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Is careers gamified for employers? [closed]

Recently I've been contacted by a few employers and I've noticed a pattern: We notice you live and work in X are you thinking of potentially moving to Y? We're based in Y Can you please send me a ...
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Getting spammy email from employer

This has happened to me a few times over the years: Got an email from Careers site, telling me an employer is showing interest. When I read the message, it is just a canned, spam like email, nothing ...
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Please allow us to see who the employers are on the career site

Please allow us to see who the employers are on the career site. A simple list would be fine. Even better would be if it linked back to and the listings that employer has there....
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Find out if companies are using Careers in your area

Would it be possible to add a search option which will tell you if employers are looking at the careers site in your area? I wouldn't expect to see the name of which employers are looking, but I ...
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What if you have a careers CV but want to post a job as an employer?

Using OpenId makes it somewhat bothersome to have separate accounts for employers and resumes (since you have to remember which account is tied to which openId provider). Also, I'm assuming an ...
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Add ability to specify if job was contract or not on Careers profile job history

When going through candidates, it's a little worrying to see that a candidate's work history has many previous jobs that only lasted for less than 6 months when I'm unsure if those were contract jobs ...
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Careers - can you add UK counties?

When adding a careers advert can you add UK counties? "Berkshire, UK" would yield better results than just "Reading, UK".
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2 answers

What should you do when you see a posting on Careers and you know the employer is blatantly lying?

What should you do if you see a posting on Careers and you know the employer is blatantly lying about their organization?
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Careers 2.0 - Employer feedback?

Is there any chance of implementing the ability for programmers to leave feedback about employers registered on Careers 2.0, preferably anonymously and not shared with employers? While I would ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Is there any referral incentive for Careers 2.0?

I'm about to send an email to my manager and HR director suggesting that they try searching for programmers on Careers 2.0. Just as I was about to hit send, I thought: "maybe there is some referral ...
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Using SE sites during work detrimental to job prospects?

Many people have spoken about the benefit of your SE answers to your future job prospects: Is Stack Overflow reputation marketable? Answering questions on stackoverflow: Justified at work? But is it ...
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Careers - can't save my details

Using this URL... I can't save my details, and there is no reason (validation messages) as to why.
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2 answers

I'd like to be able to search on a job seeker's full "personal statement" text

As an employer in the biomedical research area, I'm interested in searching for some people with a background or interest in chemistry or life science application development. Since this is a ...
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Provide direct link to employer on Careers

I may be wrong, but up until recently, clicking the link of the employer when looking at a job posting took me to the employers site. Now it takes me to a listings by that employer. While seeing the ...
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ability to insist on specific "willing to relocate to"

When doing an employer search for people in my area, if I have the box checked to include people who are willing to relocate to my area, I get lots of people who are willing to relocate, apparently, ...
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Careers: Switch sides: from being an employer to looking for a job? [duplicate]

At careers you cannot be both employer and job seeker (link to another meta question). I have a login named nalply. Currently I am employer. But as I accumulated reputation with my login, I want to ...
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Searching Stack Overflow Careers from the candidate side [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Can’t access careers search after creating a CV How on earth do I test-drive the search interface for hiring managers? I seem to be stuck on the candidate side. ...
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Can't access careers search after creating a CV [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Can I be registered on as an employer and a candidate? What if you have a careers CV but want to post a job as an employer? I've started filling ...
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