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"Citizen Patrol", "Deputy" and "Marshal", bronze, silver, and gold badges are awarded for helpful flags. Use this tag for questions about these badges.

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Let's award the Marshal badge multiple times to encourage ChatGPT flagging

We un-gamified flagging too early by cutting off the gamified incentive after the first 500 flags; we need to provide more incentive. Let’s encourage more participation in policing the seemingly ...
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Allow us to earn the Marshal badge multiple times

The logic of these two badges, Steward and Marshal, are similar: Complete at least 1,000 review tasks. This badge is awarded multiple times per review type (Steward). Raise 500 helpful flags (Marshal)...
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Citizen Patrol Badge wasn't rescinded when the flag was retracted - shouldn't it be? [duplicate]

Not sure if this is the intended behavior of the badge system. Reproduction steps: Flag a question (eg: duplicate) Get awarded Citizen Patrol Retract the flag Expected result: Badge rescinded ...
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Badges for helpful flag streaks

Looking at the badges for the website, I feel that there is something missing: badges for helpful flag streaks. Here are some proposed values. Bronze Badge: 10 helpful flags in a row Silver Badge: 30 ...
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Awarded 'deputy' badge for helpful flags I haven't raised

So, I've been awarded the deputy badge on Graphic Design for raising 80 helpful flags. I'm pretty awesome. Much ...
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Should flag badges be awarded based on auto-helpful flags cast as a moderator?

I have been a (pro-tem) moderator on cs.SE since the beginning, so I never had much of an opportunity to issue flags without mod powers behind them (which means they are automatically considered ...
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How can I raise flags after having reached 3000 rep? [duplicate]

I finally reached 3000 reputation. So I can now vote to close questions. But since I'm able to do this, I can't flag posts anymore. They are automatically close votes. So I can't get the Marshal ...
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I flagged a post but don't have citizen patrol badge? [duplicate]

Consider: Per the above I recently flagged a post on Stack Overflow, and yet I don't have the Citizen Patrol badge. Is there something else I have to do to get that badge?
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Has Citizen Patrol Badge location changed?

In my Stack Overflow profile we can see that Citizen Patrol badge is there. Now I have same badge on meta site too but instead of showing this badge in my meta profile, it is showing here. Is this a ...
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Citizen Patrol badge is not awarded on Meta

I started flagging from 12th July 2013. Now I have 15 helpful flags in my Meta profile. But still I didn't receive the Citizen Patrol badge for first flagged post. However I received same on Stack ...
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Should the Citizen Patrol badge be grouped with Deputy and Marshal badge [duplicate]

On the badges page in HelpCenter in the section Moderation Badges, the Citizen Patrol batch is listed alone and not grouped with the Deputy and Marshal badge, that are also awarded for flagging. ...
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Remove flag limit for users with Marshal badge?

I fully understand the purpose of limiting the number of flags a user can raise, and there is a great post here that questions the limit and explains how the value is calculated. I particularly like ...
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Citizen Patrol badge - Is it action been taken?

I recently flagged a question on and after around an hour received the Citizen Patrol badge. Does this means action has been taken against the question I flagged? - i.e., did ...
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Is the Marshall badge only earned via flags and not close votes?

Recently I have reached the almighty privilege of close voting. Around the same time I achieved the Deputy badge for 80+ flags. While trying out close voting, I have noticed that questions I vote to ...
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Change the requirement for Citizen Patrol

Citizen Patrol has this description: First flagged post. In other words, anyone who flags anything for any reason gets this badge. Pekka says: Making people familiar with the flagging function ...
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Change the requirements for the Marshal badge

There has been a lot of discussion on flag-weight, its worth, etc. Clearly, the introduction of the gold Marshal badge has rejuvenated a lot of inactive flaggers and people would be less inclined to ...
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Should Citizen Patrol apply to all flags?

I got a load of Citizen Patrol badges this morning, which is nice. I know the rules have changed, but I got it on Cooking SE, and I'm pretty certain that I've never flagged anything there. Sorry if ...
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Please change the text on "Citizen Patrol" to what it actually does

I just flagged a question as off-topic on SO. On not getting the badge I checked here and gathered that apparently (seen no official comment) it's only awared for flagging spam/offensive. So... ...
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