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Badges awarded for editing posts and tag wikis. These are Editor, Tag Editor, Excavator, Organizer, Cleanup (bronze); Strunk & White, Research Assistant, Archaeologist (silver); and Copy Editor (gold).

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2 answers

What kind of edits contribute to the editor badges?

The descriptions for the editing badges are: Editor: First edit Strunk & White: Edited 80 posts Copy Editor: Edited 500 posts Does "posts" include your own questions/answers, or are these ...
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Copy Editor with too few revisions?

I just earned the Copy Editor badge on Stack Overflow, but I don't think I have 600 edits! On my profile, under "Activity > Revisions," I only have fourteen pages of edits, each of which has 30 edits ...
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37 votes
3 answers

How do I estimate Strunk & White progress?

Self-edits and retags don't count toward S&W. The former are easy to filter, but what about the latter? #! /usr/bin/perl use warnings; use strict; sub num_last_editor { my($id) = @_; open ...
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11 answers

A higher level Strunk & White badge? 1000 edits or such

I recently picked up a Strunk & White badge, which I am damn pleased with. It is a somewhat exclusive club with 354 badges thus far bestowed. It was earned mostly by cleaning up horribly ...
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Badge for editing a negative vote post that goes on to be a positive scoring post

I've noticed potentially good questions that are poorly worded or have bad titles and thus have at least a couple of downvotes or even close votes. On occasion, after a quick edit, these questions go ...
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Should I have earned an "Excavator" badge for this?

On March 20th I answered this question. On October 6th I edited it since I decided that even though the question has a simple answer, my response was perhaps a bit too short. By conventional Earth ...
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29 votes
2 answers

Strunk & White and Review Stats [closed]

Having gotten the Strunk & White badge, I can now see my review stats. The trouble is, I see nothing but zeroes both for today, and all. In the past I've clicked through plenty of questions both ...
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Tag editor badge description incomplete

The description simply reads: First Tag Wiki Edit. It needs to be made clear that you only get this for editing the body of a wiki entry. You don't get it for creating the tag wiki or editing the ...
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40 votes
2 answers

Automatically detect edit abuse and exclude from badges/flag for mod review

Flem has 5 pages of 1 character edits (including an edit to one of my posts), apparently in a massive attempt to earn the Copy Editor badge. Should Copy Editor, etc., ignore 1 character whitespace-...
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Users without full edit rights should not be able to submit edits to deleted posts

Having read ChrisForrence's comment I have done some experimenting and confirmed that the content of deleted posts can be viewed from the edit page. Furthermore, I'm able to successfully submit ...
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14 votes
5 answers

Strunk-and-White problem?

Thanks to the new edit system(which I really like, BTW) I recently got Strunk-and-White. Awesome! I'm a curious guy, so I had been periodically seeing how many edits I had with some data explorer ...
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Do tag edits count for Archaeologist?

I know tag-edits do not count towards the 500 edits required for the Copy Editor badge. Do they count to the 100 for the Archaeologist badge? It seems they should because you are making a 6-month-...
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2 answers

Research Assistant - update to "Edited 50 different tag wikis bodies"?

Research Assistant badge is defined as: Research Assistant silver; awarded once Edit 50 different tag wiki bodies Tag wiki excerpt edits do not count You can edit an existing tag wiki or create a ...
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1 answer

Organizer badge not awarded after a retag

Yesterday, I added one tag to this question, but I didn't get the Organizer badge.
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Do you have to be the last editor for it to count against the editing badges?

SEDE Query 1 SEDE Query 2 These two queries seem to imply that for an edit to count against the Strunk and White badge or the Copy Editor badge, one needs to be the most recent editor. However, the ...
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2 answers

Tag Editor Not Working?

I created a tag wiki for a tag that was missing one. I also added a small bit of content to an existing tag. I did not get the badge. I saw a post stating that creating a wiki was now included in the ...
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6 votes
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Where did my Excavator badge go?

Couple of hours ago, I was awarded the Excavator badge on Meta: Now, looking at my profile, the badge is no longer there. Heck, even the badges page says no one has been awarded. Was it revoked?
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Should I have gotten the Tag Editor badge?

I saw this post which suggests that some fix was applied to the Tag Editor badge recently. However, I did suggest an edit for the Newsletter tag that got accepted on July 21st, should I have gotten ...
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"Go get it" link is broken for Research Assistant and some other badges

In our profile's activity, we are shown our recent badge earned and shows next possible badge we can earn. We can also select which badge's progress to show. On some sites (I tested on Hinduism, ...
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Have 82 revisions but still no Strunk & White badge [duplicate]

I went to Activity->Revisions in the reputation panel, and I see 82 revisions but still no Strunk & White badge. Is there special considerations on the edit count? Is a revision an edit?
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22 votes
2 answers

excavator badge: one-time only, or multiple times?

The description of the new Excavator Badge says: Edited first post that was inactive for 6 months. This looks like a one-time only badge ... still, on TeX Stack Exchange I just got this badge ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Change description of Organizer badge to be more descriptive

This is not a duplicate of Please improve the description of the Organizer badge, as that asks to make it more clear that it doesn't apply to one's own questions; my request is totally different. Ever ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Is the number of edits on the users page the one relevant for the edit badges?

Is the number of edits at the one that counts the edits relevant for gaining the Strunk & White and Copy Editor badges? (If not, wouldn't ...
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2 answers

Why don't answer edits count toward editing badges?

