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Searching for exact phrase matches spaces for underscores

I ran a Stack Overflow search for [rspec][capybara] "with_text", expecting to find only results containing the phrase with_text. However, the first result is expected css "title" with text ...
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Why is code excluded from phrase search?

I tried to find some of my old answers on Stack Overflow but did not get the results I expected. The problem seems to apply all SE sites. I tested dba.SE and Super User, and they exhibit the ...
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4 votes
1 answer

When will searching for exact phrase be fixed?

It seems like nobody observes Searching for exact phrase seems broken anymore. That's why I'm trying to bring this problem to the attention again. +python +custom +import gives 999 results while +...
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How can I get search result exact word like "Objective-C++"?

It's pretty hard to searching only pages contain exact word like "Objective-C++". Search result with double-quotations contains heavy of "Objective-C" results. Any tips?
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10 votes
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Searching for exact phrase seems broken

Perhaps my expectation is incorrect, but the search tips page makes it seem as if searching for a phrase delimited by quotes will return results that match the exact phrase only. (Again perhaps this ...
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