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Are these new accounts simply touting for business? [duplicate]

This is one of the newly opened accounts: There are at least two others from different locations. They represent a U.S. law firm and ...
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Just found an older account of mine, can they be merged? [duplicate]

I joined stackoverflow the other day with the ID DevTravis. Could these two accounts be merged, preferably the newer one being preserved and the questions from this one being migrated?
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Duplicate account/email

I'm posting this question from the account I'm logged into using my email. However, somehow at some point the account duplicated, or how do I call this.[id-removed]/[...
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Duplicate question of multiple User [closed]

I see multiple user that asked same question with same property and same problem on Stack Overflow. unfortunately i don't have all link, but in 29 march this question asked more than 5 time and i see ...
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Duplicate user in reputation league

So I understand that this has happened in the past: Jon Skeet now #2 in Reputation Leagues!, but all of the "duplicate" posts are marked as status-completed so here is a new bug report: On ...
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Strange duplicated answers

ToAscii/ToUnicode in a keyboard hook destroys dead keys This looks like a perfectly valid question, for a problem I'm having myself, but the answers are weird: The top rated answer is pure nitpick ...
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If accounts are found to belong to the same user, does the community/moderator have the rights to merge accounts?

60% of SO questions asked by new users seem to come from duplicate accounts. My purpose in asking this question is only to clean up the mess created by users. For the last 2-3 days I have been ...
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Clarification: New user got his own change to his own answer rejected

I was running through reviews and I saw a change to How to get javascript control from JQuery object? I went to the answer and saw that a user with 1 rep modified his own answer While I wondered ...
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Suspected Abusive User

This user seems to be abusing Stack Overflow. If you read this chat transcript, near the beginning he claimed he has 5 SO accounts. Is there a way to determine if that is true? I would also be ...
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I think I found some user accounts that should be merged; what do I do?

While reviewing the suggested edits queue I found a suggested edit to a question or answer that appeared to be submitted by the same person. Upon further research, I found that the user actually had ...
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How is it possible that someone has two accounts with the same name?

How is it possible that someone has two accounts with the same name? CHECK LINKS: 1- eran 2- eran
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What should I do when I see two duplicate user accounts?

jQuery, multiple tab groups on one page Carlos posts, then ClosDesign says: @jyoseph, I originally posted this question. (Carlos). jyoseph is correct. That example in his answer is the correct ...
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Multiple accounts sharing an email address?

To help answer this question, I did some research into what how many user accounts share the same username or email. While usernames turned up a bunch of common first names, something thats expected, ...
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Removal of duplicate users on data-explorer

(I hope this is the correct place to post this - I'm not sure who "owns" the data explorer) I originally registered on data explorer with my main open id provider and got an account (user 15). Since ...
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Possible duplicate user?

A question on Stack Overflow was asked by larz, who has a reputation of 6, and also has an answer by larz, who has a reputation of 1. Both have the same gravatar and username, but slightly different ...
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What should we do about the fake Jon Skeets?

There has been a recent surge in Jon Skeet imitators on SO. What should be done about this? He's asking questions about Java pointers and stuff... The 'current' Skeets
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Created new account instead of just assigning OpenID

...and I've therefore lost my stats and posts/questions. I'm sure the stats of my old profile aren't amazing to many people here but I would prefer keeping them. I was in the middle of writing an ...
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How should we deal with a duplicate user? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: What’s the SO policy about having multiple user accounts? When is it right to report multiple accounts? I noticed today a user with a duplicate account. Same name, ...
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