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Who is Dave and what is he doing in the chat?

As discovered here, there's an Easter Egg in chat, triggered when trying to set a negative timeout for a chat room. It shows a funny error message: I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that. So, ...
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Will Stack Exchange be running something for April Fools in 2024?

Earlier this year, Philippe created a post on MSO stating that SE wouldn't be running an April Fools joke this year. Admittedly, that post did end with We hope to continue celebrating April Fools' ...
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Show off your hats! (2022 edition)

Winter / Summer Bash 2022 just started today, and within the first hour, nearly a million hats have been awarded across the network. Let's show them off here! As with the 2021 edition, I'll copy the ...
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Winter Bash 2021 hats explained

For carrying on the tradition, here is a list of the 'etymology' for the Winter Bash 2021 hats. Everything about the naming (whether related to Stack Exchange mechanics, memes, or anything else that ...
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Show off your hats! (2021 edition)

Winter Bash 2021 has just started and lots of users already got a hat. So let's show those hats off here! I'm lacking creativity, so I'll just copy the same text from a previous edition: Post hats, ...
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The Rescue of The Winter Unicorn Of The Bash

One year had passed since their last meeting and the yellow pony was waiting near the pool for the unicorn to appear again. Long they waited, playing with the snow on-off switch. Winter, Summer, Hot, ...
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Will there be a Winter Bash 2021 this year?

Are we having a Winter Bash this year? I really hope so. Usually this late in November the countdown page is already up. In 2020 it was up by November 24th. In 2018 it was up by November 23rd. In 2019 ...
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Could we get a version of The Key for our favorite site?

The Key looks really great and all, but I noticed that it is Stack Overflow-specific - it's logo is that of Stack Overflow rather than Stack Exchange or any of our other specific sites. I'm working on ...
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Does The Key use regular 'ctrl' keys on the keyboard?

I just realized that there seems to be a confusion about the Key. Get this: Normal computers use 'ctrl + c' (or 'cmd + c') and 'ctrl + v' (or 'cmd + v') for copying and pasting respectively. On the ...
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What is this dialog about? STOP! You have one(1) copy/paste remaining

STOP! You have one (1) free copy/paste remaining. Get unlimited copy/pasting with The Key by Stack Overflow today. Have you checked it?
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Questions before ordering The Key

I love The Key and would like to order it but I have some questions: The product shown has light keys. Does it come with dark keys to match the dark mode on Stack Overflow? Can I use the light ...
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What sort of switch does the Key have?

The description of the key is described as Our click’s volume and tone were crafted by sampling the natural wonder of song bird chirps. We run that audio data through cutting edge deep learning ...
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When does Winter Bash really end?

I am just wondering what time exactly does the Winter Bash end. As mentioned in the FAQ here, it says: What is going on? Why do I see hats? From December 16th through January 4th, you'll be able to ...
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A gust of wind made me lose a couple of my hats

Till a couple of hours back I was having a collection of 20 odd colorful hats. All of a sudden now it seems a gust of wind made me lose a couple of my hats. I am aware about Yaakov Ellis's Hat ...
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Winter Bash 2020 hat names & references explained

Here is a list of the 'etymology' for the Winter Bash 2020 hats. Everything about the naming (whether related to Stack Exchange mechanics, memes or anything else that isn't obvious to most readers) ...
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Is the "Take This!" hat (⚔️) a toy sword?

I am particularly fond of the "Take This!" hat as it fits my avatar quite well (at least in my opinion), but I was wondering what kind of sword it is supposed to be? Given the festive vibe ...
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You're holding the balalaika wrong!

"Hats off!" to the noble balalaika. But why are we forced to hold our Balalaikas like drooping flowers? Must they hang their heads in shame? Nay! Their heads must be held high! Like this: (...
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Allow "equiping" different types of hats at the same time [duplicate]

This is a longshot, and probably not worth it for a feature that's only available for a short period. However, it would still be cool to allow us to use hats as equipment. The different hat selection ...
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Show off your hats! (2020 Edition)

Post hats, hats, and more hats! Share images of those hats which you're particularly proud of and/or those which you look especially fashionable wearing – all are welcome!
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Will we have a winter bash 2020 this year?

(or some other end of year fun?) At the end of last year, there was discussion suggesting that "winter bash 2019" (with the hat thing) was the last one (see here to learn more). Now that ...
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17 answers

A Yaakov Ellis-inspired Meta.SE poetry contest: Write poems, win rep!

Update July 9, 2020 Submissions are now closed. Thanks everyone who participated; the bounties will be awarded soon! Yaakov Ellis Posting answers as haikus Poetry contest I'm sure that at least some ...
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Can the community satisfy Sparky's demands before the earth is destroyed? [A novel Winter Bash idea]

Out of character: This is a Winter Bash idea motivated by comments such as: As an aside, I would love to hear suggestions from people that have nothing to do with hats. This was the 8th year we've ...
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Are secret 'hat triggers' different for employees of Stack Exchange?

I notice that employees get hats and place in the top ten (probably due to our upvotes, and appreciation of their helpfulness, and for no other reason). Do they get secret hats based on a different ...
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Show off your hats! (2019 edition)

We obtained 266K hats this past year's WB 2019 contest, and just like the past two Winter Bashes (2017 and 2018) we showed off our new hats. We choose our finest hats, used the positioning controls ...
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Winter Bash 2019 Knitting

Repost of Winter Bash 2018 Knitting Just go here and click Start Knitting! Share your knits in the answers.
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A thank-you note to the technical folks at SE Inc: great job regarding question-weights!

