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For questions about the Frequent tab of the Questions page. The "Frequent" sort option lists questions based on how often they have been linked to within the site, from most to least. (If one question is closed a duplicate of another one, that is also counted as a linked question.)

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How useful is the frequent tab on the “All Questions“ page? And to whom?

As I'm typing the title, the system volunteers a list of posts inspired by the words "frequent" and "tab" but despite this, it's evident by the relatively low number of upvotes ...
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Frequently asked questions in tags are no where to be found [duplicate]

I was just on another exchange (UX) doing some research (wizard editing - yes, that is an actual thing) and while looking at the wizard tag I clicked a button that I have used very often in the past. ...
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Questions should inherit their duplicates' "frequent" power

When calculating how frequently a question is asked each question should be above any questions that were closed as a duplicate of it1. For instance, on the first page (assuming you have 50 questions)...
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2 votes
1 answer

Should the Faq-Link in Tag-Tooltips not point to frequent Tagged Questions

The faq-Link in the ToolTip of a Tag points to[tag]?sort=faq. Should the link not point to the frequently tagged questions of the tag https://stackoverflow....
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Frequent question sort excludes the default personalized links?

In What makes a question appear under 'frequent'? I describe in more detail what the "frequent question sort order" is all about (in comparison to What's the 'Frequent' sort ...
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33 votes
1 answer

What's the 'Frequent' sort function?

What is the function of the 'Frequent' sorting option on the Questions tab?
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12 votes
2 answers

Tweak the Frequent tab's tooltip

Currently the FAQ Frequent tab's tooltip reads "questions with the most links". More accurate would be "questions linked to the most" (or "linked to most often"); "questions with the most links" ...
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What does 'questions with most links' mean?

On Stack Overflow, 'FAQ' questions are "questions with most links". What does 'links' mean here? Does it mean the questions contain a lot of URL links or the question has a lot of comments, answers ...
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2 votes
2 answers

The title of the frequently asked questions list is redundant

The title for the FAQ tab of the questions list on SO is currently "FAQ questions". If you expand that, I believe it makes "frequently asked questions questions". Is it supposed to be that way or is ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How can we search inside the "faq tab"?

After many Stack months, I first clicked on the faq tab. Sidenote: at first, it was not clear what's its function (just the hover tells it, right?), and I just got it after searching this Meta. Faq ...
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Why do not constructive questions appear on the FAQ tab?

Why do some questions which have been closed as not constructive appear on the FAQ tab? For example, when I choose the android tag and then choose the 'FAQ' tab, I see this closed question appear ...
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8 votes
1 answer

How exactly are "FAQ" questions chosen?

According to the tooltip and to How are the FAQ questions chosen?, FAQ questions are "questions with the most links". But what is the exact formula that lets a question qualify as "FAQ"? Background: ...
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Make "faq" show the most duplicated questions

The FAQ tab on tags is somewhat misleading in that it actually shows the questions that are most linked to, not the ones that are most frequently asked. We can identify the true "most frequently ...
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18 votes
1 answer

Do tag FAQs work as designed?

According to the tooltip, "questions with the most links" are put into a tag's FAQ. The comments in this answer seem to confirm that. However, that does not at all seem like what I see when I look for ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Is FAQ tab of a tag sorting questions correctly?

Is the sorting of questions in the FAQ tab of a tag working correctly? If you look at ruby, the first two questions only have one linked question each (this and this), and the third question doesn't ...
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17 votes
2 answers

Faq question tab is incorrectly named

The FAQ tab is incorrectly labeled. It should be called "Views" as it is not a list of "frequently asked questions" but is, in fact, a list of questions sorted by number of views ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Frequently re-asked questions

When I select a tag to search by, there is a FAQ tab that appears to be specific to that tag. How is the ordering of these questions determined? It doesn't appear to be by votes or views, so I'm ...
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Why do questions/tagged/XYZ and tags/XYZ/faq not show the same number?

These two links indicate a different number of questions with that tag. questions/tagged/visual-c++-2008-express shows "1 questions tagged visual-c++-2008-express" tags/visual-c++-2008-express/faq, ...
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How are the tag FAQ selected?

There is now an FAQ tab for tags, listing frequently asked questions for that tag. How are the questions selected and sorted?
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