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Badges awarded for editing posts and tag wikis. These are Editor, Tag Editor, Excavator, Organizer, Cleanup (bronze); Strunk & White, Research Assistant, Archaeologist (silver); and Copy Editor (gold).

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Users without full edit rights should not be able to submit edits to deleted posts

Having read ChrisForrence's comment I have done some experimenting and confirmed that the content of deleted posts can be viewed from the edit page. Furthermore, I'm able to successfully submit ...
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Make it clearer that “Strunk & White” doesn't account for edits on own posts, as it's done in “Copy Editor”'s description

In this picture, you can see the description of the badge "Strunk & White" and the badge "Copy Editor". One description specifies that you don't get points if you edit your own posts. But for the ...
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Why don't tag excerpt edits count towards the Research Assistant badge?

The description shown for the Research Assistant is Edited 50 tag wikis. According to the List of all badges with full descriptions, this does not include edits to tag wiki excerpts. It's been ...
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Improve Copy Editor badge description

The description of the Copy Editor badge currently says: Edit 500 posts (excluding own or deleted posts and tag edits). The term 'tag edit' is a bit ambiguous; what is meant here are edits to ...
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Incorrectly awarded Archaeologist badge on meta-site

Last week I received the Archaeologist badge on Sustainability Meta, but I don't think that's correct. I have 209 revisions in total, but the vast majority (144 revisions to be precise) are on 1 ...
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Posts edited counter (for Strunk & White badge) is sometimes off

This question is inspired by Edit counts toward Strunk & White badge do not always add up to 80, where I remembered that I wrote a Global Edit Summary, which is (on some sites) off by one or more ...
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Remove "Go get it" for Research Assistant

This request is a follow up to my question "Go get it" link is broken for Research Assistant and some other badges. I found out from Brain Nickel's answer that it is not a bug but intended ...
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Research Assistant - user list shows "No longer available" on mobile site

The list of users with the Research Assistant badge looks 'wrong' in the mobile view. Related question: "No longer available" on the list of users with "Research Assistant" badge ...
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Strunk & White/Copy Editor Calculation Bug

I have over 216 edits on Stack Overflow. I understand the edits to my own questions and answers do not count, however my count should be way above the 67 or so that I have credit for. I've read most ...
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Issue with the Research Assistant badge progress bar

Recently I did my first tag wiki edit in StackOverflow. For this I got the Tag Editor badge. But when I checked the badge progress view. It shows 0 tag wiki edits. Is it a bug or am I missing any ...
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Small badge progress display change

When I'm in the review queue on Stack Overflow, I can hover over my badge progress and see something like this: However, I do not have the Strunk & White Badge yet. Why does it already show me ...
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Is iterative refinement of the same wiki tag/excerpt with more than just minor fixes OK?

I admire the way tags are used/implemented on Stack Exchange. They seem like a variation, or illustration, of: "You only get one chance to make a first impression". "How would you describe your ...
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