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What is SE policy regarding potentially offensive screen names?

A user has chosen a screen name that could be construed as deeply offensive. Actually, aside from the possibility that it is intended as a joke (ie tongue-in-cheek), it can't be regarded as other than ...
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In a chat room, what are the full mechanics of being "in the room"?

In a chat room, what are all the mechanics around being listed as "in the room" or not? The various states of being "in a room" I know of at least three states that a chat user can ...
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Our site just graduated/launched/left beta! Do we need to do anything?

A bunch of sites on the network are graduating and losing the "beta" designation. This also enables more features like establishing migration paths and community ads. As a mod on a newly ...
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A[n] [In]complete Character-Limiting Guide to Stack Exchange

The Stack Exchange network user interface has a lot of forms, and subsequently, inputs with various character limits in place. Some of them are notorious (such as custom moderator flag character limit ...
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What are Badge IDs and where can I find them?

Badge IDs are, especially on older sites, very random. What are Badge IDs? Where can I find these IDs? How can I reproduce this table in case of changes in the Badge system? Who is going to profit ...
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What does the logo of each Stack Exchange site represent?

There are many sites on the SE Network that are based on different topics. From the question topics to the identity of each site's logo, what does it represent?
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On which Stack Exchange site can I ask customer service questions about product X or company Y?

On which Stack Exchange site can I ask questions like When will [some new feature] for [some product] be released? Where can I download an update for [some product]? I'm getting errors when ...
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What's the difference between "bookmarking" and "following" a post?

Now that following posts (see also the prior announcement) is possible, I feel like this needs a canonical answer: Question: What's the difference between "bookmarking" (formerly "...
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Changing the Code of Conduct to be more inclusive

I assume that Stack Exchange made its recent changes to the Code of Conduct in good faith and did not see that they were not as inclusive as they thought. That is reasonable; everyone has blind spots. ...
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How do I better protect myself on Stack Exchange?

This is a FAQ proposal. Its aim is to advise and better protect users across the Stack Exchange network but especially to users who can be as young as 13. It is hoped that this guide will help users ...
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A Pronominal Proposal

The recent Code of Conduct change and, more specifically, the associated FAQ (now deleted; Wayback Machine copy here) have not gone down well. (For the avoidance of doubt, linking to those does not ...
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Common reasons why your meta post may be negatively received

Alternative title: What kills meta This post functions as a complement to How can I participate in meta and not die trying? As you may already be aware, meta is one such grim place where disagreements ...
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How do I view a migrated question on the site that it was migrated from?

I'd like to view a question that's been migrated to another site in the Stack Exchange network. However, I would like to view the question on the original site it was posted on. How can I do this?
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Documentation for Stack Exchange engine URLs?

I have found mentions of various Stack Exchange engine URLs (/question/NNNN, /question/NNNN/question-title-spelled-out, /answer/NNNN, /user/NNNN, /q/NNNN, /a/NNNN, /u/NNNN, etc.) scattered around in ...
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Which sites are excluded or limited from Hot Network Questions?

I was curious but couldn't find any definitive listing on this. Is there an official list of sites excluded from Hot Network Questions somewhere? Additionally, which sites are penalized from Hot ...
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What’s the redesigning campaign – in a nutshell?

On my favourite site, a new design was announced. It contained a lot of links to posts which in turn contain a lot of links, answers, timelines, and references to stuff like Teams which is not ...
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Which Stack Exchange sites have syntax highlighting enabled?

The code syntax highlighting feature is only enabled on certain sites. In order for code to be highlighted and for any of the hints listed in the above question to work, the Markdown extension has to ...
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What are the exact criteria for the "new contributor" indicator to be shown?

According to Come Take a Look at our New Contributor Indicator!: The new indicator works by the age of a user's first visible post. This could be a question or answer, and the association bonus won't ...
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How do I opt out of cookies?

In the new Stack Exchange Cookie Policy: If you don’t want Stack Overflow to use cookies when you visit the Stack Overflow network of sites, you can opt-out of certain cookie related processing ...
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Searching by value: A bit more documentation needed?

There are a lot of different search options when it comes to values like score, views and number of answers: Different options applied to the score operator. score:n to search for posts with a score ...
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When does a comment become unnecessary?

The new description for the new flag type "no longer needed" reads This comment is obsolete, chatty, or otherwise unnecessary. Obviously it replaced "obsolete" and "too chatty", and all the other ...
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A protocol for handling very graphic on topic images

This question was asked here: How to handle potentially NSFW yet valid images I'm looking to provide a formalised protocol that may be added to the FAQ for Stack Exchange sites. I've asked ...
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What site-specific post formatting settings are available?

Certain Stack Exchange sites have specialized support for non-standard types of post formatting. Tim Post briefly mentioned these when discussing site-specific configuration settings, but he didn't ...
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Which sites have YouTube embedding on?

My "home" Stack is Science Fiction & Fantasy, where YouTube-embedding is on, which means that a bare YouTube URL on a line by itself is automatically turned into an embedded player. Because of ...
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What are chat events and how do they work?

