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Badges awarded for editing a question and answering it, namely Explainer, Refiner and Illuminator.

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What's the reasoning for why tag edits don't count for "question edit badges"?

I recently edited in a tag for a question, answered it, got an upvote on the answer, but the counter for "Illuminator" didn't go up. Tags are part of the question are they not? Hence you are editing ...
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1 answer

Explainer badge not awarded

I recently answered and edited a question, but didn't receive an explainer badge. I found a couple of questions from people who appeared to have the same problem as I do, but in the end it turned out ...
5 votes
2 answers

List all questions that I edited and answered

To get the Illuminator badge, you need to: Edit and answer 500 questions (both actions within 12 hours, answer score > 0). How can I list the questions that I already edited and answered? For ...
22 votes
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Should the Illuminator badge be awarded multiple times?

I think that the Illuminator badge should be awarded multiple times. There is no reason why a few good (actually: subjective, broad) questions or answers to them should be worth multiple badges (Great ...
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Does inline tag editing affect Illuminator badge? [duplicate]

I've answered a question then edited the tag inline since there was nothing more to edit. Then waited for long enough so that I can see an increase in the Illuminator count. It did not increase, then ...
5 votes
2 answers

Does the Help Center wording for Illuminator badge need adjusting?

From the FAQ here: Illuminator gold; awarded once Edit 500 questions each within 12 hours of answering it (score>0). But from the go-to help center: Edit and answer 500 questions (both actions ...
14 votes
0 answers

Why is there no statute of limitations for the Explainer badge family for closed questions? Can it please be added?

The Explainer, Refiner, and Illuminator badges (collectively, the edit and answer badge family) are awarded for answering and editing a question within 12 hours of each other, with the answer being ...
42 votes
2 answers

Delay in approval leads to missing out on being awarded an "Explainer" badge

I am not sure if this is a bug or a design error, but I came across this issue on Robotics. I assume that the same code is employed across the various SE sites, so I am posting my question here. I ...
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Do rollbacks count toward edit-related badges

In What kind of edits contribute to the editor badges?, it's made clear that rollbacks do not count as edits; that is, they don't contribute toward the Editor -> Strunk & White -> Copy ...
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Do edit rollbacks affect explainer/refiner/illuminator badge progress? [duplicate]

I answered a question, was upvoted, and then edited the question. My badge progress was immediately updated. Then I thought better of my edit and rolled it back. My badge progress remained incremented....
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0 answers

Explainer badge - the 12 hours should be based on when the edit was made, not approved? [duplicate]

I've been finding that even when I edit a question, and then immediately write an answer, the time for edits to be approved can often exceed 12 hours. I'm thinking that's why these often don't count ...
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1 answer

What is the Refiner badge really for?

The blurb for Refiner says, Edited and answered 50 questions (both actions within 12 hours, answer score > 0) which dates back to here. Breaking this down, we have "edited and answered 50 ...
364 votes
16 answers

New three-tiered badge idea: Explainer →Refiner → Illuminator

The difference between a poor or meh question and a stellar question can often simply be someone understanding it and providing it a great answer. I can't begin to count the number of times I've ...
4 votes
2 answers

Should the requirement for the Illuminator Badge be lower?

I think the requirement for the Illuminator Badge should be lower, because: As it stands, it is much harder than the gold Copy Editor badge which is already given for 500 normal edits – not requiring ...
13 votes
1 answer

Inaccurate badge progress for Refiner

I've been working on the Refiner badge. In the past 24 to 36 hours I've answered four questions (and my answers received upvotes, giving each a positive score) and I also edited these question within ...
9 votes
1 answer

Can we have related questions listed for the new Explainer badge series?

The new badges, Explainer, Refiner, and Illuminator, have been described in detail and apparently implemented. My request is that we include the relevant questions that earned us this badge/these ...
12 votes
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Curator badge slightly undercounts events

##Background There is a key 'feature' of the SQL Server DateDiff function that is relevant to this problem, and the DateDiff logic needs to be explained for this bug report to make sense. DateDiff ...
5 votes
1 answer

Have edits that happen more than 12 hours before the answer count for Explainer, Refiner and Illuminator

To obtain the Explainer, Refiner and Illuminator badge, one has to post an answer to a question and edit it within 12 hours. I fully agree that the edit should not happen later – because some people ...
13 votes
1 answer

Description for Explainer, Refiner, Illuminator is unclear

The text on the badge description page reads as follows: Edited X questions within 12 hours of posting a positive-scoring answer. I was not the only one who thought this meant you edited any ...
9 votes
2 answers

Do self-answered questions count as progress towards the Explainer, Refiner, Illuminator badges? [duplicate]

I tend to answer my own questions if they remain unanswered for some time, and I wondered this: If I edit my question within 12 hours before or after answering it, like I do with others' questions, ...