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Inbox font size changes after rotating (back) [duplicate]

When the notification inbox dialog is open on an iPhone in portrait mode, and rotating it to landscape and then back, the font size changes. See the following screenshots: Initial (portrait): After ...
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Rotation makes dropdown text too big

Using iOS Safari or Chrome, I noticed the font size gets increased dramatically in almost every top bar dropdown after rotating the phone back to portrait. The left sidebar menu is not affected, but ...
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Is there a way to make the text size of special formatting like subscripts and superscripts larger? [duplicate]

On Math Stack Exchange, people use a lot of sub/superscripts and it gets very difficult to read with how small the font sizes are. Even worse is when people make in-text vectors with subscripts (with ...
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Font size of bullet point content is smaller on Chrome for Android than regular content

Example from
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Large Fonts Are Not Consistent in Stack Exchange iOS App [duplicate]

Self explanatory on picture App Version: Device: Unknown (iPhone10,4) OS Version: Version 13.6.1 (Build 17G80)
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Some fonts are way too small to be used on the responsive design on Chrome for a regular Android phone

Some fonts are way too small to be used on the responsive design on Chrome for a regular Android phone. Examples:
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2 answers

Why do stack sites use different fonts?

I just found that the Stack Overflow font is bigger than the font on math.stackexchange. Look at last lines on two images. math.stackexchange: Stack Overflow: Why do they use different fonts?
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Font size in page not found error page is increased

In the page not found error page, the font-size for the text is increased recently. Previously the font-size was less and the UI looked good. Is the design change on purpose or any impact with any ...
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The font size of posts in the Android app is too small!

So I was browsing through my activity a little and went to visit the bigger 'problem points' of last week to check back upon myself and stumbled over this answer. In my Android app that looks a ...
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Badge count font size is way too small on beta sites

Why are the numbers so much smaller than the "awarded" text? It looks quite awkward. (The number is 10px, and "awarded" is 13px.)
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Fonts while viewing Stack Overflow appear strange in Google Chrome on Mac [closed]

The fonts looked great until this morning, when the font lost its bold style as you can see in the pictures. It used to be bold and now it is tiny, and plus, all code blocks in the pages looks ...
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Font size on Android SE app [duplicate]

Is there a way to change font size in the Android SE app? I can't find it if there is one. I consider this to be an accessibility issue. Update-- now beta testing the new upadate, and this feature ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Why so teeny tiny a font for MSE?

The font used on the new look for MSE is so small compared to the one used on MSO that it almost seems an error: Was this miniaturization accidental, or did you actually intend to make us squint at ...
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Font of the Stack Exchange for Android app is too small [duplicate]

I use a Nexus7 2. When I use Stack Exchange on it, the font inside the app is too small. It's too hard to read. How can I make it larger?
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2 answers

Fonts while viewing stackoverflow appear too small in google chrome

The font on other stack exchange sites including this one looks okay to me but on my ACER netbook (that comes with Windows 7 starter kit) and particularly in chrome browser the fonts are appearing ...
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Increase chat room font size for tablet viewing

The font size in chat rooms seems to be much smaller than the rest of the stackoverflow site. Please increase it to be more consistent and easier to read. Or is there a reason it is smaller? [EDIT] ...
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How to change the typeface and font size in the Ask Question textarea

I feel that the typeface used in the Ask Question textarea does not look good, and that the font size there is too small. How can I change them? Can they be changed network-wide by SE?
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Big white box obscures the body of

When I visit, there is a big white box which obscures the "Top Questions" section. Please see the attached screenshot. I am running Firefox 4.0.1 on Windows XPSP3. I have ...
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How to make text smaller?

Also, can you explain on editing help how to do so.
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Font size inconsistencies between browsers

I was wondering, what is meant to be the correct font size for regular text on the SO-family sites? In Firefox (3.5) it appears as 10pt/13px but in Chrome and Opera it's bigger, about 11pt/15px I ...
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