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reputation devaluation [closed]

It seems to me that there is a lot of interest from people to do edit of questions and other pluckings of "low hanging fruits" to snap up reputation points. I wonder whether that is the true nature ...
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how can we have a 31-day old site with >14k views, but only 138 visits/day?

The economics beta site is now 31 days old, and has, Area51 reports, had just 138 visits per day on average. But this question alone - Long term trade data request - has had over 14k views - which is ...
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Average interest rate for reputation?

This is probably a question I should answer myself empirically, using an API or a data-dump. It's a generic enough question that it may have been answered already. My SO rep is a paltry 5k or so. Due ...
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Has SO experienced any freakonomics since the introduction of careers?

My first reaction to careers SO was admiration of its cleverness and a general feeling of "this is the way things should be". However I have to confess that I am now more hesitant to answer or ask ...
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