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Firewalls at home, work, or government firewalls that restrict viewing particular websites.

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Chat room appears as text only without any styling

Most of the chat rooms I join appear to me as text only without any styling. Is this because of my company firewall?
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Is Stack Exchange blocked in/by Russia?

Stack Exchange recently announced that they are not blocking Russia. However, is the converse also true—that Russia is not blocking Stack Exchange? (I'm asking this because if Russia is not blocking ...
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1 answer

Cannot see image on in environments where Tumblr is blocked [closed]

On, the image is invalid on the right part of the screen. You should update the image so it shows. My school's firewall blocks Tumblr. Maybe you could make it so stack exchange hosts ...
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What IP addresses and ports are required for firewall exceptions for Stack Overflow sites? [duplicate]

While using the Stack Exchange sites, image uploading is restricted in my office by default and I need to request an exception to interact with Stack Exchange sites (i.e., post questions answers with ...
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Using Google CDN to load scripts gives poor user experience in China [duplicate]

Here in China, pretty much everything by Google is blocked by the government. If you request anything from a Google domain, it will give the appearance of loading for a while and then give back a DNS ...
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How to open access to stackoverflow? [duplicate]

I'm working in closed network at the moment. To obtain access to some work related sites I should ask administrator to add some records in firewall. f.e. I need an access to ** via http &...
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3 answers

HTTPS Problem when accessing Stack Overflow in China

I don't know if this is 100% true, but I live in China, and I now require a VPN to access Stack Overflow. It seems like the following files aren't loading in China. The index page itself is loading, ...
55 votes
5 answers

Human verification page not loading in China

I was trying to post a question on Stackoverflow but got redirected to the Human Verification page. The problem is that the CAPTCHA never loads here in China, it just times out after 4 minutes. ...
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How to avoid that flag post shows “Unable to load popup - please try again” with privoxy enabled?

Privoxy is blocking my request when I try to flag a post on Stack Exchange sites. Does anyone know how to set it up to avoid that? Similar to “Unable to load popup” when trying to flag posts, but the ...
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295 views blocked [closed] is now categorized as Job Search by BlueCoat, and therefore is blocked at my job site.
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Employer blocks jQuery from Google, DOH!

UPDATE Just got off the phone with one of our network guys, it sounds like our credentials are not being attached to the actual call for the JS file from Google. Since the credentials are not there, ...
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Archival facilities for fan-out material

Often I post messages with many links to external resources that will probably go stale over time. A facility to generate a permalink to (say) or a mirroring facility might be helpful to ...