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Verification email is unclear, has visual glitches

I just changed the email used with my account to receive emails. This is what the verification email looked like: There are a number of problems with the email: The title is "Email Verification - ...
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Still need to verify my Area 51 Email even though I verified it in the past

I know this has been asked before, but I don't know where to find the answer. I've gotten a verification email on the past and clicked on it. But now, it's saying I still need to verify my E-mail.
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confirmation mails from area51 sent with invalid envelope sender

The confirmation mail for commitments has an invalid envelope sender set. This causes it to fail sender callout verifications. If you do not want to receive bounces, just use an empty envelope sender. ...
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Validate when account email is changed

Please consider validating the email when it is change in the user account. Similar to the "Registration Account Email Validation". I believe that if someone hacks your account and try to change the ...