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For questions about the storage and viewing of users’ email addresses within the Stack Exchange Network.

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Why can't I log in with new/added e-mail address? (It's listed under "Other" on My Logins page)

I updated my e-mail address at I verified it by clicking on the link in the e-mail I received. My new e-mail address was added under "Other" on the My Logins page. ...
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I got an email from someone soliciting support for an Area 51 proposal. How did they get my email address, and is this behavior allowed?

I received an email from someone telling me they noticed I was a backer on a Stack Exchange site, and asking if I would be willing to back a proposal for a related technology. The email did not go ...
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Profile image changes (Gravatar images won’t be recoverable after email change)

TL/DR: You won't be able to switch back to your old Gravatar image if you change your email (or have changed your email in the past). Please save and re-upload your Gravatar image if you want to keep ...
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(Excessive) login prompt expects my old email even though it's long changed [duplicate]

I opened a link today, and found myself not-logged-in. Already a bit suspicious. Anyway, I enter my email and password at the login prompt - and it fails. I enter my old email, which ...
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Review audit of deleted answer shows personal information

I just received a review audit. It used a deleted answer, but the answer contains personal information about that user including their phone number and email address. Here's the text with the personal ...
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Can moderators see an email address I removed from my account? How can I prevent this?

My main Stack Exchange account has been using an email address that puts me at risk of leaking sensitive private data about myself. Although I hid the email, I just very recently discovered that ...
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How do I change my e-mail on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

How to change email from Stack Overflow to another email? How to unlink your Facebook account? I tried to unlink it from the Facebook application and even delete it from the Stack Overflow profile, ...
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Can i change the email of my SE account ? If yes, how? [duplicate]

I want to use a different email address with my account. Is this possible ?
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16 votes
2 answers

I changed my Stack Overflow account email address. Suddenly, my username and photo changed too

I was recently laid off from my company. I changed my Stack Overflow account's email address from my work email to my personal email. Upon doing this, my username, which was "Umbrella_Programmer," ...
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4 answers

Restrict moderator tools that allow mass dumping of user emails

There is a tool available to moderators that can show up to 1000 email addresses at once with a single query. On smaller sites, this tool is probably powerful enough to create a dump of the email ...
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Where other than under "email settings" and "my logins" in my profile do I need to update my e-mail address?

I just noticed (on a site I am a moderator on) that in my profile, under Activity > Account info (visible only to moderators), "email" shows an e-mail address that I no longer use for Stack Exchange. ...
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2 answers

Which of my email addresses can mods see?

I can have email address(es) on my Stack Exchange account for logging in with, and I can have email address(es) for receiving emails about Stack Exchange. I understand that moderators can see user ...
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I changed my email address twice and still need to use my old address to log in

I used an old email address from a provider that is long dead now, so when I logged in stackoverflow, I clicked on my name, got into "emails" settings and changed the address in two different ...
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Is there any way to recover my email address?

If someone forgets their email address and password how can they again login to the site? I know how to do it when I forget password but I did not find any solution to recovering my email address.
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3 answers

Deleted old email address from account logins, now two accounts

I decided to delete my old login email from my Stack Exchange account, hoping that the system would then only recognize my new email for login. However, my associated account profiles and reputation ...
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105 votes
6 answers

Someone contacted me by email but my email is not public

Last week I got an email to my email address saying "I saw on Stack Overflow that you were interested in.." and the content of the question I asked. The email suggested I'll star a bug \ feature ...
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Removing an old email address login entirely

When I first signed up for StackExchange, I used a disposable email address to create an account since I didn't think I'd be using the account more than once. However, that changed (which I guess ...
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