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StackOverFlow complete notifier

I am looking for a complete stackoverflow notifier. Complete means: New questions arrived on our favorite tags Reputation change New badges New comments etc......... No problem, if it is a browser ...
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Have Accepts on answers toggle favorite notification in user profile

It would be nice to have it so that after you add a question to your favorites, that it will be noted as 'changed' in your favorites list whenever it is accepted, i.e. treat accepting the same as an ...
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Favourite changes notification

Has the favourite notifcation system changed? Now every time I visit SO or SF I get a notification about changes in a favourite question. I have before used the favourite star to mark posts I like ...
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Why do some sites notify me of favourite changes while others don't?

Also, what happened to this feature? It doesn't even appear on MSO any more, unless I'm looking in the wrong place.
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