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For questions, bugs, or requests related to focus in the context of HTML elements, such as textboxes, used in Stack Exchange.

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New Focus Styles & Updated Styling for Button Groups

New Focus Styles We’ve released a design update to focus styles across the many components within our design system and as well as a new design for our button group component. See more details on how ...
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Remove border from non-textbox elements when focused

The recent design change of adding a visible border around textboxes when they're focused is a good thing IMO. However, when applied to elements such as radio buttons, it can just look weird, e.g. in ...
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Why is there a blue border around focused textboxes now? [duplicate]

I noticed that in all Stack Exchange sites, when I focus any textbox, there is now a very visible blue border/outline around it. Was this outline intentionally added, and if so, what is its purpose? ...
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Make clicking "manage" after saving a post auto-focus the list-selection dropdown

This would be nice for quality-of-life for keyboard users. Save me some completely unnecessary key-presses would you? (Or explain to me why they're not completely unnecessary) Also, while we're at it, ...
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Make clicking "add/edit private note" in the saves view auto-focus the text input for the private note

After clicking "add/edit private note", the text input for the private note appears, but it isn't focused automatically. I don't like having to move my user-agent's focus (either by pointer ...
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8 votes
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When choosing "In need of moderator intervention" post flag reason, the input field is no longer auto-focused

The comment flag "Something else" option will auto-focus the text input field when selected. But the same is not true for the "In need of moderator intervention" flag reason for ...
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Some buttons on the site are being highlighted even on mouse-click

When selecting some of the buttons under a question or an answer using a mouse (for e.g., the Follow, Close/Reopen, Flag and Delete buttons), the button has a highlight around it, as the GIF below ...
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Why doesn't the "edit tags" link auto-focus the tags field anymore?

A few months ago the "edit tags" link on SO and Meta SO stopped focusing the tag field when clicking the link. Was this an intentional change, or a bug that's been ignored? If intentional, ...
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Why does the "welcome back" banner appear on almost every question? [duplicate]

Context I really often vote on questions and answers. I really do. I don't if I read it partially or so. But I keep seeing this annoying banner even if I see a given question for the first time. It ...
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Visual focus on the comment flag icon seems to have vanished when tabbing

When I'm using tab to move the focus around on the page, most things have a visual indication of where the focus is (which is a relatively recent change; thank you). I often use this to flag comments -...
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2 answers

Can I request removal of "too broad" and "needs more focus"?

Q&A can be conducted at different levels of details. If a question asks about the big picture, an answer should just answer the big picture. The sun is giagantic, but when you see from the Earth, ...
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"edit tags" does not auto focus the tags field

As a 10k user, I can edit tags only: However, after clicking it, the tags field does not get auto focus like it used to do before. I start typing and.... nothing happens. I need to focus the ...
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Focus on the 'Confirm' button after pasting into the picture pop-up

I often find my self wanting to copy an image (not the url, but the image) and 'paste' it into an answer. Here's what I mean by copy: To do this I love to use the Stack Exchange keyboard shortcuts. ...
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Clicking "add / show xx more comment" doesn't focus on comment area

Clicking on an Add Comment focuses on the comment area but when there are more than 5 comments on the post an then you get this: (example) Clicking the "add / show 14 more comments" doesn't focus ...
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Clicking on `Add Comment` used to focus on the comment area but it doesn't anymore

Clicking on Add Comment used to focus on the comment area so one could start typing immediately instead of having to click in the textbox (unless I just imagined it) Can we please reinstate that ...
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Avoiding the Chameleon, Again

Okay,here's the post in question We wrote some more debugging stuff in my shop yesterday and this morning. With the aid of those new debugging routines, I have now learned that... The UART is ...
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Focus jumps onto the Radiobutton if I click into the "Custom Rejection Reason Textbox"

If I click into the "Custom Rejection Reason Textbox" the focus switches to the Radiobutton. I'm still able to select it via keyboard or if I click in rapid succession into the box, and it seems like ...
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18 votes
1 answer

"show n more comments" grabs focus, kills cursor keys

Clicking on "[add /] show n more comments" grabs the focus, placing it in the newly revealed add comment field. This prevents cursor keys from scrolling, which is driving me up the wall. Probably only ...
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2 answers

Increase usability with default focus

I think defaut focus should be on first question or anywhere else(dont really matter that much- maybe ask question as default focus? I know it just sounds cool) and questions should have tabindexes(so ...
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2 answers

Focus search field by default

Since there are no other commonly used text inputs on the main list of questions (ignore tags, anyone?), how about focusing on the search input by default? The behaviour of the inline "search" label ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Pressing TAB after the “Tags” textbox on Ask Question page should jump to the checkbox underneath

I have prepared the following series of screenshots to show what I mean. I have highlighted the focused element to make it more obvious. The TAB key is expected to go to the logically “next” element; ...
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1 answer

Autosave of vanity URL on Careers moves cursor focus

Another problem I found with picking a vanity url for my public CV on Careers: the auto-save always moves the cursor to the end of the line. This makes it very disruptive to change the url. Say I ...
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Why does it take so long to get editing information when asking a question?

I've started asking this question, and the editing toolbar has still not displayed. I'm timing it, and wondering how long it will take for the toolbar to display. Is this just an issue for me, or ...
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7 votes
4 answers

Suggestion: Could the search box have the initial input focus when going to the home page?

As stated in the title, when going to the home page, could it be possible to have the input focus in the search box since this is the place most users go?
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