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Badges awarded for editing a question and answering it, namely Explainer, Refiner and Illuminator.

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Should the Illuminator badge be awarded multiple times?

I think that the Illuminator badge should be awarded multiple times. There is no reason why a few good (actually: subjective, broad) questions or answers to them should be worth multiple badges (Great ...
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Why is there no statute of limitations for the Explainer badge family for closed questions? Can it please be added?

The Explainer, Refiner, and Illuminator badges (collectively, the edit and answer badge family) are awarded for answering and editing a question within 12 hours of each other, with the answer being ...
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Curator badge slightly undercounts events

##Background There is a key 'feature' of the SQL Server DateDiff function that is relevant to this problem, and the DateDiff logic needs to be explained for this bug report to make sense. DateDiff ...
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Do rollbacks count toward edit-related badges

In What kind of edits contribute to the editor badges?, it's made clear that rollbacks do not count as edits; that is, they don't contribute toward the Editor -> Strunk & White -> Copy ...
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