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Questions specific to downvotes, the community's way of telling peers that their content can be improved. Downvotes on meta site have different meanings.

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Add the data-nosnippet attribute to answers with negative score (-3 or less)

This post on RPG.SE meta describes a heavily downvoted answer (current score -17) being shown as the featured snippet by Google when searching for the question title (or something resembling it): The ...
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Is it OK to flag a post for moderator review if I'm not sure if it has issues?

Recently one of my flags was rejected, but the rejection message didn't match the flag intention. I was expecting that the moderators reviewed if the post had issues, but the rejection message was ...
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Outdated downvotes problem [duplicate]

In my opinion, the current downvote system has two big problems. I need only approving this idea or reporting any problems in answers. If reporting, please explain, why this is a problem. The first ...
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Is topic-hostile downvoting a thing, and are SE algorithms designed to catch it?

I am well aware that there are endless topics regarding hostile downvoting and how it should be dealt with. I have read a bunch of these threads, but one thing I have never seen raised is persistent ...
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What does negative score on a post mean? [duplicate]

I am sorry, but I find it utterly unproductive, meaningless for anyone to simply anonymously downvote, not just comments or answers, but also the very question in the post that someone is reaching out ...
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Why do basic questions that show no signs of research or anything get hundreds of upvotes, but other detailed questions get downvoted? [duplicate]

Exactly as the question title states, I see people on Stack Overflow ask "How does slicing work in Python?" and get 400 upvotes and all the answers have 600 + upvotes, but when some users ...
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Are wrong answers non-answers? [duplicate]

Suppose I ask, "What is the best way to add two numbers with my pocket calculator?" and someone answers "jQuery." That answer is obviously wrong, but it is technically an answer; ...
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Reversing and redownvoting to force reputation loss

Background I am aware of the reasons reputation has a floor of 1, and I think that's just fine. Occasionally I will downvote a post whose OP has a reputation of 1. I'm OK with how the downvote will ...
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My "self-answer" is the right one, but users may think it should not be accepted. Is this a good reason to request to disown it?

Some time ago I made a question on a SE site about a very subtle issue. After some investigation, I have found the (very) subtle problem and I fixed it by myself, posting an answer to my own question, ...
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Why is my vote not visible in the reviews which I completed? [duplicate]

I was reviewing answers from the First answers review queue in Ask Ubuntu. I noticed a post which was not an answer. I downvoted the post, flagged it as 'not an answer' and completed the review. I ...
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Why can't we object to a downvote? [duplicate]

I saw this as a closed question, and maybe I am wrong for starting it up again, but there should be a method for objecting to a downvote. Please keep in mind, some of us are not the best with "...
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How can I mark a feature request on meta as "won't fix" / "bad idea"?

What is the correct way to vote for "won't fix" / "bad idea" for a feature request posted as a question on meta? I didn't find this mentioned on How should feature requests/bug ...
7 votes
5 answers

Should you downvote an answer that didn't work for you, even if it worked for others?

Is it justified to downvote an answer that didn't work for you specifically, even if it worked for others?
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Does SO Portuguese have more downvotes than SO English? [closed]

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that SO Portuguese often has more downvotes than SO English? Further, is there a way for us to find data to test this hypothesis? If this is true, I wonder why ...
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How do I ask a good question without getting struck by the hammer of downvotes? [duplicate]

I've been asking questions here for 8 months and every time I try to ask a question it either gets downvoted within 10 minutes and people say that "you're just looking to gain reputation" ...
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Asking a tag question/question tag or opposite yes/no question to avoid getting downvotes for a 'no' answer or other 'rejection' [closed]

I read some meta posts that are yes/no questions often use downvotes to indicate a 'no' answer even if the question is good. I don't know about Christianity SE, but I recall I read they do that on ...
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Should questions with answers but majority downvotes be deleted?

Recently, I asked this question on Physics SE. This was a case of myself not thinking things through before asking the question; in any case the question was not of high quality and subsequently (...
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40 votes
8 answers

Remove the -1 reputation penalty for downvoting answers on Meta.SE

Because other Meta sites in the network don't have their own reputation (instead relying on the reputation of their parent sites), there is no reputation penalty for downvoting answers on those sites. ...
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How can we correctly deal with downvoted edited questions?

Let's say a question is asked, which receives a few downvotes and suggestions that a question should be improved, then closed. The question is later edited by the OP, addressing some of the issues, ...
-12 votes
2 answers

Please edit reputation system to account for previous votes down after receiving first vote up with new contributors

As discussed in Why has there been no reduction in reputation? you cannot go below 1 in reputation, but when receiving the first vote up after receiving votes down, the reputation does not take into ...
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Why has there been no reduction in reputation? [duplicate]

In What is reputation? it states that you lose reputation by 2 when your answer is voted down and you gain reputation by 10 when your answer is voted up. However, this answer from a new contributor ...
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Is it okay to delete questions that get poorly received? [duplicate]

I've recently learned about "Help Vampires" as a concept. It's something that's easy to forget about until I see a -1 attach to a question I ask on Stack Overflow, and I instantly feel the ...
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Can I ask on any of the meta sites for help in improving my questions? [duplicate]

When my question gets down voted, I always ask why my question got down-voted in the question's comments. I don't always receive a response and this leaves me confused. If I do not get a reason behind ...
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Notification when a downvote cost is refunded [duplicate]

When I downvote an answer, it costs me 1 reputation point. When that answer is deleted, the reputation cost due to downvoting is refunded. When that happens, every once in a while I get a ‘+1’ badge ...
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Why do I get so many downvotes? [duplicate]

I am new and getting lots of downvotes. Can you see what I did wrong in these two examples? Help would be very much appreciated. Show your work: one simple trick to make meta effective Posts ...
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Should questions with bounties have same `user shared attempt` requirements (regarding downvoting and closure)? [duplicate]

I saw this post but didn't think it addressed this question. I'm relatively new to being an answer producer at Stack Overflow. I've learned that answering possible duplicates (instead of voting for ...
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Ask moderators to undo my votes or make them upvotes

I have downvoted some answers or questions in Stack Overflow that now that I see, my choice was not right and I should either make them neutral or upvote. I read in another Meta Q&A regarding this ...
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What should one do if they are being targeted by a single individual? [duplicate]

For the past few months, every one of my questions (total of eight) have been downvoted almost immediately after posting.  If they are poorly written questions or even if asking a question for ...
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3 answers

Is there a bias against using the "answer your own question" feature?

