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For questions about sites that are no longer beta. This includes sites that are "graduated", "graduated without design" and "no longer beta".

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With new designs planned for some sites, are there plans to tackle the backlog?

I recently became aware that Ethereum and some other sites are getting new designs, comprising of a logo, background colors, and textures. This seems an excellent start to things, especially with ...
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Inconsistencies in tag colours on some meta sites

On a few places on some child meta sites, the "other" tags (that is, ones like chat, not the moderator-only ones like status-review, and not the required ones like bug), are blue, while in ...
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How's site design going for smaller out-of-beta sites? [duplicate]

I'm curious about the progress towards site design for multiple out-of-beta sites, particularly smaller sites, which are yet to have a design. I understand this is not a straightforward process and ...
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Are all non-Beta sites displayed in the footer?

When on summer 2019 many sites made it out of beta I noticed that only graduated sites showed in the footer of all Stack Exchange sites. For instance, see a snapshot of Meta.SE from March 8, 2019 on ...
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Community Ads questions on newly 'graduated' sites don't show template in answer box

JNat just posted a couple of 2020 Community Ads questions across the network. I noticed that in some cases, the answer box is already filled with the template (see the screenshot below): Stack ...
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Has there been a significant change of activity in the 29 old beta sites that graduated in August 2019 since the graduation?

In August 2019, 29 of the oldest beta sites graduated (in name at least) in an attempt to "mean the end of the monolith we currently refer to as "Graduation" in favor of a well-defined set of small ...
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Why don't newly-designed sites get custom 404, 500, or captcha images anymore?

By "error images" below, I mean the images used on each site for the 404 Not Found page, the 500 server error page, and the captcha page. I'll admit that I'm a bit biased as I strongly believe that ...
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44 votes
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What should the criteria be for Stack Exchange sites to leave beta?

Today SE removed the "beta" label from 29 established sites, recognizing a need that has been plaguing many of our sites for years. Until today, under SE's rules there were two states: "graduated" if ...
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Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta!

If you're a user on a long-toiling beta site that's been waiting 7-8 years to get out of beta, this may be the post you've been waiting for. The 29 Beta sites that are 7+ years old no longer have the ...
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What is the state of the new site designs promised after the redesign?

Last year, Jon Ericson wrote in an announcement about the completion of the responsive design rollout: We'll continue fixing bugs and starting in 2019 we'll be working on designs for sites with the ...
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How long until graduated sites get a new site design and increased privileges threshold?

The August 2015 announcement Design-Independent Graduation is on for early September! says that there are 2 phases after a site has graduated: Phase 1 The Community Team announces that a site is ...
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