There are several queries on the data explorer site that show your progress toward the various editing badges like Editor, Strunk & White, and Copy Editor. Based on most of these queries and my ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Where's my Strunk & White badge? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What kind of edits contribute to the editor badges? According to other questions on here, only edits to other users' posts count. I have 144 edits according to https://...
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Changing the requirements of either the "Strunk & White" badge or the "Archaeologist" badge

Currently, the "Strunk & White" badge and the "Archaeologist" badge have the following requirements: Strunk & White: Edited 80 posts Archaeologist: Edited 100 posts that were inactive for 6 ...
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What should we do with the Organizer badge?

Update: This question was asked due to the employee comment quoted below, but the employee was incorrect. The badge is in fact awarded for tag edits that also modify the body or title. As such, most ...
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1 answer

Bug with Excavator Badge [duplicate]

I edited this post today Fixed positioning in internet explorer? on stack overflow. I was approved of the edit, so I waited a few minutes to get my Excavator badge because this answer was posted on ...
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Don't show Cleanup badge until you can earn it

I read this: Meaning of Cleanup badge (First rollback ) and this: What is a 'rollback'? If this badge is only available for users with 2000 rep and above, why do I see it? It should be ...
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How did I get the Excavator badge?

The excerpt of this badge says: Edited first post that was inactive for 6 months. But I am a member for just 3 months. Don't I understand the badge explanation?
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1 answer

Reopener (Edit) Badge Idea

When a Question gets closed and someone edits them to get them reopened, that should count towards a (bronze/silver/gold) badge. I'm unsure if the OP of a question should count here as well, ...
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3 answers

Why was I awarded an Excavator badge today when I didn't earn it?

I was recently awarded an excavator badge for something that I did not do. Is this a bug of some sort? The question that I supposedly excavated was last edited several months ago, and I have not ...
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10 votes
4 answers

Is it possible to know the count of edits I made on Stack Overflow?

Is it possible to know the number of edits I made on Stack Overflow? For example, is there a way to know our status towards reaching the copy editor badge?
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1 answer

Do multiple edits on the same post count?

Do multiple edits on the same post count towards the editor badges? Related : What kind of edits contribute to the editor badges? , but doesn't talk about multiple edits on the same post.
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Edit counts toward Strunk & White badge do not always add up to 80

There are a number of similar questions but they don't seem to capture the following: There is a list of criteria for edits that do / do not count towards the Strunk & White badge; however, when I ...
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"Go get it" button on editing badges has been removed on all other sites; should it be removed on this site too?

On Meta Stack Exchange, when tracking any of the editing badges (Editor, Strunk & White, or Copy Editor), opening the progress dialog shows a button to "Go get it". Upon clicking, you're ...
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Why Copy Editor badge progress bar doesn't count tag wiki edits?

On the Review page, if I check my progress towards Copy Editor badge, it shows 3/500. However, I've already been awarded Research Assistant, as well as Strunk & White for editing tag wikis [this ...
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Do edits on tag wiki excerpts count toward editing badges? [duplicate]

Do edits on tag wiki excerpts (not the body) count as edits towards Strunk & White and other editing badges?
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What's the definition of 'edit' on the user->editors page? What exactly counts as an edit here? I ask because apparently I have made 765 edits, but I don't have the Copy Editor badge (edited 500 posts), so it seems ...
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Working toward "copy-editor" badge [duplicate]

As I often edit posts on SO, I started wondering about the "copy-editor" badge. My profile shows "502 revisions", but didn't get the badge yet. I started looking elsewhere and according to the "...
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2 answers

Strunk and White - No review stats?

On the main SO site, I have received the Strunk and White badge and I read that you start seeing your editing/reviewing stats. Where exactly is this? I don't seem to be able to find it, or I do not ...
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3 answers

Somehow I don't get badges

I just checked with this query how many edits I made. It is 746, so I think I should get the new CopyEditor badge. Likewise the tag wiki page for jQuery says I have over 400 up-votes for this tag (...
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More than 80 posts and no editor badge [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Strunk & White badge missing According to the documentation, all you need to get the Strunk & White badge is 80 edits. I have 88 of them but still don't recieve it. ...
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Discrepancy between badge progress counter and editor stats [duplicate]

The counter for the Copy Editor badge progress is off by double digits in my profile. As you can see, I've had 100 edit suggestions accepted, but the progress counter shows 75: Also, you can see yet ...
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Is iterative refinement of the same wiki tag/excerpt with more than just minor fixes OK?

I admire the way tags are used/implemented on Stack Exchange. They seem like a variation, or illustration, of: "You only get one chance to make a first impression". "How would you describe your ...
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Does editing only a question's title count towards the editor badges? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What kind of edits contribute to the editor badges? I found that when I edit a question title only, with less than 6 characters change, it is considered as a valid edit. Are ...
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Does tag edit count for Excavator badge? [duplicate]

Have a look at this question. User is asking for clarification for why he didn't earn that badge. That user edited (re-tagged) this question which was inactive for more than 6 months. But he didn't ...
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Gaming/Grinding Copy Editor Badge

I have noticed edits that consist of a couple of words in some quite long posts, like replacing an abbreviation or shortened word with the full version one, leaving any typos/grammar mistakes intact. ...
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