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suggestion regarding minimum edits

Sometimes, as many users of the SE network are well aware, a user will see one very small, yet very glaring error in a question or answer, and with less than 2K rep, they are faced with 4 choices: ...
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Bad error message when approving approved edits

Occasionally, on approving a suggested-edit to a post, I receive an error message that indicates that I do not have the privileges to do so: An error occurred when trying to approve You must have ...
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Lower reputation limit for editing on SE betas

I think the reputation required to edit questions on SE betas should be massively lowered. Right now it almost seems like it's been overlooked; retagging and close voting were both dropped to 1, while ...
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When would I be able to edit other users' questions? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does editing work? I see others editing my questions and I sometimes want to edit errors/mistakes in others' questions too. But I can't do that now. When would I be able ...
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When can I start editing (to know it is not a waste of time)? [closed]

I'm confused. What is the sense of wasting the time for editing, when your post or the whole discussion can be deleted? For example, having read that moderator Kyle Brandt wrote: "I will ask Jeff ...
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Why can I edit some comments and not others? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Some of my comments in SO are editable while others aren’t.. Why? A possible solution for editing comments I have a little over 9000 reputation over on Stack Overflow,...
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Poor editing should not punish the asker [closed]

Trivial and insufficient editing by others should be discouraged. At the very least, a mechanism should be in place to not count such unhelpful edits towards the OP's edit limit. The edit limit is the ...
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Increase reputation limit to gain "EDIT" privleges

In response to this post, I thought I'd make a counter proposal: I would argue that overall reputation should be higher to gain rights to edit posts to around 3,000 or so and that 2,000 is too low. ...
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Mark a user as not being able to edit your question

Since I see some people here are doing crazy editing, I think it'd be nice if we could implement a way to mark those users we don't want editing our questions.
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Stop Edit/Rollback Wars: Limit Number Of Edits/Rollbacks Per User Per Post Per Day

I came up with an idea for how to begin putting an end to the edit/rollback wars and then the ensuing comments battle... What if you are only allowed to edit a post (not the author) once a day. What ...
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Should users edit other users' posts to correct grammar and spelling problems? [duplicate]

Question says it all: Should users edit other users' posts to correct grammar and spelling problems? I've seen arguments both ways, and lean toward yes...but...