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A draft is the version of your post that is saved before you actually complete and submit the post.

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Allow questions to be saved as drafts prior to posting

Many times it takes me a while to properly compose my question before posting. Sometimes it's just a jumble of ideas and concepts, and is not something I'd want seen immediately. However, there is no ...
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List all my drafts

In GMAIL you can list all your boss-tell-off and wife-cuss-out emails by clicking Drafts I'd like to see my started-but-never-finished responses, possibly between x Answers and y Votes in /<<...
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Expand draft feature to allow multiple drafts

The draft feature was discussed a lot here and in other posts, but I didn't see much talk about the OP's mention of being able to have multiple. Optionally, allow multiple draft questions and a ...
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Manually clear saved question drafts

I've seen lately that new question editing is stored somewhere for later use if we wander off the new question without posting it and then return back to the page. Which is a good functionality ...
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Add a clear button when a saved draft is loaded [duplicate]

I can't believe this has not been asked, but I can't find it, so here it goes. The save draft feature is cool, but I had a question that I figured out half way through. It would be nice to have a ...
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Stack Exchange and Stack Overflow in eBook Format

I just finished a project to convert SE data-dumps into draft PDF eBooks, which I'm calling SE2go. SE2go eBooks are interactive, they contain all the original links within the question and answer body,...
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25 votes
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Add an option to save drafts manually

Since manually saving drafts via shortcut keys was removed, I think it's appropriate to request a manual save button or other option now. There really should be some option to force the save. I really ...
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Should I flag/down-vote "Draft Answers"?

I've been finding "answers" that are slapped together and submitted, with the sometimes explicit intention of "I'm going to edit this". e.g. draft post, more content coming This seems silly, and I ...
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Answer draft is lost if you click to sign up

When writing an answer on a site where you don't have an account or are not logged in, below the answer entry textbox are options to create an account or continue as guest by providing a nickname and ...
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Support saving self-answered questions as drafts

Drafts of unsubmitted questions and answers on Stack Exchange are automatically saved every 45 seconds. However, saved drafts don't support self-answered questions. This means if you leave the ask ...
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Does Stack Overflow have a draft saving feature? [duplicate]

Every time I type a question in Stack Overflow , I occasionally see a "Draft Saved" string under the question area. Does this mean that Stack Overflow has a draft saving feature? If so, how is it used?...
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17 votes
2 answers

What are the details/implementation of the draft feature?

As per the title, curious about any implementation details that can be revealed. I don't see any details in the StackExchange Data Explorer that indicate how they might be stored. Particularly, I'm ...
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Add a rubber duck to "discard" button

At least on April 1st, and at least on programming-related sites, rubber duck should feature somewhere around the "discard" question. We owe her.
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16 votes
2 answers

Provide drafts on half-edited posts

The other day, I was making a substantial edit on one of my MSO posts. I had to leave for a while, so I closed Chrome, fully expecting the saved draft to be there when I came back (). It wasn't--so I ...
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Is it possible to permanently clear an answer draft? [duplicate]

I've seen a few questions related to this, but they seem to be predominantly about question drafts and I want to talk about answer drafts. Is there a reason for not clearing an answer draft if I ...
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To whom is a saved draft visible?

I just would like to know if a question or an answer saved draft is visible to someone else, apart from the OP. Will a copy of a saved draft remain visible even after it has been deleted? Who has ...
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Error message saying that a moderator tag must be present when asking a question

When asking a question on Meta, I've encountered a bug which consists in an error message saying that a moderator tag must be present. Here is an example: Steps to reproduce this bug: Ask a question ...
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How do I delete the draft posting? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Add a clear button when a saved draft is loaded How do I delete these draft things? I wrote an answer to a question then decided not to post but the draft answer won't go away....
12 votes
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Is the save draft keyboard binding broken?

Ctrl+S doesn't work for me on any of the sites. When my cursor is focused in the textarea and I hit Ctrl+S I get the browser default of saving the entire webpage rather than saving my draft. I'm ...
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How to sync answer/question draft between the mobile app and the web site?

Sometimes I find myself start writing a question, or start answering a question, in the mobile app and there are times where I then reach my computer or find out I need to be more comfortable when ...
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What happened to the "discard" button?

Often I start typing a question on SO and then figure out the answer halfway through. I used to just click discard, but lately it seems to have vanished. Where did it go?
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Frequent human verification

I'm getting frequent human verification screen when posting answers. It seem to be due to the new (?) draft feature. Could you please have a look into it? P.S. funnily enough, I just got human ...
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When discarding a draft, the tab title and similar questions are not discarded

When you discard a drafted question, its title is not removed from the tab title. Also, the similar questions are not reset: I would expect the editor to go back to the original state.
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Are answer drafts kept if a question is deleted?

