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For questions related to the flag-ban SE network feature. Flag-banned users can't use the raise flag functionality on network sites.

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Can having many flags marked as helpful after a flag ban undo a flag ban? [duplicate]

Assume some raised 40 flags. The first 3 flags got declined the first day, causing a 7-day flag ban. In the next 4 days, no other flags are declined, and several flags are marked as helpful. Can this ...
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Where can I see the number of flags that were marked as helpful over the past 7 days?

When getting a flag ban, one can easily see the number of flags that were declined over the past 7 days. Where can I see the number of flags that were marked as helpful over the past 7 days?
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What should I do about a flag ban? [closed]

I was banned from flagging because "too many of my flags have been declined". What should I do about this? Will it be automatically lifted, or am I banned forever? My flag history:
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Warn users when they are about to hit the "guaranteed" flag ban

Background: Guaranteed flag-ban after a series of helpful flags I've hit the "guaranteed" ban above more times than I should, the last time being just a few days ago. Shog9 ♦ mentioned above, in the ...
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Do declined comment flags count towards the ban? [duplicate]

It seems like only post flags' declination counts towards the ban. Do declined comment flags also count towards the ban?
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Allowing moderators to remove flag bans

Recently, I had a situation at Travel.SE, where I raised flags in good faith misunderstanding the purpose. Out of 7 declined flags in the past 7 days, 3 were my mistake, 3 were in good faith and 1 was ...
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Flag ban banner showing false ban lift day [duplicate]

Not that I am complaining about being allowed to flag posts, but I got really scared when I saw this banner in my flag history after I had randomly tried to flag a post and succeeded and assumed that ...
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Immediately rebanned after flag ban was lifted; should I wait to flag again?

I recently got automatically flag-banned on my Worldbuilding account. When I regained the ability to flag, I flagged another post that I had intended to flag but been unable to because of the ban. ...
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Do not show comment flags in "declined in last 7 days" view

I went to check my flag history, only to see this big banner: I clicked on the button, and saw eight declined flags. Five of those were comment flags, which do not count towards bans (reconfirmed ...
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Are there manual flag bans?

In 2013, flag weight and the infamous hellban was replaced with a new automated system. Review bans are handed out automatically but can also be issued manually by mods. The same situation exists ...
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Make it more obvious that I'm banned only from flagging posts, not comments

Currently, the flag ban notice in the flag summary page looks like that: You are currently banned from flagging - view flags declined in the last 7 days It looks as if I was banned from flagging ...
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Add a link to the relevant Meta post in the flag ban notice

Currently, the flag ban notice in the flag summary page looks like that: You are currently banned from flagging - view flags declined in the last 7 days There's no link to the Help Center or a ...
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"Declined in the last 7 days" confusingly appears to list only flags cast in the last seven days

The flag ban system does its calculations using the dates that flags are handled, not when they are cast. When at least 10 flags have been handled in the last 7 days, if more than 25% of those flags ...
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Tweak the math for the new flag-ban system a little?

A relatively recent change to the flagging system has been elimination of the flag "hell ban," in favor of a more transparent system that includes feedback. This is a good thing. The new system, ...
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I am getting warned about my flagging history, but my last declined flag was over a week ago [duplicate]

I tried to click on edit on a post on SFF, but I accidentally clicked 'flag' instead. When I went to close the box, I noticed this message on the bottom: Attention: some of your recent flags have ...
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I don't know how long I'm flag banned for, and that would be useful to know

It would be nice if I knew the time I'm banned for - a range of tomorrow - 7 days isn't a very narrow time frame. Could we be able to see the same "time remaining" that mods can on our flagged page (...
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Do disputed flags count towards a flag-ban?

A long, long time ago there once was a user who asked about the difference between disputed and declined flags. And it references an answer that explains what a disputed flag is. From that post I ...
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Guaranteed flag-ban after a series of helpful flags

Related: Allow recovery from flag hellban Note: I am not requesting different action in my case; but thought the behavior was worth bringing up. I had 3 declined flags in row recently (it was a bad ...
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My flagging privilege on SO was revoked, then I got it back, made a "helpful" flagging, then revoked again

My flagging privilege was probably removed with the following error message: Too many of your recent flags have been declined - please review them instead of flagging this post! Although my ...
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Allow recovery from flag hellban

Currently, users can get stuck in a permanent flag hellban from which there is no recovery. I've asked around before and it doesn't look like recovery is possible. To recover, you'd need to gain ...
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