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Is there such thing as a version of SE that I can use only through my personal website?

If you've ever used Google's Custom Search engine that provides search results specific to your website, you'll know what I mean. I'm interested in an API that I can use from Stack Exchange to host ...
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Discussion Forums? [duplicate]

(Reposted + Modified from AU Meta) One of the great things about the Stack Exchange network is the ability to ask a question and get it answered. No fluff, no frills, nobody saying "Me too." However,...
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What is a good discussion forum for iOS developers [duplicate]

I assume that the below question would be inappropriate for Stack Overflow, as it is asking for well informed opinions, not specific answers. Am I right? Is there a good forum for this that anyone can ...
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How to convince users to move from a forum to a Stack Exchange site?

What's the best strategy to get users to move from an online forum to a Stack Exchange site? I'm asking this because there's a huge forum about RC model helicopters ( has 155k members)...
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Should there be a new place where you could ask all the off-topic questions?

I get irritated on the amount of the migrated, duplicated and closed questions that seem to fill the feeds quite often. What ever you ask nowadays you'll head up seeing such master pieces. Should ...
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Are Stack Exchange sites forums?

I was under the impression that Stack Exchange sites were forums, or forum-like objects. If they are not forums: Why aren't they? What defines a forum?
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Create a Stack Overflow(ish) private instance for student projects [duplicate]

I would like to setup a Stack Overflow(ish) private instance for student projects at our university. Instead of letting students send their questions only to the supervisors of the projects, I would ...
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Is there a hosted Stack Overflow-like (clone) framework? [duplicate]

I am aware of the list of valid SO clones, but was wondering if anyone was aware of a hosted solution for private use? Stack Exchange is an example, but SE is not for private use. As far as I'm aware,...
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5 votes
3 answers

Stack Overflow vs Yahoo! Answers vs Experts-Exchange vs ProgrammingTalk etc [closed]

How does Stack Overflow compare to Yahoo! Answers, Experts-Exchange, ProgrammingTalk etc.? I want to know the critics! Why is Stack Overflow the best? What is the reasoning behind it? Is it a secret? ...
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Site for Computing Forensics questions?

Could anyone please suggest a good site, like Stack Overflow, for people working with cyber crime and forensics? I have a few questions which probably don't belong here. I looked at Super User, but ...
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Other forums like Stack Overflow [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: What Stack Exchange sites are up? SO Clones? There is another forum called It has the same format as Stack Overflow but it's about business. The fact that ...
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Should questions on S#arp Architecture be moved to Stack Overflow from Google Groups?

As those that use it know, the forum on google groups has all discussions as well as technical questions. I'd suggest moving the technical questions here and leaving the forum for more general ...
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8 answers

We need somewhere to discuss the industry of computers [duplicate]

Tons of questions on SO get closed for being non-programming related. This is fine, SO is a programming site, so it should focus on programming. BUT I think we need a place to discuss topics that are ...
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Should there be additional parallel boards? [closed]

Meta will go a long way to remove such discussion from Stack Overflow proper. A site like, or similar, could do likewise -- keep the main board pure, and provide an outlet for ...
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