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Detail Recent Favorite changes

So, the old envelope is dead. The huge Eeeek! What happened to my envelope? question has been deleted. Rest in Peace. Also, I know the new recent activity popup is still being refined. So, this post ...
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Rename "favorite" questions to "subscribed" or "following" [duplicate]

In the light of the recently-added feature to automatically notify the user of any changes to "favorited" questions, this term "favorite" is becoming less and less accurate. Some users don't even ...
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What is the point of stacking favorite notifications?

I noticed I have more notifications than favorites, which means that the notifications are stacked (in other words, there can be more than 1 notification per question). Here is my reasoning: Why do ...
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Why does my favorite count vary on my profile?

Whenever I read a nice question, I used to mark it as a favorite question. Today, while I was looking at my profile's favorite section, it was as follows: Why does my favorite count vary on my ...
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How can I receive notifications about favorite questions? [duplicate]

I have read many questions about the topic. Apparently if I favorite a question, I should get notifications about it, but it's currently not the case. Apparently, there is a checkbox in the prefs tab ...
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Can we see all followed questions on the user profile?

On the user account page, can we show one more tab with 'following' questions and list all those questions, and whenever there is any activity on that question, the follower can be informed though the ...
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Can I see a list of questions that I have favourited? [duplicate]

I have been favouring questions using my phone for a few weeks thinking that I would look at them later, but I don't think there is any way I can see questions that I favourite. Or is there? If it ...
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Is there a way to get notification on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do favorite questions work? Can I get “Notify” on selected question Mark questions to receive notifications and updates? Is there a way to get notification ...
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What happens to migrated favorites?

Before I do my own investigation and/or testing, does anyone know off the top of their head what happens, for instance, if a question I marked as favorite on stack overflow is migrated to, say, ...
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How to differ between "Subscribe for notification" and "Favorite" question

My problem is Favorite button in questions. I want to use it as Favorite to book good questions or questions with good answers that I can later reference. But at the moment I more often using Favorite ...
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Why am I seeing notifications of activity on favorites?

Recently, I've started seeing notifications of changes to favorites in my recent activity page, even though I've checked the "I don't want notifications of activity on questions I've favorited" option....
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Inbox notification when a favourite question has new activity [duplicate]

I rarely visit my own profile to look at favourite questions with new activity. I'd like to have inbox notifications for this. Apparently it was once added, but later removed again. Can this be ...
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