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For questions about the ability to override a completed suggested edit review, available to moderators and post authors.

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OP rejected my edit and resubmitted it under their name

Recently I stumbled upon an answer which had a small bug (incorrect variable name) pointed out in the comments. To achieve better reader experience, I edited this comment into the answer. The OP of ...
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Overridden edits show wrong action label ("SuggestedEditOverrideToRejected") on network profile activity page

The network profile activity page shows a wrong label for when a post owner/moderator overrides a suggested edit: The proper label is found on the per-site profile:
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Reword the suggested edit override button

Despite the addition of a new notice indicating "this edit has been reviewed and your action is no longer required", it appears that many users are still getting confused with the button, and ...
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How many suggested edits have been overturned and by whom?

For more than a year and half, authors and moderators have been able to override suggested edits. Well, what better excuse than being near new years' to get some data. So, how many times have the ...
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Can a moderator overrule a suggested edit approved by the Community user?

I'm aware of what's explained in the answer to "Why does the Community ♦ user approve and reject edits?". However, consider a suggested edit review scenario which looks like so: ModeratorX♦ reviewed ...
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Do not allow the author or a moderator to override an edit if it results in blocked tags being applied

Due to a feature, a user was allowed to override an approved edit, which resulted in their question getting tagged with the untagged tag. That should not be allowed, given that no question should be ...
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Minor problems with overriding suggested edit reviews

As mentioned here, authors and ♦ moderators are now able to override reviews of suggested edits. I was curious if this would work for edits I suggested myself (from before the time I was a moderator). ...
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Suspended users can still use the "suggested edit review override" tool

The new tool allowing the OP of a post to override community review on suggested edits to it doesn't take account of the fact that said OP may be suspended! Or rather, it does but only partially so: a ...
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User experience of overriding community's decision on suggested edit

While reading this post I noticed that there seems to be an issue with the user experience when reviewing an already approved/rejected suggested edit on OP's own post. It shows only one explicit ...
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Override Rejections to Edits on my Post [duplicate]

I recently answered this question. One of the users who read my answer felt that it would have been helpful if I included the output (from terminal) to the code I used in my answer: You should ...
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Could authors overturn recent community review decisions?

When new users edit a post, the review is posted to a review queue and other reputable users can review the edit and choose to approve or reject it. However, I feel that a lot of people do it pretty ...
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