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This tag should be used with questions that are associated with favorite rooms in chat.

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Sort "favorite" chat rooms by strict recent activity rather than by type of room

Right now I find that I often can't find, even when I've added them to my favorites. According to this answer by balpha from 2014, this sorting is intentional because there are two "types" of rooms - ...
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8 votes
0 answers

Show "rejoin all rooms" button unless explicitly declined

Self-explanatory, sometimes I open my browser and have like two tabs open, and since I'm in more than one room the rejoin button doesn't show up. Please show this button always, so that I can join ...
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16 votes
1 answer

Unable to unstar frozen or deleted chat rooms from SE chat rooms lists

I have found that when a chat room becomes "frozen" or "deleted", then if I have starred it I am forced to enter the actual room in order to unstar it as the unstarring option is ...
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6 votes
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"Rejoin favorite rooms" button does not come back after leaving all rooms

If I am in multiple rooms, and I leave all of them except the current room, then the "rejoin favorite rooms" button ... ... does not return, and I am just left with an empty space: Rather than that ...
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