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Questions that are light-hearted but hopefully of some additional use beyond mere entertainment.

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A Not-So-Long Time Ago In a StackExchange A Mouse-Click Away... Lady Stackicorn vs Evil Twinicorn!

So I'm sure a lot of you are aware of Aarthi's Roaming Unicorn project. (If not: we have a super-cool SE unicorn plushie named Lady Stackicorn, and she's been roaming the globe and having super cool ...
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A thank-you note to the technical folks at SE Inc: great job regarding question-weights!

Unfortunately, I have to start with a brief disclaimer: I very much dislike how SE Inc. again made another decision (about changing questions weight) that affects the community without consulting the ...
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Are there any plans for celebrating the 10th anniversary of Meta Stack Exchange?

Is there any plan for Meta Stack Exchange's 10th anniversary? The first question was posted on Meta Stack Exchange on June 28, 2009. A few months before, Stack Overflow celebrated their 10th year ...
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Will there be Winter Bash-related contests for Winter Bash 2014?

Last year, there were several contests related to Winterbash. Will there be Stack Exchange-sponsored contests related to winterbash-2014 this year? Winter Bash Question Will there be contests this ...
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The Stackoverflow Guessing Game: get random question title and guess site it belongs to

Despite the very low fraction of actually fun questions on Stack Exchange, one can have considerable fun by browsing through arbitrary cross-site question titles. Some question titles are quite weird ...
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Sizes and overlaps of search for skills on careers

The graphic on Sizes and overlaps of communities on the sites are very interesting, can we have the same for “wanted” skills on careers. E.g If I already know x and y what should I learn next… we ...
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Why can't I add in more unicorn logins?

As strange as it may sound, I can no longer add in more unicorn logins. When I clicked on the add more unicorn logins button just now, I was immediately redirected to Jon Skeet's profile page. Is ...
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How to find inspiring funny posts?

Some answers or comments are highly upvoted not just for being great, some of them gain lots of popularity also because of their style, mostly because they are funny somehow. Sometimes when I'm sad ...
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Chat vs. Q&A - How to get their Maximum Advantage?

I am very glad that I can get the fastest answers to my (simple) questions in chat rooms. However, questions and answers in the chat room are not all that easily accessible to people outside the ...
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