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No (convenient) way to change targets order for duplicate on touch screen devices

If you’re a mod or have a gold-tag-badge you can close questions as duplicates of others and modify the list of such targets by clicking “edit” link under the list of target questions. On platforms ...
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1 answer

Can we make the "select your next badge" dialog draggable?

I've found that when I chose a badge to track with "Select your next badge" is hard to use because I can't drag and drop the dialog. My taskbar hides the descriptions of several of the badges, so it's ...
15 votes
1 answer

Please remove console.log from stub.js

The new draggable flagging dialog generates a load of JS errors in IE because in stub.js on line 32 you have console.log for coordinates on mousemove. Would be nice if you removed that from the ...
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Upload images by drag-and-drop

Some image hosting sites like Imgur and support image uploading via drag-and-drop in Chrome and Firefox. It would be nice if you could upload an image and add it to your post by dropping it on ...
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2 answers

It's time for drag and drop!

I often find myself wishing SO supported drag and drop. For example I drag a tag to my favs and it would add it, or when searching by tag I would like to drag the tag to the search box and get [asp....
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Drag and Drop into Favourite Tags - Adds URL as a tag

Possible bug? (Using firefox on Mac, on Serverfault) I dragged a tag from the right hand side into the favourite tags box, and then clicked add. What I got was an added tag such as: 'https://...
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