Unfortunately, I have to start with a brief disclaimer: I very much dislike how SE Inc. again made another decision (about changing questions weight) that affects the community without consulting the ...
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Stack Exchange’s date system won’t work in 89 years [duplicate]

I was looking at an old post, and noticed how we display dates from a certain amount of time ago: This is very non-futureproof design. How will people living in the melted remains of society in 89 ...
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Are there any plans for celebrating the 10th anniversary of Meta Stack Exchange?

Is there any plan for Meta Stack Exchange's 10th anniversary? The first question was posted on Meta Stack Exchange on June 28, 2009. A few months before, Stack Overflow celebrated their 10th year ...
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Does not work on Netscape Navigator 3.0

FROM: tigerjieer <[email protected]> SUBJECT: Does not work on Netscape Navigator 3.0 NEWSGROUPS: alt.stackexchange.meta Finally, after 20 years of suffering, StackOverflow now claims ...
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Are "unofficial" fun or swag questions allowed?

A recent question about possibly applying a historical lock to old swag/fun posts led me to think about how on-topicness is defined for swag/fun questions. Right now, all or virtually all of our fun ...
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Thank you for my cheese overflow board!

I was one of the ones who did not come in the top 25 in the who cut the cheese contest, and was very surprised to find an email from JNat about the cheese board. 😲 Fast forward to just three days ...
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Show off your hats! (2018 edition)

Since 241,378 hats have already been earned by the time I'm writing this, and I think I found the perfect hat for my avatar already, why don't we start showing them off like last year? Post hats, ...
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Will there be some kind of award for participation in this year's Winter Bash?

Stack Overflow frequently gives out swag for contests, such as the Stack Overflow's 10 Million Questions contest. More recently, more contests were organised including Who cut the cheese? and Time for ...
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What is the shape of the Knitting canvas?

The knitting canvas of Winter Bash 2018 has a weird shape: What is this shape supposed to represent, if anything?
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The Lord of the Hats: The Return of the Chicken 🐔 [closed]

...Also known as "The Quest for the Winter Chicken of the Bash, Part 3" (part 2 here). So, winter has come again. As every year, the staff members try their best to hide some funny Easter eggs, ...
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133 answers

Winter Bash 2018 Knitting [closed]

NOTE: for this year, there's a new topic: Winter Bash 2019 Knitting This year's Winter Bash got us great hat challenges, but it also gave us a very nice tool for knitting on the main Winter Bash site....
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127 answers

Time for some more swag! [closed]

UPDATE: I just sent out emails to collect addresses from the lucky users getting these watches — be on the lookout for those, and try to fill it in the next two weeks! :) On occasion of our ...
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75 answers

Who cut the cheese? [closed]

UPDATE: JNat will be sending out emails to collect addresses from the lucky users getting a cheese board — be on the lookout for those! :) We've moved quite a bit of stuff around this year, and you'...
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Non-standard names used for main chatrooms of a site across the networks?

For inspiration, amusement, and reference, I am interested in a list of all chatrooms that: are the official/main chat room of some Stack Exchange site; have a non-standard name, i.e., something ...
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Is it safe to use the rubber duck? [closed]

Four days ago, I read an alarming article in Nature. It claims that Fungi were identified in 58% of all real bath toys and rubber ducks are explicitly mentioned in the article as a potential ...
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Could there be an option to turn the duck into a pot plant? [closed]

In my culture, the preferred metaphor for something whose function is simply to be a passive recipient of your utterances is a 'pot plant'. I am uncomfortable talking to the duck. Could there be an ...
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2 answers

Quack Overflow should also accept keyboard input [closed]

I love the new Quack Overflow. My coworkers noticed the yellow friend in the corner of their screen, explained their problems and got their solution. Or, well, at least found the source of their ...
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3 answers

Stack Exchange has been taken over by a rubber duck!

I couldn't miss this now, on all SE sites: What are the duck powers? Was anyone able to make it do or say anything other than "Quack"?
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2 answers

Thank you for my "A Moose, Some Silly Putty" Swag!

Wow a box full of surprises showed up at my door today. I did not even know some of this stuff existed. Thank you SE this was wonderful. (more swag then when I became a mod or our site graduated.) ...
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Which negatively voted question has the most answers?

Out of all the negatively voted questions on SE, which one has the most answers (at the time of this post)?
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16 answers

Show off your hats! (2017)

With Winter Bash 2017 nearing its end - another 3 days and all the hats go back in the box - why don't we take the opportunity to show off our hats and display our achievements? You can screenshot ...
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85 answers

A Moose, Some Silly Putty ... And A Desperate Plea For Help [closed]

Note: This event ended on Friday, December 22. This question is now closed to prevent submissions of new answers. Due to a rather unfortunate series of events that can be directly attributed to a ...
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2 answers

What is.... the Chicken? 🐔 [closed]

Update: Continue to 🐔 The Quest for the Winter Chicken of the Bash, Part 2 Clues will be updated here too So, we just noticed a new, fowl user on the tavern I think he called us chicken....
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Why isn't there a "Jon Skeet" tag? [closed]

It's 2017 and we don't have a Jon Skeet tag on SO and SE?!
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How many upvotes does Jon Skeet have?

Since daily rep caps out at 200, a large majority of upvotes on Jon's posts never get "counted" as rep. For example, more than 70 upvotes on 11/17/17 did not count toward his rep total. My question ...
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