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How to deal with mass typos fixing, should they be a part of homepage?

There are several questions about the issue, but related to low-rep users, e.g. Are we discouraged from fixing typos and misspellings on Stack Exchange sites? I would like to discuss how should we ...
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Can the AI banner disappear globally once dismissed on any site?

I've dismissed it here on MSE, but I still see it on Super User. Given that I've already seen and dismissed the banner once, I don't really want to have to dismiss it on each site. (Ignore the font ...
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How can I browse popular questions of multiple communities?

I have joined more than 15 communities on Stack Exchange. One of the things I enjoy is going to Questions → More → Score and seeing the most upvoted questions. A lot of them are really interesting and ...
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Give us a way to go back to the initial votes position after clicking to view breakdown [duplicate]

When clicking on an answer to see the vote breakdown, there is not any action to return to the initial position, or at least I can't find it. The only possibility is to change or refresh the page:
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Do it already, Stack Overflow in Ukrainian (uaSO)! [duplicate]

Do it already, uaSO!, it's already unrealistic for Ukrainian programmers to be in Stack Overflow in Russian. As Ukrainian developers, we actively utilize the Russian-speaking Stack Overflow and ...
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Don't count automatic review comments posted by the Community user as the "last moderator action" on a post, since they are triggered by normal users

On moderator dashboard each item can contain a last moderator's reaction. That helps a lot prior handling that item by another moderator. But sometimes it's confusing (image taken from SO in Russian): ...
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13 answers

How can Stack Exchange use AI, and especially GenAI, to facilitate Q&A?

We’ve got a dedicated team working on adding GenAI to Stack Overflow and Stack Overflow for Teams and will have some exciting news to share this summer. --- Prashanth Chandrasekar, April 2023. The ...
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Temporarily reduce the 5-second rate limit on flagging posts as spam, to allow for quicker flagging on sites overrun with spam

SmokeDetector is currently disabled due to the moderation strike. This means that some specific sites are overrun with spam, and when I go through and flag each of those spam posts, I keep running ...
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Remove hover text [tooltips] from 'vote' 'answer' and 'views'

Unless I'm missing something, there seems little point in having hover text for the three elements to the left of every question, as they simply repeat exactly what the element already says. There is ...
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Why can't we blacklist questions with a description containing a mobile number and the string "loans"? [duplicate]

As we are seeing a lot of spam, why can't we blacklist questions with a description containing a mobile number and the string "loans" combination on this platform?
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Can we experiment to use AI for moderators? [closed]

With the risk to be severely downvoted and thrown to Hell by the existing human moderators, here is a heretical idea: Replace all moderators by AI-ones, making the life of the former much happier, ...
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Let me do a retroactive edit even if I've already reviewed the pending suggested-edit

Currently, when I click the edit(1) button from the post-menu, it opens up a box that allows me to review the suggested edit. If I've already reviewed the edit elsewhere, such as from the queue itself,...
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Improve readability of the "next badge" tracker

In What is meant by "n/m score" and "p/q answers" in profile activity page in Summary box? I asked about the meaning of the "n/m score" and "p/q answers" items ...
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Can I have the option to receive notification emails immediately, rather than 3 hours later? [duplicate]

Under "edit email settings", the only available frequency options are: "off / 3 hrs / daily / weekly". So if someone answers my question or leaves me a comment, the quickest I can ...
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Stop telling Tor users to contact support for registration, if their request will anyway be dismissed

When Tor-users try to sign up, they consistently get this error message: Something went wrong. Please contact us at [email protected] for assistance. update: somewhere between 30 ...
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Add the ability to switch the interface on international sites to English

Many of you know that I have already made a lot of bug reports on MSE since my "home" site is Stack Overflow in Russian. But, there are still many images there that need to be supplemented ...
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Rethinking the 'new contributor' banner

A couple of remarks regarding the new contributor banner: If a new user is actively engaging on the site and posting regularly, it doesn't take long for them to become familiar with the site ...
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Let's award the Marshal badge multiple times to encourage ChatGPT flagging

We un-gamified flagging too early by cutting off the gamified incentive after the first 500 flags; we need to provide more incentive. Let’s encourage more participation in policing the seemingly ...
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Is it time to reconsider Social Media links in "Share" and User Profiles, etc?

2013 called and it wants it's social media links back. The social media landscape has grown far more varied, controversial and complex in the past decade, but Stack Exchange still seems to promote a ...
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The rate limiting system for posts is on strike; can it please be made to work?

Ten posts in eight minutes. I don't see a reason why anyone should be posting this fast, especially not a brand new user. This is only the most recent example, not the one that's posted the most: It ...
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The New Mobile View has been out of beta since 2016. Do we still need an option to disable or enable it?

While looking up something completely unrelated, I came across the mention of a New Mobile View (beta) I was overjoyed. Overwhelmed even. Then I remembered I'd been using it for years and it had come ...
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Give mods access to the draft count and pasted content of answer posts to help them detect ChatGPT answers

It's been pointed out to me by several people now that giving moderators access to the content of what people paste is bad for privacy. I initially disagreed (and still hold some thoughts of ...
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Request layout change ("ready to post" on asking page)

Many Stack Exchange sites (not all) have a quality check when you try to post.  It jumps to the top of the page and puts a box saying it is ready to post (or not).  Then you have to scroll back down ...
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Add a "Spam" flag reason for comments

Sometimes I see spam comments, and I would like to see a "Spam" reason for flagging comments. But now there are only these reasons: My feature request is: add an "Spam" flag ...
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Is there a Stack Exchange site for just issue solving without reputation limits? [duplicate]

Is there a Stack Exchange section or site for issue(s) solving and with no reputation limit on question's acceptance, so people could ask about rare problems being watched or reviewed? E.g., "...
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Add ability to opt edits into review queue for users who have the edit post privilege for Peer-Review purposes [duplicate]

Below 2000 rep, an edit to a post would go through screening, but having the privilege of having ones edits applied instantly loses the benefits of drawing attention to one's suggestions and makes it ...
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Does Stack Exchange offer any incentives related to use of their data explorer in research?

