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Is the world's software better because of StackOverflow? [closed]

By any common definition of "better" -- fewer bugs, more interoperabilty, cleaner experience -- software seems to be better today than 10 years ago, and daily getting better. I believe some of that ...
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Suggestion a way to buy reputation [duplicate]

I suggest a way to buy reputation on SO. And yes I have seen the following link which is irrelavent: Is there a way to buy SO reputation? But my purpose is completely different from the above. My ...
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379 votes
9 answers

What Experts-Exchange thinks of Stack Overflow [closed]

After noticing a $10 Experts-Exchange (EE) fee on my credit card, I realized I've had an idle EE account for quite a few years. I sent them an email asking for instructions on how to close it, and ...
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16 votes
1 answer

How will Stack Overflow succeed where The Hyphen Site didn't?

Way back when (about 6-7 years ago), I was an avid member of The Hyphen Site. It was a great resource, and its community had a lot of charisma. For example, the "Lounge" area was often hilariously ...
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12 votes
2 answers

Was Stack Exchange named after Experts Exchange?

Was Stack Exchange named after Experts Exchange, or is the former using the word "Exchange" a coincidence?
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8 votes
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4k views [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: On “That Hyphenated Site” Sorry if I missed something, but did everyone else know about I was messing around on the Area 51 web ...
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14 votes
3 answers

Funny observation about Experts-Exchange and Stack Overflow

I was searching Google for a question about JavaScript string byte length and opened some of the results in a bunch of tabs without looking at the URLs. One of the pages was an Experts-Exchange ...
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3 votes
10 answers

Redirect traffic to StackOverflow?

A while back I added an entry to my /etc/hosts file for the "evil hyphen site": It always annoyed me to do a Google search, open a bunch of ...
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6 votes
5 answers

Can the Experts-Exchange Patent affect Stack Overflow's Rating System?

I have switched to Stack Overflow away from Experts Exchange's paid subscription. I remember years ago reading that Experts Exchange had patented a rating system and just found it online. Might this ...
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1 vote
7 answers

Is SO pricing their site predatorially if it is making a loss?

Preface: this question is not about "having a go" at StackOverflow and is not a defence of, which I have never used. It is purely a question about whether SO, if it is running at ...
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1 answer

Hyphenated site answers, can they be pasted on SO if linked?

I asked a question on SO. I got answered by a link to the h-site. I went there and the answer is actually somewhat good, an approach not typically used. What's the policy on pasting that code here ...
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14 votes
8 answers

What does this graph tell *you* about Stack Overflow's effect on the hyphen-site?

I thought I was going to see a graph about how Stack Overflow was trouncing Experts-Exchange (EE) and grinding them into the ground. Well, they are but I also see something unexpected. Throw away your ...
59 votes
3 answers

On "That Hyphenated Site"

OK, which one of you jokers (oh, and I know it was one of you) did this? :) Don't bother looking up the WHOIS, it's anonymized through GoDaddy. Also, for the record, I ...
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19 votes
5 answers

Stack Overflow taking down the evil Hyphen Site [closed]

From The Hyphen Site being taken down by Stack Overflow; they've crossed the line., Alexa and Google Trends. Man I would love to see some statistics on questions and answers on the evil hyphen ...
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