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Proposals for new features on the Stack Exchange network, or requests for a change to an existing feature.

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Encouraging people to explain downvotes

Note: If you're looking for a simple explanation as to why comments aren't required on downvotes, see Why isn't providing feedback mandatory on downvotes, and why are ideas suggesting such ...
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11 answers

How about a "Vote not to close" option to counter the "Vote to close"?

My request is simple: Many times, there will be a question where some people feel like it should be closed. At the same time, I'll feel like it's a perfectly legit question, and it should therefore ...
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Should Combined Flair be offered?

Currently flair is offered on a per site (MSO, SO, SF and in the future SU). Should their be a combined "piece of flair", or even better a simple XML that returns a users flair from all sites so we ...
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130 votes
14 answers

Can you bring the color back to meta?

I find the this gray color scheme extremely difficult to read. It's also very hard to tell the difference between questions with answers and without.
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35 votes
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Can we transfer questions from SO to meta? [closed]

For example, I have two questions which should be transferred: What would you want to see in a StackOverflow API? Is there a guide to accessing StackOverflow data programmatically? (The latter ...
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Should SO introduce a Re-Bounty feature

I recently created a bounty for a question on Stack Overflow The bounty deadline came and went without a suitable answer (IMO). Because I wasn't happy with any of the answers I didn't accept any. ...
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135 votes
11 answers

Find out which question/answer awarded you the badge

With the addition of Recent Activity a while back it became much easier to know what's going on. However, sometimes when a badge is awarded, it's not immediately clear why it happened. I suggest ...
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60 votes
5 answers

Can I find out which tags I have created?

Can I find out which tags I have created? This would be interesting to know. The tags could be highlighted on the users page for example.
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4 answers

Should there be additional parallel boards? [closed]

Meta will go a long way to remove such discussion from Stack Overflow proper. A site like, or similar, could do likewise -- keep the main board pure, and provide an outlet for ...
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2 answers

Search for users per (part of) OpenID [closed]

Take a look at bbuser. The user has not entered a name in his profile. I don't know where the name bbuser comes from, but I assume it is somehow part of his OpenID. He appears as bbuser in questions, ...
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13 votes
9 answers

Should a user have only one account on all SO/ServerFault/Meta sites

I think that each user should have the same user on each of the SO related sites. I'm very active in SO and have some activity in ServerFault and I don't need separate statistics for every site - just ...
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How about a separate private "bounty points" *alongside* your public "reputation points"?

From the very beginning (see here), the idea to have to "pay" with your reputation points to set up a bounty makes me cringe. But "featured question" is obviously a very good idea, ...
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4 answers

Should StackOverflow support more than 2 openids per account?

When using Google for your OpenId provider, it generates a different openid url for each website you use with it. This means that for,, and ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Script for automated checking of new questions

I'm getting addicted to Stack Overflow. I have the urge, every few minutes, to check for new questions. Is there a script that can do it for me and e-mail me, or maybe pop an alert up on my desktop ...
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6 answers

Image hosting for Stack Overflow answers? [duplicate]

I'm sure this has been asked before but a quick search on Stack Overflow didn't turn up any result. I've put images on my own site for now but it's quite possible I'll restructure or move hosts at ...
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How can I track other comments to an answer which I commented? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Notify user when their name is mentioned in comment I couldn't find a way to do this and manually doing this is not fun. Basically in stackoverflow how can I keep track of ...
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Stack Overflow Widget

I'd love to have a Stack Overflow widget which randomly shows some of the questions being answered since there is a lot of activity on the site and most of it is interesting for beginners. Is there ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Would it be useful to be able to vote for Canonical answers? [duplicate]

I've added a suggestion on User Voice to consider the possibility of categorizing up to one answer per question as Canonical — i.e. worthy of being considered the consensus complete and accurate ...
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2 answers

Is there a web button for Stack Overflow?

I really like Stack Overflow and I want to support it by putting a web button on my blog that links to SO. Has anyone designed one? I tried to design it myself but the text "stackoverflow" didn't fit ...
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