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When the system (not a user) duplicates anything. Don't use this for duplicate questions or answers created by a human, only when it appears that the Stack Exchange software is erroneously recording and displaying the same information two or more times.

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Duplicated votes are being cleaned up

It was reported on MSO that it is possible for a user to upvote or downvote more than once on a single post (resulting in reputation changes for the author for each vote). After some data examination, ...
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Two identical questions - how is it possible? [duplicate]

I encountered today two exactly identical questions posted at the same time: error when setting -genome_size for windowmasker error when setting -genome_size for windowmasker I was under the ...
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Question posted twice despite following the question posting process only once [duplicate]

I followed the question posting process, and at the end saw that it posted 2 questions: Does any tendon in humans receive a high amount of blood supply? Or is the property of not receiving a large ...
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Leaderboard on Hat Dash showing triplicates?

When I was looking at the 'Overall Statistics' section of the hat dash leaderboard, for the entire winter bash, I came across the following: I am pretty sure this is an error, as they all have the ...
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Why was I able to post two identical answers to the same question 6 seconds apart?

Earlier today, I answered this question on Law.SE. When I posted my answer, I received a maintenance error page. Assuming that my post had failed, I refreshed the page to resubmit it, and was ...
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Double booked - User bookmarking question recorded twice

In this user's profile (bookmarks) one user is shown as having bookmarked this question twice: This doesn't appear to be the same question as: Was there a brief system glitch which caused some ...
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Sometimes, submitting a question can lead to two identical copies of the same question posted at the same time

I've noticed that with the new question asking form, sometimes, attempting to submit a question will post two identical copies of the same question. I've had this happen to me once before (double post)...
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