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For questions about the "Today's Featured Site" feature, which shows a random site every day on the Stack Exchange homepage

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27 votes
1 answer

How about doing something more with the "Today's Featured Site" thing?

A little-known fact about Stack Exchange is that, on the Hot Network Questions list at, in the top right corner of the page, there's a little box for "Today's Featured Site": each day,...
25 votes
0 answers

Does the featured site get measurably more traffic?

Is there any significant increase in traffic to the featured-site of any particular day? How large is this effect? For people unfamiliar with the featured site: it's a graduated site randomly chosen ...
13 votes
0 answers

Should Stack Overflow be featured?

Browsing the Hot Network Questions, I noticed that "Today's Featured Site" is Stack Overflow: Given that Stack Overflow's traffic is greater than that of all other SE sites combined, is it ...
23 votes
1 answer

Do not feature questions from other communities in side bar if "Hide Hot Network Questions" is selected

I regularly reference StackOverflow at work. I stay logged in to StackExchange so that I can hide Hot Network Questions using the "Hide Hot Network Questions" profile option, which is a feature I ...
8 votes
2 answers

What does '100% answered' mean in 'Today's Featured Site'?

Today's featured site is Role-playing Games and the card is shown as follows: RPG clearly has unanswered questions. What is meant by the '100% answered'?
4 votes
0 answers

Bug displaying statistics of featured site [closed]

0 questions, 0 answers, NaN% answered?
10 votes
1 answer

Featured site from hot questions page shows 0 questions 0 answers

When browsing the hot questions page (or just the front page really: in the top right it shows today's featured site. However it shows 0 questions and 0 answers for ...
30 votes
1 answer

Allow sites in Beta to be chosen for the Today's Featured Site

As described in How is the featured site chosen? - How is the featured site chosen? - It is a random selection from the list of graduated sites. Could we allow Beta sites to rotate as well ...
1 vote
0 answers

How does Stack Exchange determine 'Today's Featured Site'? [duplicate]

I wonder how SE reports the "Today's Featured Site" on the right side of its homepage. How does it consider a site as "featured"? is it the site with max number of views? or maybe max number of hot ...
5 votes
1 answer

Featured site white-space is very small

There is no white-space between the logo and the text: It would look better with 10px padding on the left:
18 votes
1 answer

How is the featured site chosen?

I saw the featured site on Stack Exchange home page. How is the featured site being decided? Is there any formula or is it just an editor's pick? Can a site be repeated even before any site is ...