installation of the Stack Exchange Android app, I found Documentation beta in the all sites list in which there is only one question saying "Welcome to Stack Overflow documentation Beta!". When ...
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