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Can I see a list of questions that I have favourited? [duplicate]

I have been favouring questions using my phone for a few weeks thinking that I would look at them later, but I don't think there is any way I can see questions that I favourite. Or is there? If it ...
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Categories and Groups for the "Favorites" tab [closed]

Now that my list of "Favorite" questions has spilled onto a second page, I have run into a problem. I cannot see all my Favorites in a single glance. In addition, because of the large volume, I often ...
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Zero favorites question in Network profile - favorites tab [duplicate]

In my Network profile - favorites tab, there are few questions with zero favorites. This is something strange to me. As my knowledge I didn't favorite those questions, so we can't blame caching. I ...
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I'd like to be able to sort my favorite questions in my Network Profile by Site

I have an ever-growing list of "favorite" questions from different SE sites. Because I often forget which site I saved a specific question from, I go to my Network Profile, where I can find the whole ...
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Why is this favorite appearing in my network proflile?

I've noticed that this question on Math SE is listed under favorites in my network profile, but not for Math SE account. I don't recall ever favoriting it, except when I tried favoriting it and ...
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Sorting criteria for the view of votes

The favorites tab can be sorted by activity. This sorts based on the last activity date for the entire question (I don't see exactly what field that is on Data.SE - might be a 'fun' join to get that ...
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Favorite questions badge should not be shown for Community♦ pokes

When favorite questions have activity, the red badge shows on the 'favorites' button on my profile: However, this also shows when Community♦ pokes the question: I use the badge on the button to be ...
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How to ignore specific tags from "Favorite Tags"

I have a question regarding favorites tags. I have added ruby as my favorite tag. However, most of the people who want ask question on ruby-on-rails tag, they tag ruby as well. So when I click on ...
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Question Showing Twice in Favorites List

I was viewing NullPoiиteя's favorites when I noticed it was showing an item twice. Screenshot for those too lazy to visit above link: The questions are the same, but for some reason it appears twice....
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Vote count in favorites overflows

The vote counts in my favorites section are getting out of place. It appears that if the vote count is less than -99, it will overflow and look ugly. (this bug does not happen with questions over 999 ...
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Why does my favorite count vary on my profile?

Whenever I read a nice question, I used to mark it as a favorite question. Today, while I was looking at my profile's favorite section, it was as follows: Why does my favorite count vary on my ...
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Error while unfavoriting from favorites tab

I encountered this error while trying remove a favorited question from the favorites tab on my profile: Steps to reproduce: Open own favorites tab. Click any star to unfavorite a question Error ...
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Keep a collection of questions I'm interested in [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do favorite questions work? Browsing around these sites I've stumbled upon questions that I found specially interesting (questions that I'd like to go back and try my hand ...
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Sort favorites by number of answers and stars

The favorites tab includes the following columns: Star count Votes Answers Views Content The list is sortable by Votes and Views. It would be great if it were also sortable by Answers and Star count....
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How to Search Faster way Inside Favorite Question Tab?

I am having difficulties while searching questions from the Favorite Questions Tab. Is there any way to get out of this. It pretty difficult to go through each and every question what we are looking ...
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Why does a question I clicked the star on (to mark it as a favorite) not show in my favorites list?

Yesterday, I clicked the star on a question to favorite it. Today when I came back and checked my profile, it was not included on the favorites tab (sorted by newest). It took me ages to find that ...
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Toggling "favorites" on the network profile [closed]

On your personal profile on each StackExchange site, it is possible to uncheck questions marked as favorites. That is not possible on the network profile. I guess this is because it would be ...
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How to search for particular words/tags in user's Favorited questions? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Search in list of favorited questions? I have come across the infavorite:x syntax for searching in favorites, but this no more works. My Question: How to search for ...
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Why are dates sometimes incorrect on Stack Exchange's 'Favorite Tags' view?

Earlier this evening I saw a question in my 'Favorite Tags' view that sounded like it might have an interesting answer, and that said it was from 11 hours ago: So I decided to have a look. Once there,...
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New favorites profile tab problems [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Recent favorite changes The old (and beloved) Recent Activity page showed whether the activity on a favorite was an answer or comment, and linked you to it. The new favorites ...
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