I'm interested in whether or not there have historically been this sort of partnership with research in the academic space or if it is planned for the future. This could be something like a grant, ...
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Could or should the "search first, ask question later" principle be made more prominently visible?

I'm relatively new (roughly a month), so please excuse any great misunderstandings. Presumptions / Impressions: (A) It may vary a bit per case or community, but in general, the approach seems to be ...
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Automatically upvote an existing review queue canned comment instead of duplicating it [duplicate]

I’ve noticed that if multiple users select the same canned comment in the review queues, this results in duplicate comments. This might come across as rude and annoying to the recipient, who will get ...
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Add an "Off-topic" option to the top level of Close popup [duplicate]

Every time when I have to close a (blatantly) off-topic question I spend time finding this option inside Close question popup. Currently it's "A community-specific reason" and then (on the ...
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Improve the 'top tags' section on profile

On my profile, my top tags on EL&U are currently shown like this: But I find this misleading- sure, I may have 21 posts in the etymology tag, and a total answer-score of 115, but the current ...
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Allow us to use the [-] symbol to exclude results in other operators, not just tags

I can use - before a tag to mean "not that tag". For example, I can search for "not python" on SO. However, this doesn't seem to work for other operators. For example, using -user:...
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Preserve entered values on traducir after login

Reminder: We’re moving Traducir to our internal infrastructure Occasionally, I lose my login session on and have to login again. This is not a complicated task, but it's hard to notice ...
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Why don’t we see a preview of the bounty message?

I'm wondering why we don't see a preview of the bounty message. In one of my questions, if the bounty message was in the main post; the second link; i.e., the following would show only the following,...
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3 answers

Stack Exchange needs its own anti-spam system

This is not a duplicate of Should Stack Exchange have a spam filter? (Does it already and I’m not aware?) which is asking if there's already a system in place. I am asking for a review of the existing ...
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"Go get it" button for editing badges should link to the 'Annotated Posts' page

If I'm tracking one of the edit badges and click on the progress bar, it offers me a link to 'go get it': Clicking on the button takes me to the Low-Quality Posts review queue. It's actually quite a ...
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3 answers

Some suggestions for reworking Area 51

First some background: In November of 2022, I proposed a site called Programming Language Design and Implementation, which has slowly progressed through the Area 51 process, and is now set to enter ...
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When writing an answer, it should appear directly below the question

Problem When I am writing an answer, especially a detailed one, it's useful to be able to refer to the question to make sure that I am answering everything and doing it in a logical order. Because of ...
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3 answers

Let us go to the timeline of the post from homepage

This is how the homepage looks like: Beside the username, we have words like "asked", "answered", "modified", + date and time. When the mouse pointer is over those words,...
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Make tabs on the review/suggested-edits page linkable

On a review/suggested-edits page there are 3 tabs: Inline Side-by-side Side-by-side Markdown Please make them linkable, e.g. via URL hash. Depending on the edit, one view might fit better than the ...
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When I select **Learn more about formatting…** the link does not include $\ce{H2O}$ as an example in Chemistry Stack Exchange [closed]

I noticed in one of my answers to a question about excitation of electrons that the term $\ce{CH4}$ was used. I remember seeing it before in the Markdown editing page for Chemistry Stack Exchange. But ...
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Show "User is not logged in" instead of "User has no permission"

See the issue "User does not have permission to comment on this post" error The error message should be clearer, stating that the comment can not be submitted because the user is not logged ...
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What is the point of the "Established User" privilege on meta SE? [duplicate]

You can see the vote counts at only 100 reputation here. As far as I understand, all it lets you do is see vote counts. But here on meta it adds no new abilities, so all it is is a confusing privilege ...
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-61 votes
6 answers

The Role of AI in Question and Answer Sites: Addressing Concerns of Plagiarism and Quality

The Role of AI in Question and Answer Sites: Addressing Concerns of Plagiarism and Quality Introduction This document aims to shed light on the role of AI, specifically ChatGPT, in question and answer ...
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Add on-topic notice to the top part (logo row) for 1 rep users

Every time when I see the blatantly off-topic questions on the site I'm curious why the asker did this. This's probably due to a hidden from asker's eyes on-topic notice. What if we make the on-topic ...
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Get rid of the redundant/misleading "complete bounties list" link on Bounties tab

On the bottom of Bounties tab we have the link to complete list of bounties: Looking for more questions with bounties? Browse the complete list. Do we actually need it when ALL bounties are already ...
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Add support to the API to do all non-moderator actions that a user can do

It does not appear that the API supports viewing of deleted posts, which is what a 10k user or moderator can do on a site. Although I don't expect diamond moderator actions to be exposed, I would ...
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Add # next to each answer?

I would like to suggest adding the answer number (#) to each answer on a page. This makes it easier to know which answer you are at when scrolling down a list of many and long answers. For instance, I ...
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StackExchange should show rules on the right side when making post to help users follow the rules

When making posts on Stack Overflow or Stack Exchange, you can see on the right side "Draft Your Question" and "Helpful Links." While the latter contains links for asking good ...
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Mark edit as "copy-edit" to preserve the original author's name

This is a suggestion similar to the one put forward here Could we have the ability to mark a change as minor in questions or answers? but with different mechanics, so I'm posting it separately. I ...
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