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Why is my Gyazo image not showing on Stack Overflow?

I asked a question on Stack Overflow, but the image I included doesn’t show up. Instead I only get an image icon. I used Gyazo to upload the image. Is that site not allowed? The question.
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What do we do when we don't have any prior research that we can share?

Yesterday, I asked this question on the Biology SE. Shortly after posting, I received a comment saying that a close vote has been posted and stating the ways in which I can improve the post. The main ...
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Would I be allowed to post links to services that bypass paywalls?

Every now and then, mainly on sites like Skeptics, I come across a Stack Exchange post that links to a paywalled article. This isn't great, because even if the post is quoting the linked material like ...
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There are _ _ active bounties, but what when there are more than 99?

I recently saw this on a Stack Exchange site: I'm just curious(and this may actually happen in the future), but what would happen to the image if there were more than 99 bounties?
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What to do if I find an answer, but I don't have permission to post from the author?

Last month I asked a question on Arqade about the luck-based Mario Party 2 minigame "Day at the Races". I wanted to know if each of the 4 selectable racers had an equal chance of winning. A few days ...
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Correct course of action when an answer is nearly word-for-word copied without attribution? [duplicate]

I was searching "C++ returning array from function" on Google when I noticed that the top two results - Stack Overflow and Tutorialspoint - had exactly the same short description beneath the ...
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I found a question's answer posted on an external forum. What should I do?

While browsing questions on Stack Overflow, I managed to find the answer to well-received unanswered question on the AutoHotkey Forums. The answer is fairly well written, and includes both a code-...
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Where can I link to an external tutorial? [duplicate]

I would like to help newbies on a Stack Exchange site, by posting a link to a tutorial. Can I do such a thing, and if so where can I put the link? Can I start a discussion for this, or something ...
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Error loading jquery.min.js from in Iran [duplicate]

I hope this won't be off-topic. I know this is not a technical bug, but I am living in Iran and as you might know we are in sanction and google is blocked our request to CDN libraries. I recently get ...
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Should I add information from external sources into my answers?

I have a doubt regarding posting answers. If I find a question interesting but I'm unable to answer 100% correctly with my own knowledge, I may refer to points from other websites, blogs, etc. for ...
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Why aren't links to phpfiddle allowed?

I have searched a while here on meta but wondered why I can't find an answer. I would like to know why it is not allowed to link to phpfiddle in an answer on Stack Overflow. I could imagine that it ...
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What would be an appropriate place for recommending links, websites, etc.?

What would be an appropriate place for recommending a link or website that could be of interest to a specific SE Q&A member site? Such links often come up in answers, but as far as I could see, ...
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How can I link to an external resource in a community-friendly way?

I would like to help my fellow Stackizens, using material from my blog or other website. But external links are sometimes viewed as excessive promotion. From the FAQ: Be careful, because the ...
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Co-petition with PerlMonks?

What is the ideal stance to take with regard to other similar resources, such as PerlMonks?
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