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For questions about Area 51 followers, meaning users who chose to follow a proposal, or about tag followers, meaning users who subscribed to a tag. Use other tags to clarify which.

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How frequently do people actually follow tags?

I have noticed that, even with the most popular tags (such as discussion), there are very few followers for tags. I have read about tags in the Help Center to try and find some more info about this, ...
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Where can I find all the followers of a proposal on area51?

When viewing the definition phase of a proposal on Area 51, we get in the right sidebar list of up to 40 most recent followers. Where can I find the full list? Can such list be added, if doesn't ...
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Area 51 follower count, where is myself? [duplicate]

I recently (yesterday) followed Health and noticed that I'm not in the list of followers: and the followers count is 19 which is exactly the number of user in that list (without me). Am I missing ...
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Tag followers shows different results depending on time

I noticed what seems to me a bug as I have been observing it for few months now. Indeed depending on the time of day hovering on JMETER tag for example shows a different number of followers. These ...
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False 'followers' in the tag popup?

The is no py tag on Stack Overflow, but on mouseover (after I temporarily created it), I see this: How does one follow a non-existent tag? Someone might have created it in the past, and 3 people ...
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What is the number of followers seen on Tag subscription page?

I would like to know what the 3rd number in the screen shot is? It from this design-pattern filter page I recently subscribed to. Hovering over the tag design-pattern on SO shows 3.5K followers. So ...
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When tags are merged, are followers merged too?

When two tags are merged, are followers of the old tag moved onto the new tag? If not, should this happen? Or am I not understanding something about how the merging process works?
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Why does the "followers" count change so dramatically?

Earlier this week the C++ tag showed about 13k followers. Yesterday it showed 19k. Now it shows 14.8k. Why this variability?
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What is meant by tag follower versus the "x number" that appears after a tag name?

This screenshot should demonstrate the two different items. There is a tag, a "x number" and a set of followers. What do the different numbers mean? This question comes courtesy of a chat ...
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Allow sorting of Area 51 proposals by followers

On Area 51 sometimes I want to find sites that have large amounts of people interested but are having trouble getting off the ground by finding good definition questions. I can just look through the ...
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Suspicious following activity

I've been following this particular proposal as I am rather intersted in it : And I noticed today some fishy activity, 35 users have ...
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Area 51 is miscounting my proposal followers

I know of one person who is following my proposal who doesn't show up on the proposal webpage. My proposal is for quantitative finance:
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List contributors on a proposal below followers

I don't agree that people should be followers prior to voting on or adding example questions on proposals in Area 51. However, I do think there should be some additional accountability, and so propose ...
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The follow count for proposals is inconsistent with the list of followers

The follow count for proposal "Bicycles" seems to be out of sync with actual number of followers (see screenshot below). The count is zero in all the views I have seen, including the main page and ...
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