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A draft is the version of your post that is saved before you actually complete and submit the post.

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Finding the question I've started answering

So, here's the sequence of events: Read an interesting question, that I think I have an answer for. Start typing up an answer. Realize that my thought isn't completely formed and stop typing the ...
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Add an option to save drafts manually

Since manually saving drafts via shortcut keys was removed, I think it's appropriate to request a manual save button or other option now. There really should be some option to force the save. I really ...
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Is the save draft keyboard binding broken?

Ctrl+S doesn't work for me on any of the sites. When my cursor is focused in the textarea and I hit Ctrl+S I get the browser default of saving the entire webpage rather than saving my draft. I'm ...
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Manually clear saved question drafts

I've seen lately that new question editing is stored somewhere for later use if we wander off the new question without posting it and then return back to the page. Which is a good functionality ...
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29 votes
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Add a clear button when a saved draft is loaded [duplicate]

I can't believe this has not been asked, but I can't find it, so here it goes. The save draft feature is cool, but I had a question that I figured out half way through. It would be nice to have a ...
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"Ask a Question" question box has previously asked question

I asked a question yesterday and today I have another, but when I click on the "Ask Question" button the text box where you type the contents of the question is filled in with the previous question. I ...
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Don't warn about leaving the page if the text in question has a draft saved

Now that there's a draft feature, it seems unnecessarily annoying to warn about leaving the page for answers that have been saved as drafts, when they can be trivially recovered. While drafts are ...
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How do I delete the draft posting? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Add a clear button when a saved draft is loaded How do I delete these draft things? I wrote an answer to a question then decided not to post but the draft answer won't go away....
11 votes
1 answer

Frequent human verification

I'm getting frequent human verification screen when posting answers. It seem to be due to the new (?) draft feature. Could you please have a look into it? P.S. funnily enough, I just got human ...
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Answer post deleted when user has trouble logging in

I answered a question, and then Super User asked me to log in. There was trouble logging in. First, I used http instead of https in my OpenID (which is my fault I suppose). After correcting this ...
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Allow questions to be saved as drafts prior to posting

Many times it takes me a while to properly compose my question before posting. Sometimes it's just a jumble of ideas and concepts, and is not something I'd want seen immediately. However, there is no ...
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