Say I am writing an answer and it is successfully saved as a draft. Then the OP deletes the question before I post my draft. What happens then? Is my draft available anywhere? Will I see it if I am a ...
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Draft bug with tags on iOS app

When using the new draft functionality to write a question on the iOS app, if you cancel and save, then reopen the draft, the tags merge together into one tag. Before: After tapping cancel -> ...
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Answer draft does not remember Community Wiki status

When you write an answer but don't post it yet, the system will save it as a draft (just like with questions). For questions, the draft functionality remembers more than just the body: title and tags ...
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How long do saved drafts exist?

When I type an answer to any question and suddenly decide I have better things to do, the answer gets saved as a draft. If I return to that question say a week later, will my draft still exist? I ...
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Minor alignment issue with "draft saved" and "draft discarded" in the answer section

There is a minor alignment issue in the answer section while composing the answer. When the draft is saved or discarded, the notice is not aligned with the community wiki checkbox. When draft saved: ...
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Finding the question I've started answering

So, here's the sequence of events: Read an interesting question, that I think I have an answer for. Start typing up an answer. Realize that my thought isn't completely formed and stop typing the ...
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Autosave for draft not working properly on Puzzling

I was working on my latest puzzle for Puzzling.SE, and I decided to take a break and do something off-computer. Having had some minor difficulties with the draft auto-save on the SE network before, I ...
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List of my open draft-answer edits

Sometimes, I do take time to answer a question. And it so happens, that I switch off my computer (more or less voluntarily) in the meantime. Still I can get back to my edits when I remember the ...
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Writing a long post... losing everything [closed]

So I recently signed up for Stack Overflow and wanted to write my first question. Then, after carefully wording it and writing the post (it took.. I don't know, 20 minutes), I click on "log in" (...
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Draft is lost way before the one week limit

I have found my page empty. I had started to write a question, my draft was at most 3 days old. My draft was way younger than 1 week. So it was supposed to be ...
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When I ask a question, the form is populated with the last question I asked [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: “Ask a Question” question box has previously asked question how to pass strings to functions not by ref (Ruby) I asked this one several hours ago. Since then I ...
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Clicking 'discard' under an answer whilst editing a post inline causes the tags in the edit to also be removed

A gif to explain: As you can see, clicking 'discard' under an answer whilst editing a post inline causes the tags in the edit to also be removed. I presume this is because the click handler for ...
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Edit your answer draft failure in Android

If you click on 'Edit your answer draft' at the button in the app: you get an error message that says you are not connected to the Internet If you click on the normal answer button it works like it ...
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Allow me to draft a question in the Stack Exchange Android app

As far as I could see, I can't draft a question in the Stack Exchange Android app. If I press the X to back out of submitting when I next go in, the fields are all blank. Could we have the ability to ...
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Randomly created answer draft after edit

I was browsing this question, when I decided I should edit this answer because he used "...;" instead of "..."; among other improvements that could be done, then after a series of things I did (don't ...
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It is good practice to use deleted post as a draft?

I'm aware there are drafts which are auto-saved, but I don't want to risk of losing my half-finished answer. Some SE sites even created special sandboxes on meta for that reason. Therefore it is a ...
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Users should be able to save an answer draft on a closed question if it's edited for reopening

I recently came across a question that had been closed for being unclear, but I think I knew what the asker meant, so I edited the question and checked the box to have it reviewed for reopening. I ...
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Draft answer fills "Your Answer" text area for all questions on mobile site

On the mobile site, if you have a draft answer stored on the server, it fills the "Your Answer" text area of each question that you visit, not just the question that the draft applies to. On the full ...
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Android App sometimes loses answer drafts [duplicate]

Often when I am writing an answer in the Android app I need to refer back to the question to confirm a point I have read, so I click the "back to question" button at top right. When I go back to the ...
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Edit answer draft is broken

The Edit Answer Draft button is broken. Press Back with text in an answer box. The Edit answer draft bar does not appear. Seems like an onBackPressed() issue. Also: Press ← with text in the ...
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How long is a draft question preserved, and where do I find it? [duplicate]

I hit the six question limit and cannot post my most important question of the month. SE says my post is saved as a draft. How long will it be accessible, and where do I fish it out to post it when ...
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Answer draft deleted without warning when signing up [duplicate]

I recently saw a question I wanted to answer, so I typed out an answer in the answer box. After I finished writing it, I realized I couldn't post it because I hadn't created an account on that stack ...
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Drafting a question on new SE site, then linking accounts, does not recover the full draft

I was composing a question on DBA without realising that as a new user there I would need to link my network account. The post editor automatically saves post drafts, but when I linked my account to ...
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Access drafts across different computers

According to the quotation at the end of this answer For anonymous we use cookie to track the user. For non anonymous we use the user id ...when saving drafts to new questions or answers. As ...
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Draft saving is unreliable

An unposted question or answer is saved as a draft every forty-five seconds. In theory. The draft saving feature is unreliable when a post is written over an extended period of time. When I work ...
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Someone else's answer was preloaded in my window

So I clicked on: The question was migrated to Server Fault. When I clicked on it, an answer was preloaded as a draft in my window. I ...
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Draft a question

Would it be possible to draft a post/questions, as this could be good in creating, editing and formatting questions prior to posting them. I have searched the meta and found this post in reference to ...
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