I had a question. As I was researching it while drafting it, I found more and more relevant information that I incorporated into my question. It came to the point where it felt like I was answering ...
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2 answers

Please revisit the downvote/upvote tooltips on meta sites

The tooltips on all sites, including Meta sites, currently read as follows: Question upvote: "This question shows research effort; it is useful and clear" Question downvote: "This ...
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2 answers

Is it typical for self-answered questions to be downvoted? [duplicate]

As a habit, I have always tried to answer my own questions on Stack Overflow and other sites if no one provided an answer, and I later found the answer myself. I consider this to be essential to ...
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1 answer

Please close voting system for "feature request" questions or at least replace it with something else

A statement by an SE user: On meta-, down-votes don't necessarily mean that it is a bad question. Down-votes (on meta) can also signify that you don't agree with the premise. Well, imagine a feature ...
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How can I view how many downvotes I received on my questions across the SE network?

I wonder how I can view how many downvotes I received on my questions across the SE network.
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Can clicking on a negatively-received post remove the graying-out on both the content *and* the comments?

This post was marked status-completed - and it is, to a degree. But clicking on a post with a score of -3 (or -7) or lower doesn't remove the grayness on the comments underneath the post, only the ...
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2 answers

Should we disallow downvotes for first question if vote total is 0? [duplicate]

In order to be nicer to new participants I think it could be nice if they should not experience a negative vote total for the first question. I think it is one of the most discouraging things to ...
-27 votes
1 answer

Rethinking when to block users from posting questions

Stack Exchange allows users to both upvote and downvote posts, but how this is implemented right now is a double-edged sword. If a user received too many downvotes in a period of time they will be ...
6 votes
2 answers

Am I a Moocher? If so, what can I do about it? [duplicate]

I am sorry to say my answer to question ratio is not very good. It is not because I don't enjoy helping others, but just because I don't have the expertise of many of the other members. I have no ...
-15 votes
1 answer

Mark Self Answered postings accordingly

Summary I think it would be beneficial to mark self answered posts, where people only "ask" the question in order to share their knowledge/findings, in a way so that it is obvious to ...
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1 answer

Setting a benchmark on negative marking on question/answer for auto delete

Just a thought: Shouldn't there be a way, if a benchmark is been set for vote-down and on basis of that, the particular post should be hidden/deleted/disappear from the list and looks clean with no ...
10 votes
2 answers

What if I learn I downvoted an answer that preceded edits to the question?

I got a question in my review queue, saw a bad answer, and downvoted it with a comment politely explaining why. The answerer politely told me that his answer was more appropriate before the question ...
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Can I show that I'll not retaliate upon negative feedback? Am I being trolled/harassed?

Within the last year or two (* see correction), when I post a question on the various Stack Exchange sites, it usually gets a downvote within about two minutes. At first I thought I was somehow ...
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1 answer

Do the upvotes/downvotes shown on the profile page and in SEDE include votes on the deleted posts?

Information about number of up/downvotes cast by a specific users is displayed both in the user's profile and is also available in SEDE. In the user profile, it is in the part "votes cast" ...
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-18 votes
1 answer

Implicitly start following by downvote

I read Encouraging people to explain downvotes, its answers, some of the comments and later searching for it: I didn't find anyone mentioning the Follow feature that's available since March (updated ...
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-22 votes
1 answer

Reputation and post deletion: Saving rep from downvotes

In my most downvoted question/lowest scored question, I had these words in it: My relations with reputation is something that should be dealt with at all times. I have had some struggles with losing ...
-9 votes
2 answers

What should I do with my post on logos?

I posted Logos and their representation and it seems like the community doesn't support it: Now I read the downvote reason, and clearly they voted the question for it being useless. However, someone ...
-13 votes
1 answer

What would be the impact of downvoting a question because you disagree with it?

It seems to me that when there is a topic that involves strong emotions, people will use the (down)vote to express their disagreement with the content of the question, regardless of whether the ...
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Are moderators allowed by the Stack Exchange anti-serial-downvote script to serial downvote more than regular users?

I got serial downvoted by a moderator on the Web Applications SE: To my surprise, the downvotes didn't get reversed by the Stack Exchange anti-serial-downvote script. My prior experience with getting ...
13 votes
2 answers

What is the best response to explicit, self-admitted revenge downvotes? [duplicate]

I found a number of questions on Meta relating to revenge downvoting, but most of them were discussing the situation in which a user suddenly receives a deluge of malicious downvotes. My situation is ...
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1 answer

Hide votes for self-answered by community wiki questions for a few hours

Don't start reading this with a pre-conceived idea. I know similar topics have been discussed before. You want to share some piece of knowledge you've been searching for. You finally took the time to ...
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On downvotes, or more precisely, why people downvote things

After seeing the downvotes survey and, honestly, being very surprised that downvotes are targeted again, I took the initiative to sign up as a completely new user on SO, to understand, in my own way, ...

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