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4 votes
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Why doesn't the site banner support zooming?

I understand that a common feature like zooming can be complicated enough to be not supported, but why can't the site banner zoom too? If the black top bar can be made screen-fit, and the fact that ...
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Starred fixed-width messages break in the starboard

FHRC#1 indicates a backquote in a chat message using fixed-width formatting, which is (correctly) output literally. FHRC#2 shows that the same backquote is misinterpreted by the sidebar starboard as a ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Expand question width by 2px?

If you go to the question (after my edit goes through) you'll notice that the second code area has a scrollbar because the ...
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Data Explorer Feature Request: Allow Results Pane to Grow

Apologies if this is a duplicate, I couldn't find it at all. I agree with the SO/SE layouts being fixed width, the code formatting, predictability, etc. make perfect sense. However, I'm not sure ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Not enforcing fixed width font family

Currently the code blocks have a list of fixed width fonts specified in the style sheet, and I'd like them to just be monospace instead. I know I can override it with stylish on firefox to use Droid ...
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Did you just change the fixed width?

I noticed SO, SF, SU, and here have a bit wider of a width for their fixed-width layout. Is it just me or did you just change this and why?
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