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2 answers

How can I install the Stack Exchange Auto Comments for Google Chrome?

How can I install Auto Comments script for Google Chrome? The Google Chrome extension listed on GitHub doesn't exist anymore.
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1 answer

Can I show a hand-crafted flair-like widget on my website?

Can I show the following on my personal website/blog? The white icon on the blue background is taken from fontawesome, so I guess it's ok I use it. Clicking on it redirects to my account, whereas ...
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0 answers

TechGraph: The landscape of a tag/tech in Stack Overflow [closed]

I built a website which can provide an overview/landscape of certain tech (tag) in Stack Overflow. (will be extended to all sites in Stack Exchange) Given a tech ...
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1 answer

Policy on externally linking to answers

As part of a project I'll be requiring a wide range of people to send me screenshots of an application I'm developing. I would like very much to link to this question and more specifically Andrew ...
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What is the best way to showcase my StackExchange activity on LinkedIn?

I have seen specific questions about the flair/groups. But how could I showcase my SE reputation?
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"host" a project QA at StackOverflow [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is it okay to use Stack Overflow as the support forum for a product or project? I created a new project in Bitbucket but it doesn't support forum or mailing list capabilities. ...
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6 votes
2 answers

How to handle "mailing list questions" when there is no mailing list

When the SproutCore 2.0 project was renamed to Ember.js, it abandoned its old mailing list and started directing all questions to Stack Overflow. In principle, this is not bad at all. It increases ...
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1 answer

What's up with the unofficial SO meta-discussion board?

I was led to this site (via) and am wondering why it is still alive.
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7 votes
6 answers

Acceptable to 'tag' questions for inclusion in 3rd party Wiki [closed]

I am looking for feedback on the idea of editing questions to include links to a 3rd party documentation wiki for the purposes of capturing the question and answer in a reference format. Basically ...
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6 answers

Use Stack Overflow as the official support site of an open-source project

I have an open source question with a very reduced community, among other reasons because it is a relatively new project. The project's target audience is programmers. I think that more developers ...
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