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Stack Gives Back 2023 is now complete!

Stack Gives Back is an annual tradition where the company donates $100 to a charity on behalf of each moderator on the Stack Exchange network. We are thrilled to announce that we donated $53,600 USD ...
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Stack Gives Back to Open Source 2022

Beginning 2010, we have made annual donations to charities on behalf of moderators through the Stack Gives Back program. At the same time, in recognition of the many ways that we benefit from open ...
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Is Stack Exchange/Stack Overflow still donating to open-source projects as part of Stack Gives Back?

While looking up past posts for a question based on a flawed premise, I noticed that in 2018's Stack Overflow Gives Back post, SE mentioned that they donated to organisations that built tools that ...
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2020 Donation "Stack Gives Back" Opt out option

In future years, please provide an option to opt out of donations made on a moderators behalf. If you didn't fill out the form but were a moderator on the day the form was closed, a donation was ...
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Stack Gives Back 2019 vs 2018

How do the donations for 2019 compare to 2018? Personally I know that when that message came out this year, I was so disgusted with SE that I did not want any contributions coming from them on my ...
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Are SE donations happening this year?

In previous years SE has reached out to moderators, offering to donate money on their behalf to charity. Is that continuing this year, or has it gone away? Reference to the process. Who picks to ...
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Consider donating to the Internet Archive as part of "Stack Overflow Gives Back"

As part of "Stack Exchange/Overflow Gives Back", "some of the tools and organizations that make what we do possible" receive donations of USD 1000. For 2017, this is the list: LetsEncrypt Python ...
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How would it be if the SE network kept a "donate" button for their own, for site improvement? [duplicate]

This question is different from donating to any specific user. If the SE network can receive some extra funding; they can (and should) the following improvements: Increase the server strength, and ...
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Why not introduce a donate button in Stack Exchange sites? [duplicate]

Since Stack Exchange is doing pretty well what it was meant to do, isn't a donate button worth it? This would help support site expenses in a better manner. There would be people willing to donate, ...
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How to best donate your reputation (+ badges if possible) to other deserving users?

If someone wants to donate his/her reputation to other deserving users. How can he/she best achieve this goal? Is it possible to donate badges too, if that is what one would want to do also?
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3 answers

Why there is no donation page on Stack Exchange?

I am an Movies & TV SE user. Why there is no donation page on Stack Exchange? With donations, the SE communities could make the site design even more beautiful.
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6 votes
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How does Stack Exchange use OpenBSD?

The Stack Exchange Gives Back 2014 post mentioned the engineering team donated some money to “tools and organizations that make what we do possible”, which included OpenBSD. The last publication I ...
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Who picks to where Stack Exchanges gives back?

At the end of each year Stack Exchange donates money to a few organizations. This year 433 moderators chose from 5 organizations to donate to. So someone made the list of those 5 possibilities. I am ...
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Is it appropriate to emplace a "Donate" button on one's SO profile? [duplicate]

Is it appropriate to ask for donations on ones profile page? To me, it seems to be somewhat at odds with the goal of SO.
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53 votes
2 answers

Has Stack Exchange ever considered offering a scholarship?

Has Stack Exchange Inc. ever considered the possibility of offering a scholarship to help college students? I think this would be a great way to encourage and support those going into the software ...
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How to make a donation to Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

Not sure if Stack Overflow needs donations or if its rich. But since I get help from the community, I'd be happy to make a donation. How do I do this?
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9 votes
4 answers

Can I give a donation to Stack Exchange? [duplicate]

I have learned so much from SE sites and I am really thankful for it. I sometimes feel that I am under debt from SO, so in order to satisfy me and my principles, I think I should give some donation. ...
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Introducing donations to authors

A high-rep user normally invests a significant amount of time at SO, and normally contributes with awesome questions & answers. I frequently see extremely good content and I think the effort put ...
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Allow users to flattr Stack Overflow

How about letting users flattr Stack Overflow (or other Stack Exchange sites)? I am not talking about flattring individual users, question, comments or answers. I am suggesting that the ...
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Add "Donate" to Member [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How come no option to ‘tip’ answerers? Just an idea and im sure the the developers have come across the idea but i was just bringing up the thought again and ...
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A Stack Overflow brick in the Computer History Museum wall

I'm thinking llc / inc should buy a brick in the Computer History Museum Wall. It's for a noble cause -- the CHM is one of my favorite places on the planet, and the money is a non-...
6 votes
3 answers

Micropayments via Flattr for StackOverflow?

The new Flattr service could be integrated with StackOverflow. Like someone's question / answer / comment? With Flattr integrated, you could reward them with actual cash.
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14 votes
10 answers

Add a paypal link to accept donations.....?

From listening to the SO podcasts, I personally get somewhat of a feeling that there is a bit of a conflict between Joel and Jeff in terms of the revenue model for SO. Joel seems much more willing ...
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