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What's the benefit of keeping questions around that have negative votes? Isn't it just an embarrassment to the OP?

What's the benefit of keeping questions around that have negative votes? Isn't it just an embarrassment to the OP? And the OP is discouraged to delete the question if the question has been answered by ...
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What would be the impact of downvoting a question because you disagree with it?

It seems to me that when there is a topic that involves strong emotions, people will use the (down)vote to express their disagreement with the content of the question, regardless of whether the ...
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Hiding downvoted questions silences important discussions on Meta

TL;DR: Please do not hide Meta Stack Exchange posts on the homepage based on the score because this site works differently than the other ~180 sites listed in I just ...
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What happens to a user who has received a ton of downvotes?

I was always curious to what happens to users that have a ton of downvotes on their question/topics. Maybe I'm just finding this unfair for this guy. After all, he is just doing his job to post an ...
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How do I get more information about why my question is down voted [duplicate]

Is there any way I can find the specific reasons my question is being down voted for? I get it that I am not communicating my questions adequately but without specific feedback it is hard to improve. ...
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Protesting downvotes

I saw a downvote on a question that I want to contest, because I think the question I asked, or somebody asked, isn't off-topic, too broad, etc., commonly the reason for downvoting. Should we have ...
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Should (May) a user himself delete a downvoted question?

This question arose in the context of I am in "danger of being blocked from asking any more", but I didn't do any bad But it is relevant to any stackexchange site. What should a user ...
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Why when I sort questions by votes I don't see this question on the last page?

There is the most down voted post on SO I found. However, when I sort by votes and go to the last page (I choose 50 questions per page), I don't see it. Why?
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Do votes achieve what SE hopes for? Is there a way to make it better?

Auto-deleting an answer when it gets so many downvotes or so many flags My question stems from the above link: it is actually a great question, it's clear and it's useful for others to understand why ...
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Losing votes on voting down - Accepted Answer

If voting down on an answer cost -1 Reputation Shouldn't voting down an accepted answer cost more reputation points?
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Why I lose reputation when I vote down an accepted answer [duplicate]

I've voted down on a very wrong answer, it was syntax wise and logical wise wrong! still it was accepted by the user who posted the question. But this cost me reputation down! Is this an error of ...
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Question getting downvoted, but unable to delete the question, 2 years later [duplicate]

I've started getting downvoted, for some reason, on a 2-3 year old question here:
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Seeking feedback on downvoted question? [closed]

I am trying to improve my skill at asking questions, so I would like to ask feedback on a question I asked that was downvoted. Force child class to override function of ancestor via parent Why do ...
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down votes with comments?

In one of the other stack overflow site, i noticed that sometimes, users (including me) gets downvotes and most of them cant figure out why the downvote. So is it ok if we have a comment option when ...
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A mysterious downvote and comments are missing

Today I noticed that two of my questions were downvoted (the other day another one was, but that downvote has vanished). The other downvoted question doesn't matter, it was self-answered, not everyone'...
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Why are my questions being downvoted? [duplicate]

So I asked a question on here last week, it was down voted 3x for absolutely no reason and as a result no one followed up my questions or helped me solve the problem. I since reposted the question ...
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Valid questions buried under personalities

The question this relates to: Should we permit undeleting questions against the author’s will? (Original title) A crime worthy of defrocking? Should we permit adversely reopening questions against ...
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Proper course of action after editing downvoted question to get it answered

After reading hundreds of boring to-the-point questions, I asked this legitimate question on XSD and XML schemas, sprinkled with Pulp Fiction and unicorn references. Needless to say my question was ...
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