In spite of being an active user for 3 years on Stack Exchange, I don't know anything about chat events. Probably because communities I used to be active in might not (or rarely) take part in chat ...
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What is a blocked tag?

Following Implement a Tag Black List, I would like to know what exactly it means for a tag to be marked as blocked (formerly blacklisted) on a Stack Exchange site. Does it mean I can't use that tag ...
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Are there best practices for individual sites to use their per-site-meta [faq] tag?

A question arose in Literature chat recently about the use of the meta FAQ tag, what goes in there, and how best to curate it. After looking into this, we realized that there doesn't really exist any ...
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18 votes
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What makes a good badge? When and why should I suggest a new badge?

I've seen a number of badges proposed that were downvoted to the point that they didn't need a status-declined on them to figure out that they weren't happening any time soon. It seems extremely ...
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I asked a programming question on Meta.SE and it got negatively received. What should I do?

I recently discovered Meta Stack Exchange and asked a programming question on it. Subsequently, it got (down|delete|close) voted for this reason: This question does not appear to be about the ...
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What can I do with valuable content that was deemed unfit for the site it was posted?

It happens sometimes that some content that for better or worse isn't in its current form fit for the site it's posted and is deleted or going towards deletion. What can I do to salvage the bits of ...
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How should copied content be formatted in tag wikis?

How should copied content be formatted when editing tag wikis?
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New Help Center article for constant changing questions

Most of us know this: How to deal with constant changing questions Etiquette for Russian Doll Questions Exit strategies for "chameleon questions" Dealing with solutions that end with a new ...
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Link to a question, answer or comment

In writing a question, answer or comment, how can I include a clickable link to cross-reference another question, answer or comment?
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3 answers

How do I write a good feature request?

I have a feature that I am interested in proposing. How do I draft a good feature request? What things do I need to include? What should I not do? How do I know if the feature will be implemented? ...
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Useful Data Queries

Over on Worldbuilding, we've come up with a list of data queries. HDE226868 suggested that these queries might be useful to other sites, and we should post them on Meta: this is the result. This post ...
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What are the details on the "candidate score" which shows during an election?

The way stats used to be shown during a moderator election have recently been changed. It now shows a "candidate score", which appears to be an amalgamation of total rep and certain badges, awarding a ...
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I found a bug on a non-English site and I don't speak the language. Can I post it here?

While looking at a few of the new International sites, I got curious and started poking around. I found what appears to be a bug, and something that wasn't translated. I don't speak the language and ...
9 votes
2 answers

How do I find the Stack Exchange site I'm looking for?

Say I have a question and I'm not sure what Stack Exchange site to ask it on. Is there a place to ask a question and get it routed to the correct Stack Exchange site?
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Add additional question to faq about avoiding duplicates?

I am a new user to the Stack Exchange network. I am making a proposal to add to the FAQ a Question: How to avoid asking duplicate questions? This will be especially useful to the new users (FAQ is ...
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On what sites are Stack Snippets enabled?

Stack Snippets is now a feature on some Stack Exchange sites. On what sites is this feature enabled? Where is it being discussed? And where has it actively been decided not to implement the feature? ...
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My project requires data from Stack Overflow. What can I do?

I want to make research on Stack Overflow (or any other Stack Exchange website). How can I parse the website's data using regular expressions?
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How do per-site Metas differ from Meta Stack Exchange, and where should I go to ask my question?

How do per-site metas, such as Meta Writers Stack Exchange or Meta Stack Overflow differ from the general Meta Stack Exchange? Where should I go to ask my question? Return to FAQ index
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What can I do when a post I've written receives a lot of spam edits?

I wrote an answer to a question that was a paragraph and a half long, and it's been receiving a lot of edits from anonymous users that do nothing but introduce spam. This has been going on for a ...
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Where is it appropriate to discuss typical "best [technology] for doing [x]"?

Most questions of the type "Which framework should I use" are flame bait and extremely likely to attract very biased opinions. Yet people ask them (and get their questions closed), and at times one ...
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I probably shouldn't have deleted my account, how can I get it back?

I was pretty upset the other day, and requested that my account be removed. I filled out the form and didn't cancel the deletion within 24 hours of it being scheduled. Now, I'm a little sick that I'...
27 votes
1 answer

When does the Community ♦ moderator vote to close a question?

Occasionally, there are questions for which one of the close voters is the Community ♦ user. When does this happen, and why? What is the difference between this and a deleted user? For instance, one ...
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The review system suggested something was probably spam, what should I do when I see this?

While reviewing suggested edits and first posts by new users today, the review system did something new - an alert appeared that suggested that what I was reviewing was probably spam, and prompted me ...
41 votes
1 answer

New top bar quick reference guide / Where has the link to <X> gone?

Since the new top bar has been rolled out - a number of different people, established and new users alike, have asked questions on where a specific link has disappeared to with the new top bar design. ...
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Why are certain example URLs like and blocked from post content?

Why is and blocked from the post content on the main site? I tried to make a sample URL and I had to use instead.
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Why are some posts treated differently from others?

This is a perennial question which, as best I can tell, has never been directly addressed (probably because the answer is too obvious to most experienced users). It is asked here as a general ...
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