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Questions tagged [edit-badges]

Badges awarded for editing posts and tag wikis. These are Editor, Tag Editor, Excavator, Organizer, Cleanup (bronze); Strunk & White, Research Assistant, Archaeologist (silver); and Copy Editor (gold).

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108 votes
11 answers

A higher level Strunk & White badge? 1000 edits or such

I recently picked up a Strunk & White badge, which I am damn pleased with. It is a somewhat exclusive club with 354 badges thus far bestowed. It was earned mostly by cleaning up horribly ...
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122 votes
2 answers

What kind of edits contribute to the editor badges?

The descriptions for the editing badges are: Editor: First edit Strunk & White: Edited 80 posts Copy Editor: Edited 500 posts Does "posts" include your own questions/answers, or are these ...
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4 answers

What does the Strunk & White badge mean?

I understand what it takes to earn the Strunk & White badge, but where does the name of the badge come from? What does the name mean or refer to?
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